The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated - Chapter 316: I Have To Be the First.

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Chapter 316: I Have To Be the First.


As the wind blew, the sea of flowers flowed like they were waves, making countless colorful flowers shake about.

The absolutely beautiful goddess who seemed unchanged since ages long in the past quietly laid there in slumber. It was as if she didn’t know that an uninvited guest has come at all.

Shien stood a certain distance away from her. He just watched that unbelievably beautiful goddess, not daring to even more an inch. He only had a single thought in his mind then.

And that thought was to do the goddess who tossed him into this kind of place a hundred times over.

“Why did she sent me here of all places…!”

Is this really somewhere that he can go to so casually?

Based on Lucy’s explanations, not even the Three Great Goddesses would dare to intrude into this Holy Sanctum. Even if the world was destroyed, the gods likely still won’t come here and disturb the highest god sleeping here.

But what about Shien?

He just got directly tossed into this life threatening location.

If he were to get discovered by the gods, then Shien would likely have no way of staying within the mortal world from now on. His only choice would be to run away to the demon world to become the subordinate of a certain little girl then, right?

Of course, that’s not even the deadliest threat to him.

The goddess lying before Shien is the deadliest threat here.

Just who is that?

The origin of all things.

The source of the world.

The creator of all that is.

The omnipotent god who was truly invincible baring the Demon King.

If that one were to notice that he had intruded upon her territory, then what would the result end up being?

Shien didn’t dare to keep thinking about it.

Either way, right now, he didn’t dare to move so much as a muscle. He even suppressed his own breathing as much as he could, terrified of waking up that eternally unchanging goddess.

“What the heck did I do to deserve this…”

Shien was nearly about to cry.

No matter how many cheats he has, there’s still no though in his mind that he would be able to do any kind of showing off before this goddess.

This isn’t even mentioning the fact that Lucy had already stated it previously. The Hero, the Demon King, and the Goddess have a mutually countering matchup.

Based on this matchup, the Hero can subjugate the Demon King, the Demon King is the Goddess’s natural enemy, but the Goddess is at the same time an existence that the Hero can absolutely never beat. In the current state where she no longer has a natural enemy in the Demon King, the Goddess no longer has any more threat to her, which is why she chose to go into a deep slumber of her own accord.

In other words, Shien won’t be able to resist the highest true goddess no matter what.

“… Would it be too late if I were to leave now?”

Shien really wanted to turn around and run away.

At this moment, a voice entered Shien’s mind.

“Don’t worry, she won’t wake up.”

It was Nien’s voice.

“I already told you before, but ever since the Demon King’s death all the way until now, there’s nothing more in this world capable of arousing her attention, and there’s even less capable of arousing her interest. Even if someone were to appear here, to her, that’s basically no different from a situation like [There’s a rock next to her while she’s sleeping].”

Nien’s tone was different from the obstinacy and embarrassment from before. Right now, it was filled with coldness.

“There’s no need to worry about waking her up either. A normal person might get annoyed by a mosquito or bee busing around them, and thus is unable to fall asleep, but she wont. No matter how loud the noise, or how huge the ruckus, so long as it’s not a threat to her, it’s not going to enter her ears. It’s because no one else exists in her unconscious mind. It’s like the fact that normal people won’t be able to hear the sonic waves produced by bats. Her current situation is basically something like that.”

Hearing that, Shien really wanted to say something, but Nien interrupted him.

“You should simply obediently stay here. This is the absolute safest and most undisturbed place in all three worlds.”

“When it’s finally day time over in the mortal world, I’ll send you back then.”

“From now on, whenever you dare to do anything to the girls around you that you haven’t done with me, I’ll go lock you up in here.”

“Remember this, alright?”

“You are my Hero. No matter what it is, I have to be the first.”

With those final words, Nien’s voice vanished.

“Wait up! Hey…!?”

Shien finally started yelling, but it didn’t get him any response from Nien.


Shien kind of wanted to start swearing up a storm.

That damned goddess actually dares to treat me like that?

Just wait then!

When I get the chance, I’ll definitely do you a hundred times over!

Shien cursed Nien out in his mind while also continuously thinking about all the ways he’s going to pay her back for this. He saved every single possible into his memory, just waiting for the chance when they’ll finally be used.

Shien however had no idea that, within the temple, Nien had completely “seen” ever single thought that was in his mind, so she was blushing up a storm at the same time.

It was apparent that those “positions” and “methods” was a bit too stimulating for a pure goddess like Nien.

So stimulating that Nien even kind of regretted it.

However, compared to her regret, Nien’s possessiveness was even stronger.

“No matter what, I have to be the first.”

That thought was especially strong in Nien.

Nien was especially jealous whenever she remembered the first time that Shien and Diere bathed together.

It’s only because she wasn’t able to get that “first time”.

It was exactly because of that one time that Nien would end up having such a powerful feeling of jealousy and possessiveness. After that, she swore that she would take all of Shien’s various firsts, only allowing everyone else to pick after her leftovers.

It’s still that sentence as before.

“He’s my Hero.”

He is the one who she had invested a thousand years of her thought in, so there was no way that Nien would so easily let go.

If not for the fact that Nien was just too embarrassed, too pure, so she still hasn’t fully prepared herself for anything too stimulating, then she would definitely have already completely eaten up during this incident.

Therefore, Nien had made a decision. She must absolutely not allow any other women to get a chance to have a taste of Shien before she could eat him up.

If anyone else were to find out that there was a goddess who was lusting after Shien’s body during her every moment, then they would definitely end up feeling like their common sense has collapsed, right?

However, for Nien, this is only natural.

Just as she said before. For her, this Hero whom she had personally summoned was her everything.

In that case, Nien would obviously also want to gain his everything.

Therefore, ever since the previous time, Nien had actually been reading Shien’s mind the entire time.

No, to put it more accurately, it should instead be that she was reading all of the memories of Shien’s past life that was hidden deep in his mind.

Nien thus reached out and tapped the air and brought up a ripple before her.

Within the ripple was a “certain product” saved deep within Shien’s memories, currently vividly playing out.

Nien covered her eyes with a huge blush, but her fingers were splayed wide open, allowing her to see right through the gaps to intently watch that “product”.

“S-so there’s actually also that kind of positions huh…!?”

“Filthy! This is really filthy! Are other worlds really filled with that kind of stuff…!?”

“That guy. Does he really want to do this kind of stuff to the girls around him?”

“Damn it… This is so embarrassing… But I have to be the first… I need to be the one to do all of this…!”


Nien bore with her baptism in the knowledge of the other world while flipping through the “products” in Shien’s mind with a scarlet blush on her face.

At this moment, Nien didn’t notice that she was she was getting more and more into it the more she looked. When she saw the more stimulating things, a dangerous smile started appearing on her face.

“Whip… Candles…”

If Shien was here to hear these mumbling, he would definitely be running for his life without even a second though.

In the future, Shien would definitely end up regretting it. Why the heck did he have to save that kind of things in his mind?

At the same time, Shien finally managed to accept the current reality.

“Since I’m here, I might as well get comfortable.”

Shien sighed while slowly relaxing from his previously tense mental state.

His high ability to adapt had always been Shien’s strong point. It’s still the same even now.

Therefore, after accepting the current situation, Shien stopped being so nervous. He was just a bit perturbed still, that’s all.

“Is she really not going to wake up?”

Shien stared at the sleeping goddess over in the distance.

The other party was indeed not moving the slightest bit. Her chest wasn’t even rising and falling from breathing. She looked like a sleeping beauty frozen in ice, not showing the slightest hint of life.

“Should I go over and take a look?”

Shien started getting more and more courageous.

He had been a “wanderer” who had done as he liked without fear or concerns from the start, after all. It was basically impossible for him to not do something suicidal like that.

Thus, Shien gathered his courage, slowly walked forth, and approached the slumbering goddess.

Soon enough, Shien had arrived next to the slumbering goddess and looked upon her full appearance from the closest distance possible.

That look ended up making Shien dazed instead.

“So beautiful…”

Such a thought unconsciously came out from Shien’s mouth.

All this time, Nien had been the most beautiful existence in Shien’s heart. Lucy was the only one who could compare at all, and the rest were all obviously lesser by quite a bit.

Yet, this slumbering goddess was not only made from the same mold as Nien, she even had an atmosphere to her that Nien lacked.

As for just what that atmosphere is, Shien can’t really describe it either.

She was like the sun, blazing yet warm.

She was like the moon, cool yet gentle.

She was merely quietly lying there, but Shien felt like the entire world was revolving around her, like she was the lord of the earth and sky alike.

Shien even felt like if something were to happen to this goddess, then the world would end up being done in alongside her.

This goes beyond just being the center of the world. She’s more like the core of the world.

“Even though she’s just such a slim and beautiful women…”

Shien felt like it was somewhat unbelievable.

Just how did those thin limbs managed to accomplish a great work like the creation of the entire world?

Just how did that slim body manage to do something like carry the history of all life?

Just how did such a beautiful woman managed to become the highest, unsurpassed existence. The source of all things?

As he thought, Shien even felt like he was being lost within her existence.

Unconsciously… It really was unconsciously… Shien stooped down and extended a hand out.

By the time Shien came back to himself, his hand was already caressing the goddess’s face.

That face was a bit cool, but it was extremely smooth.

Right afterwards…


Shien’s head suddenly felt like it exploded, making him blank out and fall in a daze.

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