The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 913 - If You Love Her, You Have to Support Her (3)

Chapter 913: If You Love Her, You Have to Support Her (3)

Just as Liu Changfeng was about to ask something…

Bo Junyan said, “I’ll discuss the collaboration with your father later. You don’t have to come looking for my wife again.”

He did not like any man approaching Mu Huan.

“Discuss cooperation?” Liu Changfeng was slightly stunned.

“Yes.” Bo Junyan hummed in acknowledgment before looking at PA Wang.

PA Wang immediately stepped forward. “Mr. Liu, please. Our CEO wants to have a meal alone with Madam.”

Since he was asked to leave, Liu Changfeng would not continue to stay here. He did not say anything else and stood up to leave.

After he left…

“Hubby, what collaboration do you want to discuss with his father?” Mu Huan asked curiously.

“You don’t really want to go to NST.” Bo Junyan had thought of this before and had already started to prepare.

“I really want to go, but I want to be with Hubby even more!” In the past, Mu Huan couldn’t bear to part with Bo Junyan, and now, she was even more reluctant. Now, she felt that the happiest thing in the world was to be with her husband!

She could take things slowly, but she couldn’t leave her husband to the side. Life was short, and being with her husband was the most important!

To women in love, love came first. No matter how big a matter was, it couldn’t be bigger than her husband.

Mu Huan’s words made Bo Junyan very happy. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace, then lowered his head and kissed her.

PA Wang turned around and left.


After a while…

“I’ll give you the detailed list of the professors in NST later. Whoever you want to learn from first, we’ll transfer them over, and after that, transfer another batch,” Bo Junyan said.

Mu Huan was stunned. “What do you mean, Hubby?”

“The people from NST are all researching there. If you want to enter NST, you don’t have to go to Y Country. We can also build a research laboratory in Yun Cheng. When the time comes, all the data will be synchronized with the headquarters. Now that video communication is so advanced, and with most of the professors transferred over, it’ll be no different than if you went there.”

Mu Huan was wholeheartedly thinking about Bo Junyan, so naturally, Bo Junyan was also thinking about Mu Huan. His wife had talent, so he would definitely not tie her down for his own selfish reasons and stop her from spreading her wings and flying high. He would only send her to whatever heights she wanted to reach.

Mu Huan: “…!!”

Was he asking the facility to move since she couldn’t?

How much money would it cost to build a research laboratory?! Alright, let’s not talk about money. He had plenty of money and didn’t care about it. Let’s just talk about which big shots could be transferred over just because someone wanted to ask them to. Which awesome but temperamental genius could even be influenced by money…?

“Hubby…” Just as she was about to say that there was no need to put in so much effort for her…

Bo Junyan continued, “It’s nothing difficult.”

Mu Huan: “…”

“Is there anything difficult for you?” He didn’t think it was difficult at all!


Mu Huan asked instinctively, “What is it?”

“You leaving me,” Bo Junyan said in a slightly aggrieved tone.

Mu Huan: “…”

This kind of powerful and omnipotent man, the occasional grievance he exuded was really too lethal! It made one’s heart instantly explode!

“Hubby, I was stupid and foolish in the past. Now that I’m smarter, I’ll never leave you again!” Mu Huan said as she hugged him tightly.

“Be good.” Bo Junyan lowered his head and kissed her.

In the western suburbs of Yun Cheng.

Seeing Long Feiting return, Mu Kexin immediately greeted him with a smile.

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