The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 99 - The Vicious Woman

Chapter 99: The Vicious Woman

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A hysterical shriek was suddenly heard from Yu Sha’er’s apartment, accompanied by the shattering sound of broken glass.

Sister Qing stood by and watched silently as Yu Sha’er vented her frustrations.

Ye Yuwei had brought an action against Jiang Tong. This had not been within their expectation.

“That shrewd woman, Ye Yuwei! This time I did not manage to bring her down, that shrewd woman really has a long life.” Yu Sha’er shouted.

Sister Qing looked at the mess on the ground and said, “Sha-Sha, you need to calm down.”

“How can I calm down? That woman should have been cast aside by everyone right now. She was a shrewd woman to begin with.” Yu Sha’er continued shouting. “She wants to clear her name right now. I will never allow it!”

Sister Qing looked at the hatred on Yu Sha’er’s face and she felt a sense of uneasiness. She said, “Sha-Sha, hold back and do not act rashly now. We do not know the severity of the situation yet. What if Jiang Tong sells you out, this—”

“Don’t worry, she does not have the guts to sell me out,” Yu Sha’er said confidently. “Sister Qing, help me to contact that person.”

Sister Qing knew exactly who she was referring to.

Not long ago, there was a new celebrity who had more fame than Yu Sha’er. Yu Sha’er had hired this person to create fake indecent photos of this celebrity with various man, so as to completely remove her from the competition. That new celebrity was utterly defeated.

Yu Sha’er wanted to use that method again.

“Sha-Sha, I don’t think what you are doing is right. Ye Yuwei is still Mrs. Gu after all. By doing so, Mr. Gu—”

“This would not be an issue. Brother Juexi dotes on me so much. He would not blame me because of Ye Yuwei,” Yu Sha’er said smugly.

Sister Qing’s expression hardened and she drew her brows together. “Sha-Sha, you have to understand that Mr. Gu has been displeased with your attitude lately.”

“So what? My brother died because he was trying to save him. He will not do anything to me. Even if I cause harm to that woman, Ye Yuwei, Brother Juexi will only scold me a little. Moreover, I have the endorsement power over his deal with Bo Shen Enterprise. What is Ye Yuwei? Just wait and see,” Yu Sha’er said. Seeing that Sister Qing had not moved, she added, “Why are you acting strange nowadays Sister Qing? If you do not want to make the call, I will do it myself.”

Before Sister Qing could say anything, Yu Sha’er had already snatched her phone out of her hand. Sister Qing opened her mouth to speak, but she saw that Yu Sha’er had already made the call. Her heart felt more and more uneasy.

She felt that this time, Yu Sha’er’s actions would really offend Gu Juexi.

The current Gu Juexi no longer prioritized and gave in to everything that Yu Sha’er did.

Yu Sha’er discussed the price with the other person over the phone. She even said that Gu Juexi would not care about Ye Yuwei’s life or death, or else he would have taken action when the news was spreading all over.”

That was why the person on the phone agreed.

After she hung up the call, Yu Sha’er looked smugly out the window. If Ye Yuwei wants to start a fight with her, she had unlimited ways to defeat her.

“Ye Yuwei, let’s see how you are going to compete with me after I have completely tarnished and ruined your reputation.” Yu Sha’er’s eyes carried the viciousness of a venomous snake.

Sister Qing was filled with uneasiness as she looked at Yu Sha’er. She was deep in thought, wondering if she should inform Cheng Jie about what was going to happen. She was afraid that if Yu Sha’er ruined the partnership between Cheng Jie and Gu Juexi, she would also be implicated.

It was not long after Yu Sha’er hung up the phone that the photos on the internet started spreading rampantly like wild grass.

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