The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 91 - Two Questions from Mrs. Gu

Chapter 91: Two Questions from Mrs. Gu

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After some thinking, Ye Yuwei was certain that she had never offended Song Helian before.

She then remembered that Auntie Mao once said that Yu Sha’er was the sister of Gu Juexi’s comrade who sacrificed himself to save Gu Juexi’s life.

So, Gu Juexi’s comrade must have been Song Helian’s comrade too.

Ye Yuwei was speechless as she shook her head for she was taking a blame that came out of nowhere.

Ye Yuwei walked downstairs and saw Gu Juexi rubbing his temples.

The living room was in complete silence. The servants were minding their own business and nobody said a word.

Gu Juexi did not get up from the sofa. Ye Yuwei glanced at him and walked to the door.

“Stand there,” said Gu Juexi suddenly.

Ye Yuwei stood where she was and turned to look at the man who was getting up from the sofa.

“Yes, Mr. Gu?” asked Ye Yuwei emotionlessly.

Her monotonous voice made Gu Juexi who was already in a bad mood feel even worse. He walked toward Ye Yuwei, held her wrist and said, “Ye Yuwei, I really don’t have time for this.”

Ye Yuwei let out a laugh after hearing what Gu Juexi said. “Miss Yu has time for this. You only have to back her up when necessary.”

“Ye Yuwei, I told you already—”

“That it wasn’t you?” Ye Yuwei interrupted. “Let me ask you two questions, then you can tell me how innocent you are,” said Ye Yuwei as she swung Gu Juexi’s hand off of her wrist.

Gu Juexi frowned but did not say anything, allowing her to ask.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath to suppress the heartache that came with her questions.

“The first question is, who gave Yu Sha’er the guts to do all these things over and again?” Ye Yuwei enunciated her question word by word, but sped up to ask her second question when Gu Juexi was about to say something. “For the past three years, what was on your mind when I was this way before you?”

Gu Juexi who wanted to say something to the first question did not say anything now after Ye Yuwei finished her second question.

The living room fell back into silence and Ye Yuwei sneered at the man who could not answer the questions. “Can’t answer that? Why not I answer that for you? You gave Yu Sha’er the guts to do all these. Your acquiescence was like telling her that she was right for everything she did. And when she did things that embarrassed me, you would look at me and think ‘look at how real this woman is pretending.'”

There was disappointment in her voice.

She tore open her wound to show him the truth that he thought she did not know.

Ye Yuwei walked closer to Gu Juexi, stopped in front of him, tiptoed and whispered, “All you wanted was revenge. Revenge on this marriage that you thought had wronged you, revenge on me who had wronged you. I am backing out now but you are not done with your revenge. So how would you let me leave this game?”

Ye Yuwei stepped backward after she was done talking and looked at the man in front of her.

Neither of them had brought this up before.

Neither of them had used the word “revenge” before.

Gu Juexi tightened his fists, not knowing if it was because of Ye Yuwei’s false accusation or because what she said was true.

Neither one was what he wanted.

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