The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 84 - It Was Such an Unusual Coincidence

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Chapter 84: It Was Such an Unusual Coincidence

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Thinking of the news recently, Geng Yisheng narrowed his eyes and raised his head to look at Ye Yuwei.

He soon realized the whole situation from the way Gu Juexi treated Yu Sha’er. Since Gu Juexi was capable of running such a big corporation, this issue was nothing.

Even if RT Group had truly collapsed back then, Gu Juexi would naturally inject funds into the series and Yu Sha’er would still make her name—she would still get the things she wanted eventually.

Even so, Yu Sha’er had actually suggested Geng Yisheng to take the loan from Gu Bank, the approver was none other than Ye Yuwei. By doing this, if the series went on smoothly, Yu Sha’er would gain popularity. Even if the series was not as good as she thought and Gu Bank could not get the loan repayment, she could still make Ye Yuwei the scapegoat.

Even though Geng Yisheng did not respond, Ye Yuwei got the answer from his expression.

“That woman is really something. She is capable of doing every sort of evil thing. Mr. Geng, you may want to think about why many artists resigned all of a sudden. Also that it happened during this time.”

In fact, even if Xiao Yaojing did not tell him this, Geng Yisheng already knew. But in his current situation, he simply could not do anything with Yu Sha’er as she was backed by Gu Juexi. Perhaps, Gu Juexi was the one who poached all of his artists.

Geng Yisheng stared at Ye Yuwei as he pondered. Seeing the current situation, Mrs. Gu obviously did not have the upper hand.

“Mr. Geng, since you have so many artists, the termination fees should not be less than thirty million dollars. Why would you choose to file for bankruptcy instead of repaying the loan?” Ye Yuwei asked.

“Madam Ye, I know you are a kind person. Let me be frank with you, it is not that I do not want to repay the loan. I simply can’t do that. I need the funds to start up a new business in future. If I repay the loan now, I truly have nothing left. I am totally finished.” Geng Yisheng merely sneered.

“Mr. Geng, do you really think this is workable? Do you really think you can rebuild a business with the money you get from a loan after declaring bankruptcy?” Xiao Yaojing asked furiously.

“Mr. Geng, have you ever thought that if you do this, even if you have successfully rebuilt a business, when your new business is struck with financial difficulties, which bank would still want to grant you a loan?” Ye Yuwei held onto Xiao Yaojing’s arm and stared at Geng Yisheng.

“Madam Ye, I’m sorry. I will never repay the loan. As for Miss Yu, I am not capable of turning against Gu Juexi. Hence, regardless of what Miss Yu did back in those days…” Before he could finish his words, the eager paparazzi thronged the hotel.

“Mrs. Gu is really there.”

“Mrs. Gu, is it true that you have made a big mistake in granting the loan during your tenure with Gu Bank?”

“Mrs. Gu, why did you grant the loan to RT Group that was nearly bankrupt? Was there a shady affair between the two of you?”

“Someone posted a thread about RT Group’s loan application and claimed that the application is not qualified for a loan on the internet. What made you approve the loan?”

Flooded with questions, Ye Yuwei’s body stiffened.

Who else was so daring to post this insider information on the internet besides Gu Juexi? Furthermore, it was leaked out at this time, when she was in the midst of rectifying this issue. It was such an unusual coincidence.

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