The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 83 - The Truth of the Loan Back Then

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Chapter 83: The Truth of the Loan Back Then

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The appointment with Geng Yisheng was made during lunch hour. At this time, Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing were already waiting at the hotel. Ye Yuwei cast down her eyes and rubbed her fingers as she was unsure how tough of a person Geng Yisheng would be.

“Don’t worry. He shouldn’t be a tough person.” Xiao Yaojing reached out to Ye Yuwei and held her cold arm. Ye Yuwei merely nodded and inhaled deeply.

When Geng Yisheng arrived at the hotel, he originally wanted to greet Xiao Yaojing warmly. But when he saw Ye Yuwei, he quickly turned to leave.

“Mr. Geng. Mr Geng, no matter what happened, can we sit down and have a talk?” Ye Yuwei hastily got up and held onto his arm.

Yi Yisheng knitted his brow, but looking at the sweat streaming from Ye Yuwei’s forehead, he did not move further.

Seeing that Geng Yisheng had stopped moving, Ye Yuwei looked at her hands that were still holding onto his arms. She quickly loosened her grip and said, “I am sorry, Mr. Geng. I just hope that we can sit down and have a talk. You can’t be hiding from me until you declare bankruptcy, right?”

“Madam Ye, I know you granted me the loan back then but I never expect these things to happen.

Originally, I should have repaid all the debts by next month. But now…” Geng Yisheng sighed deeply as he stared at Ye Yuwei.

“Mr. Geng, let’s sit down and talk about it,” Xiao Yaojing got up and said.

Geng Yisheng was no longer avoiding them and sat down as he groaned. Ye Yuwei walked after him, sitting at the opposite side, facing Geng Yisheng. She did not utter a word but served him a drink calmly.

“To be frank, Madam Ye has always been an astute woman. I wonder why Madam Ye would grant me the loan.” Geng Yisheng held the glass in his firm grip⸺his face was growing increasingly tense.

Ye Yuwei lowered her eyes sorrowfully. She checked the loan documents a couple of days ago. There was truly a big issue. She should never have approved the loan back then. It was because of Gu Juexi that she had not done the due procedures properly.

“I have seen your loan document. Since you know that the chance of getting the loan was very low and you have never thought of getting the loan, why did you still apply for loan?” Pushing aside all her thoughts, she raised her head and asked.

“That time, Miss Yu told me that there was an issue with raising the fund for a new series that she worked jointly with my company. If we couldn’t get enough of fund on time, the series will be canceled. Oh yeah, you all should heard of the series. She made a name for herself with it.”

Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing exchanged looks, they suddenly realized Yu Sha’er motive. She had actually killed two birds with one stone. By doing this, not only did she save the series from being canceled, she could even make Ye Yuwei a scapegoat. How vicious!

“I was shocked when Madam Ye granted me the loan. I told myself that I must save this company no matter what and I must repay the debts. I can actually make repayment next month. But who knew…” Geng Yisheng sighed loudly again.

“Mr. Geng, you have already filed for bankruptcy during that time, haven’t you? Was it Miss Yu who suggested to you to take the loan from Gu Bank even if she knew that you have filed for bankruptcy?” Ye Yuwei asked.

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