The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 81 - I Was Pretty Sure He Was Suffering from Male Menopause

Chapter 81: I Was Pretty Sure He Was Suffering from Male Menopause

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On the way back to Gu Mansion, Gu Juexi was sitting at the back, listening to the phone. The person on the other side of the phone was burning with anger.

“Brother Gu, what are you doing? We have planned for so many years. Now that you treated Yu Sha’er that way, if he doesn’t believe us, all our efforts will go down the drain.” A roar of fury and a loud crash was heard.

“I know Mrs. Gu has upset you recently, but all these were planned without Mrs. Gu. As you have said, this is the most effective way. We are almost there. Now that you have done this, all our efforts are in vain. Brother Gu, you…” Gu Juexi had hung up the phone but the person on the other side of the phone was still burning with anger.

PA Wen glanced at Gu Juexi from the rear-view mirror and did not utter a word.

“How long has Ye Yuwei been married to me?” Gu Jue suddenly asked.

PA Wen slightly startled. The CEO had actually asked the same question on the day Mrs. Gu asked for a divorce. ‘Is he so forgetful? I’m pretty sure he is suffering from male menopause.’

“Three years and twenty-three days,” Fulfilling his duty, PA Wen answered.

Gu Juexi sank into silence. The CEO was such a living legend that PA Wen could never read his mind.

“CEO, Song Dui just wants to make sure everything is on track, that’s why…” He had even scolded Gu Juexi.

“So what do you think of the things that I have done?” Gu Juexi suddenly asked.

PA Wen was slightly startled. He had never thought that his words could actually put him in trouble.

“I believe CEO will pay attention to the interests of the whole situation. After all, you are the person who understands Yu Jiangqing the most.” PA Wen was not loud but he had expressed his own opinion. He was just flattering Gu Juexi. Whatever the CEO did was right. The same went to when he played with fire, nothing was wrong.

Disregarding PA Wen, Gu Juexi looked out the window. Staring at the night sky, his slender fingers tapped on his knee.

On the other side, Sister Qing was coaxing Yu Sha’er into the car, she was still crying. “Brother Juexi scolded me. Brother Juexi actually scolded me for that bitch!”

“CEO did this for your own good. Look, Ye Yuwei is checking the case of RT Group. CEO must have done this to distract her. After all, a jealous woman is extremely terrible. After seeing how CEO treated you today, she would probably not pick on you anymore.” Sister Qing handed the tissue to her as she said.

“For real? He did this for me?” Yu Sha’er was still sobbing as she asked.

“Of course, did I ever lie to you? Once the issue of RT Group is resolved, the CEO will treat you the same way he used to.” Once again, Sister Qing handed her a tissue and smiled.

Yu Sha’er felt better after listening to Sister Qing, but she never stopped cursing Ye Yuwei.

The farce ended, Xiao Yaojing shut the window and turned to look at the person lying on the sofa.

“You still haven’t met him?”

Ye Yuwei stared blankly into space, simply no one knew what she was thinking.

“By right, Geng Yisheng Enterprise should have gotten a lot of termination fees from the terminated contracts. Geng Yisheng should have had enough fund to pay off the debts. Why would he choose to declare bankruptcy instead?” Hearing Xiao Yaojing’s words, Ye Yuwei stared at her.

“Two reasons I could think of are—firstly, he did not receive the termination fees. Secondly, he just doesn’t want to repay the debts. Hence, the termination fees were not credited into his account since the beginning.”

If it was the first reason, naturally, the termination fees could never be retrieved. But if it was the second reason…

“I will go and look for him again.” Ye Yuwei got up but quickly sat back on the sofa, struck by a sudden dizziness.

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