The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 79 - Come Here, Ye Yuwei

Chapter 79: Come Here, Ye Yuwei

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“Because I trust in Mr. Gu. Can Mr. Gu and PA Wen accept this reason?” Cheng Jie replied elegantly, while leaning against the chair, looking at Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi did not reply. He seemed to be deep in thought elsewhere.

“Brother Juexi.” Yu Sha’er gently nudged Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi came back to his senses and smiled and apologized. He then got up and said, “I have to go now, I have something on.”

“CEO.” PA Wen was shocked as he did not know what the CEO was doing.

“Brother Juexi.” Yu Sha’er hurriedly got up to chase after Gu Juexi.

When Cheng Jie was left alone in the room with his assistant, he leaned back on his chair, seemingly deep in thought about something.

“Second master, what does Gu Juexi mean by that?” The assistant asked cautiously.

Cheng Jie looked at his assistant and said, “To cooperate with Gu Juexi, you have to understand that he does not do things the regular way. I know him better than you do.”

Cheng Jie finished his sentence, stretched his body and left the room.

When the exhausted Ye Yuwei returned to Xiao Yaojing’s house, it was already late.

She looked up at Xiao Yaojing’s house. She has not received her salary yet. She had been living at Xiao Yaojing’s house for a few days now, and Xiao Yaojing had also spent quite some money to help her regain her health.

Ye Yuwei did not go upstairs immediately, but sat on a stool downstairs.

The moonlight was shining bright and Ye Yuwei leaned on the railing to look at the sky.

However, the moonlight in front of her was blocked suddenly.

Ye Yuwei moved her gaze and looked right at Gu Juexi’s expressionless face.

She was shocked for a moment, but then got up the next second and tried to walk past him.

“Ye Yuwei, haven’t you caused enough trouble?” Gu Juexi stretched out his hand and held onto Ye Yuwei. “Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

The news of Mrs. Gu leaving home was not a good one.

“Am I ashamed?” Ye Yuwei laughed and swung his hand away. “Come back and ask me this question when Mr. Gu learns what the word shameless means.”

“Ye Yuwei, you cannot resolve anything without me!” Gu Juexi screamed.

PA Wen gave himself a slap on the face. The CEO was obviously retarded. Young mistress had not gone home for three days now and the CEO had obviously come to pick her up. However, the CEO really had no control over his mouth.

Ye Yuwei listened to his sarcastic words and laughed. “Mr. Gu, you do not know how to perform magic. I suggest you think of how to save your precious, or I cannot guarantee that she will be able to live so glamorously in a few days.”

As Ye Yuwei was about to leave, Gu Juexi held onto her arms to hold her back. “Ye Yuwei.”

“What are you doing?”

Xiao Yaojing came downstairs to look for Ye Yuwei as she had not returned home. She saw Ye Yuwei who was being pulled, and hurriedly came forward and pulled her back to her side.

“Yuwei already wants to divorce you, but yet you are still pestering her. Are you really so shameless, Mr. Gu?” Xiao Yaojing said.

Gu Juexi’s expression changed instantly.

“This is between us, it has nothing to do with you. Come here, Ye Yuwei.” Gu Juexi said with a cold tone, looking directly at Ye Yuwei.

In the past, even though it was only for a few times, every time he looked at her, she would happily walk towards him.

Ye Yuwei held her hands tightly together, thinking of the same memory.

She looked up and her lips opened slightly.

“Brother Juexi, you are walking too fast. I can’t keep up.”

Ye Yuwei had not spoken yet, but Yu Sha’er’s voice could already be heard.

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