The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 78 - Cheng Jie

Chapter 78: Cheng Jie

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The car was indeed Geng Yisheng’s. However, it seemed that Geng Yisheng realized that Ye Yuwei had noticed him and so he had ordered the driver to drive the car faster.

When Ye Yuwei chased after the car, it had already left.

“Mr. Geng, we cannot keep hiding from Miss Ye like this. This is not a solution.” The driver looked at Ye Yuwei who was standing in the distance, and could not help but sigh.

Geng Yisheng’s expression was gloomy, and it even carried a hint of guilt.

“What else can I do? RT Group’s artists suddenly terminated their contract. Where do I find the money to repay them?” Geng Yisheng said, and sighed loudly.

Ouyang Xianxin finally caught up to Ye Yuwei and saw the disappearing car. “Forget it, if he does not have the intention to pay back, you will never be able to catch him.”

“I will make sure that I recover this money, ” Ye Yuwei said firmly, and headed to the intersection and hailed a cab.

“You―” Ouyang Xianxin wanted to say something but she had already left.

At a private hotel room:

Gu Juexi was discussing the diamond development case with Cheng Jie, the chairman of Bo Shen Enterprise.

Cheng Jie, the Chairman of Bo Shen Enterprise. He was of similar age to Gu Juexi. He had pale white skin and a pair of bright blue eyes.

His mother was French.

His smile looked a little stiff.

After receiving a call, PA Wen came over and whispered something into Gu Juexi’s ears.

After listening to PA Wen, Gu Juexi had a frown on his face. After apologizing to Cheng Jie, he got up and left.

“What is the matter?”

PA Wen could hear the eagerness in the CEO’s voice. He paused for a while and could not help but let out a slight groan.

‘Now you want to put the young mistress as priority when she no longer wants you anymore?!’

“Young mistress went to look for Mr. Geng again today, but she did not manage to catch up with him.” PA Wen informed Gu Juexi about the news that he had heard.

Gu Juexi sneered. Was she really going to do this?

‘Isn’t it better for her to just be a good and obedient Mrs. Gu?’

“Don’t worry about her. If she wants to do it, just let her be,” Gu Juexi said and turned around to go back into the room.

PA Wen was speechless.

‘Don’t bother?

‘Did you deliberately came out of the room, just to tell me not to bother?’

After Gu Juexi entered the room, he had barely sat down when Yu Sha’er hugged his arms and said, “Mr. Cheng, you are hilarious. Brother Juexi is just my big brother.”

“Oh really? This is the first time I hear of Mr. Gu having a sister. I have always thought that Miss Yu and Mr. Gu are in a relationship, ” Cheng Jie smiled and said.

Gu Juexi pushed Yu Sha’er’s hand away mercilessly. “A comrade’s sister.”

Yu Sha’er pouted and her expression changed to one full of grievances.

“Mr. Gu’s comrade?” Cheng Jie asked curiously.

“He is long gone. Let’s not talk about this. Regarding the cooperation, I don’t think there is any problem with the information provided here. We can discuss when to sign the contract, ” Gu Juexi said steadily, but he seemed to be distracted, like his mind was elsewhere.

It was such a hot day. Why is that stupid woman so stubborn?

Sister Qing was sitting on the other side of Yu Sha’er. She kept touching her cell phone unconsciously.

Gu Juexi took a glance around the room, and then looked at PA Wen.

PA Wen understood immediately and said, “Mr. Cheng, regarding the development of the diamond mine, why don’t you scout for a more professional diamond developer since you have the funds for it? Mr. Cheng, you must understand that the Gu Enterprise is more focused on the operations of the finished diamond.”

Cheng Jie pursed his lips slightly. He placed his slender fingers on the cup, gently stroking it as though he was really thinking hard about the question.

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