The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 76 - Young Mistress Outdid Herself Today

Chapter 76: Young Mistress Outdid Herself Today

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Yu Sha’er had already reached the elevator and she turned her back when she heard Ye Yuwei shouting. “What―Ah―Ye Yuwei, are you insane?”

Ye Yuwei threw the one thousand dollars, and the two thousand dollars that she had earned from selling her blood directly onto Yu Sha’er’s face.

“Take this money and go to a mental hospital to get yourself examined. This would be enough for your hospitalization fees. Anyway, I heard that the mental hospital is free for those with no family members left.”

Ye Yuwei said sharply, ignoring Yu Sha’er’s shrewd screaming and headed directly to Gu Juexi’s office.

“Mrs. Gu, you―”

“Get out of my way, ” Ye Yuwei said curtly, pushing away the secretary who was trying to block her way.

The CEO’s office door was pushed open. PA Wen was shocked and turned to look.

Ye Yuwei marched forward and grabbed the document from Gu Juexi’s hands. She slammed the document on his desk and stared directly at him. She then said word by word, “If you do not sign the document, then we will meet in court.”

Before Ye Yuwei could pick up the document, Gu Juexi had also reached out and placed his hand on top of the document, staring intensely at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei did not waste any more time, but turned and left immediately.

PA Wen was speechless.

‘The young mistress really outdid herself today.

‘But we had decided that I was supposed to get the document signed for her. Why did she come in full of rage? Did she want to scare me to death?’

After Ye Yuwei came out from the office, Yu Sha’er came over to take revenge. When she saw Ye Yuwei, she raised her hand and was about to give her a slap.

“Ye Yuwei, who do you think you are to throw money at me?”

Ye Yuwei reached out and grabbed onto Yu Sha’er’s hand, and slapped her so hard with her other hand that Yu Sha’er fell to the ground.

Gu Juexi and PA Wen had just come out from his office and saw Ye Yuwei slap Yu Sha’er in the face.

PA Wen bit his lip lightly―he could feel the pain just by watching.

Ye Yuwei turned around to look at Gu Juexi who had just stepped out from his office. She then looked at Yu Sha’er and said, “Listen carefully, Yu Sha’er. You had better fix all the despicable things that you have instigated. Even if your Brother Juexi can accept it, your fans might not be able to. Maybe you can ask your Brother Juexi to help you to buy the hearts of people with money. I shall treat that one hundred and thirty million as charity for you to buy the people’s hearts.”

Ye Yuwei said each and every word with a cold tone. She turned back and gave Gu Juexi a sarcastic look, as though she was sending him a message too.

“I was the one who hit her. I will wait for Mr. Gu to sue me, ” Ye Yuwei said and left immediately after.

Gu Juexi was filled with frustration as he watched Ye Yuwei walked away.

For three years, she did not get a single cent.

For three years, she had never touched a single cent that he had given her.

Ye Yuwei’s persistence shocked Gu Juexi, but what he felt more strongly was anger.

The anger arose from being defeated.

The anger arose from the fear that the important things in his life would be taken away.

“Brother Juexi, sob, Brother Juexi.” Yu Sha’er cried and got up and walked toward Gu Juexi and said, “I want to sue her, I want to sue her for intentionally causing harm to others and for threatening me.”

Gu Juexi looked at the blood that was on Yu Sha’er’s lips because of that slap. This was already the second time.

It was obvious that Ye Yuwei was more ruthless this time.

“Brother Juexi, don’t tell me you want to protect her again. You saw her hitting me this time.” Yu Sha’er’s cries got louder, but she was feeling anger inside. She must take everything away from that woman.

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