The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 75 - From This Moment, Things Would be Different

Chapter 75: From This Moment, Things Would be Different

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Yu Sha’er fidgeted with her legs, unhappy because of the sudden knocking.

“Come in.”

PA Wen came in, carrying a document. “Mr. Gu, this requires your signature.”

Gu Juexi took the document to sign, but when he was about to sign it, he took a look at the document and suddenly stopped.

PA Wen’s heartbeat stopped simultaneously.

“Application for wages reimbursement.” Gu Juexi read the word out one by one and his eyes fell on the name of the applicant below.

‘Ye Yuwei?’

‘Ye Yuwei!’

“What is this?” Gu Juexi asked solemnly.

PA Wen heard the anger in the CEO’s tone, but he kept his voice steady and explained, “The year that Miss Ye entered the company was the year that we were using the shareholding system modeled by you. Therefore, all these years, whatever Miss Ye had earned was dividends that were included in your shares. This means that Miss Ye had not been paid for the past three years.”

As Gu Juexi listened, the muscles in his eyes tightened a little.

“If she did not get a salary, then so be it. Brother Juexi gives her three million every month anyway, ” Yu Sha’er said with a grin.

“The young mistress has already fully returned whatever living expenses that the CEO had given her. Three years, thirty six months, that is a total of one hundred and eighty million. If we include three years of interest, then that would amount to one hundred and thirty two million.” PA Wen reported the data without any change in his expression.

Yu Sha’er opened her mouth, as if to say something, but was stopped by Sister Qing.

“Since the CEO is busy, then Sha’er, it is better for us to go by ourselves,” Sister Qing said with a smile, while pulling Yu Sha’er away.

Yu Sha’er wanted to say more, but looking at Sister Qing’s expression, she could only obey her words.

Gu Juexi held the document so tightly that pleats were forming and eventually the corner of the document were all crumpled in his palms.

The assistant inexplicably felt that it was his own neck.

One of the CEO’s misconception toward the young mistress was none other than money.

The mistress was now coming forward to claim her wages, which was equivalent to giving the CEO a slap in his face.

For the past three years, she had not spent a single cent of his. She had even spent three years working for him in vain.

Frustrated. Gu Juexi was totally caught off guard.

After she went out, Yu Sha’er saw Ye Yuwei sitting on the couch at the waiting area and immediately pushed Sister Qing’s hand away. Sister Qing wanted to reached out and stop her, but Yu Sha’er was too fast.

Ye Yuwei was waiting for PA Wen to come back. She was very grateful that he had offered to help her to get the document signed. However, when she looked up, all she saw was Yu Sha’er.

Ye Yuwei frowned. She leaned into the soft cushion of the sofa and did not get up.

Yu Sha’er leaned toward Ye Yuwei.

“Ye Yuwei, you were in a rush to marry Brother Juexi but ultimately you had to compensate for it. Initially I thought you were a high class escort. However, you were just being used sexually for the past three years. If you need money so desperately, I could give it to you, ” Yu Sha’er said in a vicious tone, loud enough for Ye Yuwei to hear. After speaking, she took out a thousand dollars from her wallet and threw it onto Ye Yuwei’s body. “Treat these as an overnight fee that I am paying on Brother Juexi’s behalf. Will this be enough though? Your friend had also lost her job right? I will give you another thousand, as a gift to your friend, ” Yu Sha’er said smugly and left.

Ye Yuwei looked up, bewildered.

How could Yu Sha’er had known about Xiao Yaojing, unless it is―

Gu Juexi!

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists tightly and looked at the banknotes that were falling from her body onto her feet. She had reached her limit.

As the banknotes fell to the ground, the hatred in Ye Yuwei’s eyes became more defined.

From this moment on, things would be different between Gu Juexi and herself.

“Yu Sha’er!” Ye Yuwei suddenly shouted.

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