The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 73 - She Needs Money Desperately!

Chapter 73: She Needs Money Desperately!

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Yu Sha’er listened to Ye Yuwei and clenched her jaw tightly. “Ye Yuwei, stop provoking me. I had nothing to do with this matter. Why would I lie?”

“Oh, your IQ is online today. That must not be easy, ” Ye Yuwei retorted.

“Ye Yuwei, you…”

“Your image, your image. Miss Yu, you have to pay attention to your image. You brought so many cakes, they must have been expensive.” Ye Yuwei said as she looked at the staff’s desk and could only think—’Well, this shrewd is really better at buying the hearts of the employees.’

While she was desperately working hard for him, the other woman only needed to ingratiate the people around him.

The clearer she understood the situation now, the more she wanted to go back to the past and wake herself up.

The secretary’s extension line rang when the both of them were still staring at one another, refusing to admit defeat. Gu Juexi was asking Yu Sha’er to enter.

Yu Sha’er?

Yu Sha’er looked at Ye Yuwei smugly and said, “You can never be compared to me.” Yu Sha’er took a step back from Ye Yuwei and added, “I’m sorry Mrs. Gu, Brother Juexi asked me to go in. Should I pass a message to him on your behalf?”

Ye Yuwei’s heartstrings were tugged at slightly but she quickly recovered from it. “Then Miss Yu, please help me to ask the CEO when he is going to pay me the salary that has been owed to me for two years.”

Ye Yuwei’s voice was crisp and clear and the entire secretarial office could hear everything clearly.

Yu Sha’er’s expression changed immediately. “What nonsense are you talking about, Ye Yuwei? How could Brother Juexi be owing you your wages?”

“Miss Yu, pay attention to your demure image. You should hurry and go in, your Brother Juexi is waiting for you.” Ye Yuwei said and directly headed to the waiting area to sit down and wait.

She was exhausted. She was not feeling well.

Yu Sha’er walked toward the office, filled with anger. She wished that she could tear Ye Yuwei into pieces.

Ye Yuwei sat down and squinted slightly.

[Ye Yuwei was wearing a simple sports attire with her hair in a ponytail and she was carrying a lunchbox in her hand. She stood excitedly before Gu Juexi’s desk.

“I made this for you. PA Wen said that you often have no time to go out for lunch, so….”

“Ye Yuwei, I told you before. Don’t come to my office. Get out…”

Gu Juexi opened his mouth to say, and he pushed aside the lunchbox that Ye Yuwei had just placed on his desk. The food that was neatly packed inside sprinkled out onto the ground, and some of the soup splattered onto her feet, causing a burning pain.]

The long-lost pain that was brought back from these memories jolted her back to reality. She leaned back into the chair and stare off into space.

If this was not her last resort, if she did not need the money, why would she come here?

This was the place that she never wanted to step into again.

“Mrs. Gu, ” PA Wen said as he placed a cup of warm water before her.

Ye Yuwei looked up and smiled. “Thank you, PA Wen.”

After listening to Yu Sha’er’s grievances, the people in the office looked at the person who was sitting in the waiting room, staring into thin air. They started making fun of her and joked amongst themselves.

Her smile toward PA Wen right now was so annoying.

“Mrs. Gu, you need to use the money urgently?” PA Wen knew about the wages.

Ye Yuwei bowed her head slightly out of embarrassment. She had used up the pocket money that Gu Juexi had given her.

Right now, she only had some money from writing manuscripts but the money was insufficient for her to use when resolving the RT Group issue.

Furthermore, Xiao Yaojing no longer had a job, but she would still have to pay for her monthly rental.

She still owed PA Wen some money.

All these matters required money.

How did she get herself into this state?

“Yes, I need the money urgently, ” Ye Yuwei answered, lowering her head, tightly holding onto the cup in her hand.

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