The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 72 - The CEO Needs to Sign for You to Receive Your Salary

Chapter 72: The CEO Needs to Sign for You to Receive Your Salary

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At the Financial Headquarters of Gu Enterprise.

Ye Yuwei sat in front of the Chief Financial Officer while he ran through her data.

“Mrs. Gu, you need the CEO to sign for you to receive your salary.”

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment. “Why must he sign it?”

“Mrs. Gu, your salary and Miss Ouyang’s salary need to be signed by the CEO personally before it can be released. Without his approval, I cannot help you, ” the Chief Financial Officer said in a serious tone.

Ye Yuwei could only get up and say, “Alright then, thank you.”

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath. She still had to go and see him. After all, she needed the money.

“She really thought she had married into a rich family, and so she could have worked for so long without getting paid.”

“Yes, I heard that previously she could not even pay for her own hospital bills and she still wants to hold on to the CEO and not let him go.”

“Or maybe she could not grab on to Mr. Lu. Why else would she be empty handed at the end of the day? Hahaha—”

The jokes continued at the back and the Chief Financial Officer did not put much effort into stopping them.

Ye Yuwei quickened her steps to leave, but she could still hear the gossip throughout the building.

When Ye Yuwei arrived at the CEO’s office, Yu Sha’er was giving out some snacks outside his office.

“I specifically bought this for everyone, so please eat more. You all work so hard for Brother Juexi, so make sure you eat well.”

“Thank you, Miss Yu. You are such a good person Miss Yu.”

“Yes, yes. Miss Yu is always bringing us snacks. It must have been a lot of trouble for you.”

“All of you are working hard for Brother Juexi, it is no trouble for me at all.” Yu Sha’er said. “Is Brother Juexi inside? Then I will go in first.”

“Yes, Miss Yu, please go in. Our CEO must be eager to see you.” The secretary at the door said, smiling happily while welcoming Yu Sha’er in.

Ye Yuwei witnessed this scene and felt ridiculed.

She wanted to turn around and walk away, but she turned back around in a matter of seconds.

She had worked hard for her income, why would she freely give it to them?

Ye Yuwei went over and explained her intentions for coming.

The woman who was smiling happily earlier instantly changed her expression and gave her a scornful look.

“The CEO is very busy now. Did you make an appointment?”

The third party was invited in?

She was officially the wife of the CEO and she had to make an appointment?

It was ridiculous!

Ye Yuwei was about to answer when Yu Sha’er’s delicate voice rang. “Isn’t that Mrs. Gu? Why did Mrs. Gu come here?”

Ye Yuwei looked up and saw Yu Sha’er walking back toward her. She frowned subconsciously. The only reason she was here was to claim her salary. She did not want to have any interaction with this woman.

Ye Yuwei ignored her, and Yu Sha’er felt that she was looking down on her.

That was indeed the case.

“Mrs. Gu, I am talking to you. Why are you so rude?” Yu Sha’er said as she walked toward Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei smirked. The professional attire she was wearing fit her beautifully. .

The sarcastic smile on Ye Yuwei’s face provoked Yu Sha’er. She took another step forward toward her.

“Ye Yuwei, stop displaying your attitude in front of me. We are both just passing by here. Have you been defeated already?” Yu Sha’er had a smug look on her face. The small gifts that she had given out for years were not in vain.

Ye Yuwei leaned back slightly and looked at the sullen face before her.

“Then Miss Yu, please continue to work hard and take advantage of RT Group’s matter. Maybe one day, the position of Mrs. Gu will finally be yours,” Ye Yuwei answered with a smile.

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