The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 65 - Threat

Chapter 65: Threat

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Ye Yuwei took a deep breath to suppress the pain in her body.

She was the first to turn away, but not to admit defeat. She turned to look at Yu Sha’er.

“Miss Yu said that I was the one who told her that Gu Enterprise was not doing well. But I am not so close to Miss Yu as to inform her about my failures at work.” Ye Yuwei taunted. “Moreover, Miss Yu has always hated me. Why would she have gone through all the trouble just to find me a potential client?”

Unfortunately, she was so gullible in the past.

That was how reality slapped her hard in the face.

Yu Sha’er felt a guilty conscience because of Ye Yuwei’s words. Sweat started forming on her forehead.

“Mrs. Gu, what do you mean by this? I was kind to offer you help, but now you are accusing me. Brother Juexi, look at what she is doing!” Yu Sha’er cried.

The room was silent with only the sound of Yu Sha’er’s crying.

Surprisingly, Gu Juexi kept silent this time. However, it was precisely this silence that filled the air with tension.

PA Wen’s heartbeat accelerated. He was hoping that the CEO would keep his silence and not seek his own death by speaking unnecessarily again.

“Wen Tao, you settle this.”

“Yes.” PA Wen replied hurriedly and turned to leave.

“Why should PA Wen solve the problem that she created?” Yu Sha’er suddenly screamed.

Her voice was slightly harsh to the ears.

Ye Yuwei licked her lips and looked at the emotional Yu Sha’er with a smile.

PA Wen could not wait to take off his shoe to throw it at her face.

But before PA Wen could do anything, Butler Kim had already come forward, holding a phone.

“It’s Madam.”

Gu Juexi frowned and reached over to take the phone.

Nobody knew what the person on the other line said. Gu Juexi raised his brows and walked towards the balcony, “She was your choice.”

Gu Juexi walked away and his voice slowly floated away.

Ye Yuwei’s palm was slightly painful as she guessed the dialogue between the mother and child.

Seeing that Gu Juexi had walked away, Yu Sha’er’s face immediately changed.

“Mrs. Gu, if you do not have a guilty conscience, then why are you suddenly resigning? Or perhaps you have a special unethical relationship with CEO Yan?” Yu Sha’er insulted.

Ye Yuwei lifted her head and look at Yu Sha’er. “Miss Yu, before you speak, make sure you have the evidence. You should also confirm that you really did not know about what was happening with RT Group from the start.”

“Ye Yuwei, why don’t you take a look in the mirror before you try to force the blame on me? What else can you do but make Brother Juexi feel disgusted? Did you really think that Brother Juexi asked PA Wen to handle the matter for your sake? He was only doing it because he did not want a rat to tarnish the reputation of Gu Enterprise,” Yu Sha’er replied threateningly.

“Yu Sha’er, are the bricks that you are using to path the way sufficient? Or should I lend you some money to purchase the raw materials?” Ye Yuwei retorted.

Who else could be as shameless as her to seduce someone’s husband with that innocent look?

“Since Mrs. Gu is so capable, then you handle this matter yourself.”

Gu Juexi’s voice suddenly echoed through the room.

Ye Yuwei’s heartstrings were tugged at. She saw the pride and ecstasy loom on Yu Sha’er’s face and could not help but ridicule herself in her heart. She had once again insulted his precious.

“RT Group took a huge loan. If you cannot retrieve the loan amount, you know what will happen to those who had a hand in this case, Mrs. Gu.” Gu Juexi said, scornful of her nonchalant expression.

The moment Gu Juexi finished his sentence, Ye Yuwei’s expression changed.

“What else can CEO Gu do besides this kind of thing?” Ye Yuwei snarled, baring her teeth.

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