The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 52 - You Have Been Impatient with Me Lately

Chapter 52: You Have Been Impatient with Me Lately

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Anger was building up inside Yu Sha’er, but she held it in as Gu Juexi was there.

“Brother Qichuan, you have always been so caring toward Mrs. Gu. Do you perhaps have feelings for Mrs. Gu?” Yu Sha’er said spitefully.

At that moment, it took PA Wen all of his might to resist the urge to give Yu Sha’er a slap across her face.

‘This woman is really demonic!’

Gu Juexi raised his eyebrows skeptically, but Lu Qichuan did not react at all.

PA Wen trembled in fear. ‘Please don’t let anything happen now. This is not a joking matter.’

Lu Qichuan looked at Yu Sha’er and started laughing. “Sha-Sha, there’s some things that you should not say or your Brother Juexi will be unhappy.”

As Yu Sha’er listened to Lu Qichuan, she could feel the tension building up in the arms that she was holding on to. Yu Sha’er looked up at Gu Juexi and said, “Brother Juexi, I do not mean anything else. Please do not be angry.”

Gu Juexi retracted his arm and walked toward the living room. “What did you here come for?”

Yu Sha’er heaved a sigh of relief. Brother Juexi was not mad at her.

“Sister Qing said that Gu Enterprise will be working with Bo Shen Enterprise. Can I please be the promotional ambassador for this?” Yu Sha’er said as she followed behind him.

‘Sister Qing?’

After she had spoken, the faces of the remaining three persons reflected various unreadable expressions. However, Yu Sha’er did not seem to notice this.

“I will ask PA Wen to inform you after I have confirmed the matter.” Gu Juexi’s voice was monotonous.

PA Wen chuckled to himself. He had not received any information yet with regards to the collaboration with Bo Shen Enterprise. That Sister Qing was pretty capable.

However, when Sister Qing told Yu Sha’er about this matter, she left immediately as she was anxious and excited that she had found a reason to meet Gu Juexi. She did not realize that this had instead given them an advantage.

Yu Sha’er nodded sullenly and whispered, “Brother Juexi, do you hate me? You have been impatient with me lately.”

After Yu Sha’er had spoken, Lu Qichuan who had been sitting across the room, reading the newspaper, turned up to look at Gu Juexi.

“No, it is just that too much has been happening lately,” Gu Juexi said.

“I know. It must be because of Mrs. Gu. Am I right? Why is she like this? She obviously knows that Brother Juexi is a busy man, but she still wants to create problems for you.” Yu Sha’er sat down beside Gu Juexi, enjoying his embrace.

Lu Qichuan flipped the newspaper, sighed and continued reading the paper. “Sha-Sha, Brother Juexi dotes on you because your brother is no longer around. We all dote on you because we treat you like a sister. It would be better for you not to say such slanderous things about sister-in-law.”

“Brother Qichuan, why are you always speaking up for that woman?” Yu Sha’er said, feeling dissatisfied. “You know that I like Brother Juexi.”

“Sha-Sha,” Gu Juexi suddenly interrupted her with a sharp tone.

Yu Sha’er felt more and more dissatisfied. She got up and started crying. “Why are you always like this, Brother Juexi? You do not love that woman at all, so why did you marry her? What else does she know, besides using despicable methods to get what she wants?”

Auntie Mao was helping Ye Yuwei out of the room and they happened to hear the sound of Yu Sha’er crying.

It sounded like she was really suffering an injustice.

Auntie Mao’s expression instantly changed. “That shrewd woman is really asking for a beating.” Auntie Mao said before letting go of Ye Yuwei. She headed downstairs, grabbed a broom and started beating Yu Sha’er with it.

Ye Yuwei leaned against the stairwell, her lips slowly forming a smile. She had no intention to stop what was happening.

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