The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 51 - Why Would He Feel Bad for This Woman?

Chapter 51: Why Would He Feel Bad for This Woman?

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“What is so good about that shrewd woman? If she is not constantly pestering Brother Juexi, he would have dumped her a long time ago!” Yu Sha’er yelled. Her delicate expression changed into a ferocious one.

“Wow! So, who has provoked the great Miss Yu this time?”

Lu Qichuan’s voice could be heard from the door, as soon as Yu Sha’er completed her sentence.

PA Wen heaved a sigh of relief. Now that Lu Qichuan was here, he need not worry anymore. He had been afraid that Gu Juexi would kick Yu Sha’er out of the house when he came down. This would have created a big mess.

Upon hearing Lu Qichuan’s voice, Yu Sha’er paused for a moment before putting on a poker face.

“Brother Qichuan, I was just going to express my concern when I saw Brother Juexi carrying Mrs. Gu upstairs and PA Wen said that I was not showing respect towards Mrs. Gu. Did I not just do it out of kindness?” Yu Sha’er held on to Lu Qichuan’s arms and complained with a pitiful face, as soon as he came in.

PA Wen was speechless.

‘How frustrating!’

Lu Qichuan looked at the expressionless face of PA Wen and flashed him his most elegant smile. “Well, you know that your status is a little different. It might be better for you not to go up. After all, you know that he pampers you the most. So, be good and don’t make him angry okay?”

Lu Qichuan’s words seem to imply that besides their ‘brother and sister’ relationship, there was something special going on between Yu Sha’er and Gu Juexi. This made Yu Sha’er very happy but she put on a ‘we have no special relationship’ expression on her shrewd face.

“Don’t say that, Brother Qichuan. People might get the wrong idea.” Yu Sha’er said, lowering her head while blushing.

Lu Qichuan turned his head and silently looked at PA Wen.

Lu Qichuan smiled. ‘I really feel like telling someone off right now!’

PA Wen smiled back. ‘Endure it, like me!’

After carrying Ye Yuwei up to her room, Gu Juexi placed her on her bed and covered her with the quilt. He took the towel from Auntie Mao and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

“Work, work, work. Do you want her to work to death before you regret it?” Auntie Mao said. “And there is that girl downstairs. What’s her name, Yu Sha-Sha or something, who looks just like a fool, really befitting her name.”

Gu Juexi did not have any good comeback to Auntie Mao’s statement.

But, why would he feel bad for this woman?

It was because he had not finished disciplining her. And so, she cannot leave him yet.

“Please help me to take care of her while I take a look downstairs.” Gu Juexi got up and passed the towel to Auntie Mao once he saw that Ye Yuwei’s expression was more at ease now.

Even if he had lost all reasoning from his fight with Ye Yuwei today, he would not let the plan that he had been scheming for seven years to just fall apart now.

Auntie Mao nagged a little more, as Gu Juexi got up to leave. She then sat down by the bed to take care of Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi went downstairs. Yu Sha’er hurriedly ran to him and linked her arm around his arm, with a huge smile on her face.

“Brother Juexi, PA Wen bullied me again! You must defend me,” Yu Sha’er lamented like she was victimized while leaning on his arms.

PA Wen was at a loss for words.

‘Endure it.’

“I heard that sister-in-law is not feeling well. I will go up to have a look at her.” Lu Qichuan did not want to be in the same room as Yu Sha’er anymore. Moreover, he really wanted to see Ye Yuwei.

Lu Qichuan had barely taken the first step forward when Gu Juexi suddenly said, “No need!”

Yu Sha’er tilted up her head and saw the look in Gu Juexi’s eyes. It was almost as if his words were filled with jealousy.

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