The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 5 - Still Insisting That You Want a Divorce?

Chapter 5: Still Insisting That You Want a Divorce?

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Yu Sha’er, the woman Gu Juexi loved. It was Gu Juexi who made her the person she was now.

“It’s okay, I will let PA Wen pick you up tomorrow. I will be there too.” Gu Juexi comforted the person on the line.

“Why won’t you pick me up yourself?” Yu Sha’er asked.

“Let go of me.” Ye Yuwei struggled to free herself from him, not wanting to listen to them talk.

Yu Sha’er obviously heard Ye Yuwei panting and guessed what had happened.

Her beautiful face turned menacing as she asked gently, “Is Mrs. Gu there? Why don’t you bring her tomorrow? If it is always me by your side, the paparazzi would probably think that we are getting married.”

Ye Yuwei stared at Gu Juexi, who was also looking at her.

Yu Sha’er obviously said those things to humiliate Ye Yuwei, because Gu Juexi had never brought her to any events despite her title of being his wife.

“Okay,” said Gu Juexi.

Ye Yuwei widened her eyes in disbelief. Did he just agree to that idea?

Yu Sha’er on the line was just as surprised as Ye Yuwei.

“Juexi?” Yu Sha’er called out his name in disbelief. She only said those things to humiliate Ye Yuwei. Why would she want Ye Yuwei to be there?

Gu Juexi looked at Yu Yuwei, smiled and said, “You are right, I seldom bring Mrs. Gu out. I will let PA Wen pick you up tomorrow. Do rest early,” said Gu Juexi, who then ended the call without looking at the phone, his eyes were still on Ye Yuwei.

Listening to the beeping sound, Yu Sha’er threw her phone aside angrily.

“He is going to bring that whore? He just said he is going to bring that whore to an important event like that?” Yu Sha’er shrieked at the top of her lungs, pacing back and forth in her living room.

Yu Sha’er’s assistant was a woman in her thirties called Qing, with a harsh looking face.

“Why are you even worried? Everyone knows Mr. Gu doesn’t get along with that woman. She’s as good as Mr. Gu’s personal prostitute. Mr. Gu will back you up in any event even if he brought her along. Don’t forget, Mr. Gu told her off in the rain two years ago for you,” said Qing who was comforting Yu Sha’er, patting her back.

“Fine, let her be there. I will make her cry and leave too this time,” said Yu Sha’er grudgingly.

Qing smiled in satisfaction. She prayed that Yu Sha’er would marry Gu Juexi, because only then she would get what she wanted.

Ye Yuwei was still staring at the man on top of her in bed.

“I didn’t say yes.”

“Didn’t you use to make fuss about me not taking you out? You don’t look too happy now that I have agreed to take you out,” said Gu Juexi with a subtle smile.

Ye Yuwei felt like laughing, and she actually did.

“I am sorry but I really don’t want to disturb Mr. Gu and Miss Yu.” Yu Yuwei uttered the word “disturb” through her clenched teeth, indirectly reminding him of what happened two years ago.

Gu Juexi kissed her on her lips, smirked and said, “Mrs. Gu seems to be bothered by the affair between me and Yu Sha’er. Still insisting that you meant it for the divorce?”

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