The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 47 - The War is Happening Faster than Expected

Chapter 47: The War is Happening Faster than Expected

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Xiao Yaojing brought Ye Yuwei into her house. With reluctance, she supported Ye Yuwei and sat her down on the couch. She then went into the kitchen and brought a cup of hot brown sugar water and placed it in front of Ye Yuwei.

“Why? Did you finally get dumped?” Xiao Yaojing asked Ye Yuwei sarcastically.

Ye Yuwei chuckled, while holding onto the slightly hot cup with her shaky hands. Xiao Yaojing was the only person in the world who could use the harshest sarcasm and yet, Ye Yuwei understood that she was expressing her concern for her.

“I am going to divorce Gu Juexi soon,” Ye Yuwei said softly. “You were right. He doesn’t like me. Even if I were to stay by his side silently, he would still find me annoying. I should not have sought a love that does not belong to me. I have learnt my lesson and I have decided that I want a divorce.”

“Oh! It is really rare that you would think I am right.” Xiao Yaojing kicked off her slippers and sat down on the single couch. “You took on jobs and even sold your blood just to attend his speech last time. So why are you selling your blood again this time? Is Mrs. Gu short on money?”

Xiao Yaojing did not hold back her thoughts and spoke directly.

Ye Yuwei shook her head slightly and started telling her story.

“Oh my God! Is he even a man?” Xiao Yaojing was filled with rage and kicked the small stool that was by her feet after listening to Ye Yuwei’s story. “You must have been blind to have fallen for this kind of man!”

Ye Yuwei bowed her head as she was reprimanded by Xiao Yaojing. However, she felt that this was one of the happiest moments throughout the three years of marriage with Gu Juexi. At least, she was willing to be reprimanded.

With the cup in her hand, Ye Yuwei saw the newspaper on the table. Some of the recruitment advertisements had been marked with a red pen. Ye Yuwei paused for a moment before picking up the newspaper, asking, “Are you looking for a job?”

Ye Yuwei suddenly realized that she had been careless in not realizing it earlier. It was not the weekend, so why was Xiao Yaojing home in the afternoon?

After a pause, Xiao Yaojing took the newspaper and threw it aside. She said, “I didn’t like the job and so I resigned. What’s so surprising about that?”

“Who are you trying to fool? I was liaising with your bank not long ago and your supervisor told me that you were going to get promoted soon. Why would you resign this time? You have started working there ever since you graduated.” Ye Yuwei started feeling giddy after saying so much in one breath. Her hands were trembling and the cup in her hand shook violently. Some of the water splashed out, scalding the back of her hand.

Because of the pain, Ye Yuwei’s dizziness got a little better. She suddenly realized that she had only mentioned to PA Wen to send her to Zhichun Road. How did PA Wen know to stop directly in front of Xiao Yaojing’s house when Zhichun Road was so vast?

Ye Yuwei’s face got paler again. She put her cup down on the table, firmly stabilized her body and pulled herself together. “It was him. He did it, didn’t he?”

Gu Juexi. How could he be so cruel?

Did he hate her so much that he would not even let her friend off the hook?

Ye Yuwei’s body was all tensed up. You could see her veins showing from her tightly clenched fist placed on the table. There was a burning pain, from her nails getting embedded into the palm of her hand.

“Gu Juexi—” Ye Yuwei said, while clenching her teeth. She stood up and ran out of the door.

“Yuwei, Yuwei—”

Xiao Yaojing was shocked to see the hatred in Ye Yuwei’s eyes. She hurriedly chased after Ye Yuwei.


The crisp sound of a slap echoed through the hallway.

PA Wen stood at the stairwell between the fourth and fifth floor. After hearing the ringing sound of the slap, he immediately grabbed his face with his palm.

The war was starting too soon! He had not bought his life insurance yet!

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