The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 3 - Don’t Overthink, Mr. Gu

Chapter 3: Don’t Overthink, Mr. Gu

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Gu Mansion was in the heart of B City.

The butler, seven servants, and two chefs of the mansion stood at the door respectfully.

Ye Yuwei was standing not far away from the door with a small luggage bag at her side. She did not bring much when she moved in and she would only take what belonged to her.

“Young Mistress…why don’t we wait for Young Master…” suggested the butler, his head lowered and his hand folded on top another in front of his stomach.

Ye Yuwei glanced around the hall, and then looked at the butler and said, “It is okay, Butler Kim. Thank you for everything for the past three years.”

Ye Yuwei left in a relief. The relief she had not felt for the past three years.

She did not notice when a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom passed by. Neither did the man in the car notice Ye Yuwei.

The car stopped five meters away.

“Looks like Mrs. Gu,” said PA Wen, looking at the rear mirror.

The luxurious car reversed to where Ye Yuwei was. Ye Yuwei stopped and saw the man.

Feeling calm, her heart did not pound as it used to anymore when she saw him after eight months.

Gu Juexi stared at his wife.

“Ye Yuwei, is this another trick of yours?” asked Gu Juexi. Not truly understanding what he really meant, what Gu Juexi said was not very nice, or even hurtful.

Ye Yuwei’s mind went blank for a second.

Trick? Another trick of hers?

She was supposed to feel sad, but she smiled. “You are overthinking,” said Ye Yuwei.

She was not match to him when it came to tricks.

“Reverse psychology?” Gu Juexi insisted on his deduction.

Ye Yuwei tilted her head as if she was thinking, and said, “You can suggest the divorce if you think me suggesting it embarrasses you.”

This was probably what he meant by reverse psychology. Too bad she did not have the heart to play the game.

Gu Juexi got out of his car.

He was almost a foot taller than Ye Yuwei. She was only at his chest, right at his heart.

He wore a black tux, she was in a white dress, and they stood in front of each other under the moon.

“Ye Yuwei,” said Gu Juexi, bending down to get closer to her face, “do you really want a divorce?”

Ye Yuwei wanted to step behind as he drew closer. She did not feel any warmth from his tone.

“I have asked PA Wen to hand you the divorce papers. All you have to do is to sign the papers.” Ye Yuwei forced herself to look into his eyes.

Gu Juexi squinted judgmentally.

“You’re acting quite well.” Gu Juexi straightened himself.

Ye Yuwei opened her mouth to say something, but was carried on Gu Juexi’s back to the mansion before she could say a word.

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