The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 21 - It is Mrs. Gu and Miss Yu

Chapter 21: It is Mrs. Gu and Miss Yu

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PA Wen came over after answering a call and handed the phone to Gu Juexi.

“It is Mr. Qian.”

Gu Juexi raised his head, his gaze swept passed PA Wen as he took the phone.

“Mr. Qian.” Gu Juexi went up the stairs as he talked.

Butler Kim raised her head and stared at PA Wen attentively after Gu Juexi walked into the study.

“Why is the young mistress not back yet?”

PA Wen merely shrugged as he looked upstairs. He thought to himself,’This CEO was looking for his own demise. Mrs. Gu would naturally bear with and accept all his wrongdoings when she loved him. But things have changed. Mrs. Gu will no longer tolerate him. It is a slap in the face.’

It was extremely quiet in the study and only the patter of rain could be heard. Mr. Qian was burning with anger, indignation expressed in the tone of his voice.

The thunder rumbled. Gu Juexi raised his head to look at the lightning from afar.

‘God is watching us! Isn’t this the reason Mr. Gu wants me to be here?’

As if a person who had been seen through, Gu Juexi was like a clown acting in the eyes of the public. She showed no emotion since entering the ballroom. Only a trace of irony could be seen, staring contemptuously at him.

“Mr. Gu had won. Anything else I need to know?’

A strange feeling seized his heart. Burning with an ineffable sensation of irritability, Gu Juexi stretched out his hand to pull off his tie.

“Where is Ye Yuwei? Have you found her?” Gu Jue suddenly shouted.

The people outside were stunned by his sudden remark. No one dared to answer. Gu Juexi turned and walked out.

Downstairs, PA Wen was still on the phone. He went up to Gu Juexi as soon as he saw him walking down the stairs.

“Miss Yu was taken to the hospital as the wound has inflamed.”

“It is just a minor…”

“Mr. Gu…” PA Wen suddenly interrupted as if a reminder.

Restraining his blazing anger, Gu Juexi took a deep breath and walked out the door.

“Take me to the hospital.”

PA Wen walked decisively after Gu Juexi. His eyes fell on the last servant before he left.

The car sped in the heavy rain. Every now and then, PA Wen peeped at the resentful Gu Juexi from the rear-view mirror.

“How is it going?” In a deep voice, Gu Juexi adjusted his tie as he asked.

“So far so good. Bo Shen Enterprise will send a representative to sign the agreement with Gu Enterprise next month,” PA Wen answered.

“Where is Ye Yuwei? No news yet?” Gu Juexi rested on the seatback.

“Mr. Gu, there is something that I want to tell you but I am not sure if I can voice it out.” PA Wen lowered his head slightly.

“Just say it.”

“I understand from Mr. Qian that young mistress was involved in an accident before meeting him,” PA Wen whispered.

“An accident?” Gu Juexi’s eyes widened.

Two years ago on his birthday, Ye Yuwei was in A City. At that time, Yu Sha’er was shoved to the ground for getting into a conflict with Ye Yuwei. He had then chastized Ye Yuwei before taking Yu Sha’er away with him. He was not aware of any accident.

PA Wen nodded his head slightly. “Yes, I used to… It is Mrs. Gu and Miss Yu,” PA Wen said suddenly and stopped the car by the road.

Gu Juexi looked out the window. Though it was raining cats and dogs, he could still see the two women in an argument by the roadside.

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