The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 1950 - Arrest Ding Junchi?

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Chapter 1950: Arrest Ding Junchi?

There was not much room in the car. After all, Qian Yikun was driving an ordinary car—a BMW!

It was the Qian family’s most ordinary car.

Qian Yikun bent his legs and pinned Mo Fei onto the back seat. Mo Fei smiled and hugged Qian Yikun’s neck. “Someone is taking photos of you.”

Qian Yikun lowered his head and sank his teeth onto her neck. Of course, he knew that. That was why he did not kiss Mo Fei as they were getting into the car. He was, all in all—composed.

“Who did you meet up with just now?” Qian Yikun asked in a husky voice.

Mo Fei pulled him down on his neck blocked all the words he wanted to say with a French kiss.

Eventually, Qian Yikun did not get what he wanted because the woman in his arms had already fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Qian Yikun got up carefully and tidied up the mess on the two of them. Then, he helped her put on her clothes. He raised his head and looked out of the windshield. The corners of his lips curled up slightly. He took the blanket and covered Mo Fei. When he saw Mo Fei’s phone screen light up, he reached out and answered the call.

“Mom, it’s me.”

“Yikun, are you with Feifei? Why didn’t you pick up the phone just now?” asked his mother unhappily after hearing her son’s voice on the phone.

“I was busy just now, so I didn’t hear the phone. I’m taking Feifei away since I have nothing on in the afternoon,” Qian Yikun said in a low voice. When he saw the folder that had fallen under the seat, he reached out to pick it up.

However, just as Qian Yikun was about to touch the folder, Mo Fei suddenly reached out and grabbed his wrist. Qian Yikun snapped around only to see a flash of alarm mixed into Mo Fei’s smile.

“Jailer, I have my privacy too.”

Qian Yikun slowly retracted his hand. However, there was an unfriendly look in his eyes.

Mo Fei picked up the folder and squashed it under her. “What if you see the report that says I’m infertile and you don’t want to marry me anymore?” Mo Fei made such a fuss as she said it, as though Qian Yikun was a scumbag.

Qian Yikun, “…”

Qian Yikun slapped her on the forehead. Then, he opened the car door and got out.

Mo Fei lay on the back seat with her aching body. This location was too hard on her body. After Qian Yikun opened the car door to the driver’s seat and got into the car, Mo Fei supported her head with a hand. “Jailer, use a bigger car in the future. This place can barely contain my 1.8-meter long legs.”

Qian Yikun was about to start the car when he froze. His grip on the steering wheel tightened.

This car was indeed smaller.

However, that was not the main point.

Mo Fei was hiding something from him and this made him very unhappy.

Qian Yikun suddenly stomped on the gas pedal. Mo Fei let out an “Ouch!” and lay back down on the back seat immediately. This man had a death wish, for sure.

“Oh, right. Did you discover anything new about Lin Xuan today?” Mo Fei took the initiative to direct their conversation back to Qian Yikun.

Qian Yikun peered at Mo Fei through the rearview mirror. “Lin Xuan provided the phone number of the mastermind. It’s Ding Junchi.”

Mo Fei clicked her tongue. Thus, what else was there to say? The case was about to come to an end, was it not?

“So, you guys are going to arrest Ding Junchi?” Mo Fei said as she stared at the roof of the car. Arresting Ding Junchi just like that did not seem very satisfying.

“The day after tomorrow, at the latest.” Qian Yikun gave her an accurate timing. “Whether it’s him or otherwise, all the evidence is pointing at him now. Furthermore, he has enough reasons to do so.”

Mo Fei turned her body around to let Qian Yikun toggle the air recirculation in the car. The smell was a little strong.

Qian Yikun glanced at her and reached out to turn on air recirculation.

“The old woman and Ding Jiaqi haven’t gotten the company seal yet. If Ding Jiaqi still can’t get it tonight, Ding Junchi will start getting anxious tomorrow.” Mo Fei’s 1.8-meter long legs nearly reached the car roof.

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