The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 1881 - The Human World Is So Complicated

Chapter 1881: The Human World Is So Complicated

Only then did Mo Fei look up and size up Zhao Fangyu. He looked somewhat similar to Ding Junqi, but his features were not as pronounced as Ding Junqi’s.

He wore a pair of gold-framed glasses that gave him a scholarly look. He fit the role of being an editor perfectly.

Just as Mo Fei was about to say something, Ye Yuwei quietly tugged at her. Ye Yuwei raised her head and smiled in her usual manner. “Mr. Zhao, your accusations are too severe. I’m just curious. My husband invited Feifei, so how did Miss Ding end up representing Ding Enterprise?”

Ding Jiaqi lowered her eyes slightly and wrung her clothes with both hands as if she was very nervous. That was not a lie, though.

Ding Jiaqi looked up with her thin lips trembling. “My Grandma wanted me to come over. My Second Uncle knew about this and agreed.”

After Ding Jiaqi finished speaking, she deliberately looked at Mo Fei.

When she heard Ding Jiaqi’s last sentence, Mo Fei instantly felt her blood boiling. What exactly was her stupid father doing?

“Looks like Madame Ding still doesn’t understand the idea that crossing over into another field is akin to crossing mountains. Miss Ding isn’t a reporter, so she shouldn’t be here.” Ye Yuwei turned around and called Assistant Wen over.

PA Wen nodded slightly and asked Ding Jiaqi to leave.

Ding Jiaqi looked at Ye Yuwei in disbelief. She probably did not expect Ye Yuwei to grant her any face at all and chase her out simply.

Looking at Ding Jiaqi’s incredulous face, Mo Fei’s mood instantly improved.

“Miss Ding, I’m sorry, but everyone here is either a friend or a reporter. Please leave.” PA Wen’s expression was calm and indifferent, giving away no expression at all.

“What about her?” Ding Jiaqi refused to back down, so she pointed directly at Mo Fei. “She’s not a reporter, is she?”

Ye Yuwei looked at Ding Jiaqi with an expression that indicated how disappointed she was at Ding Jiaqi. “Mo Fei is my friend. Is this reason enough?” Ye Yuwei said, clearly impatient.

Ding Jiaqi pursed her lips tightly and turned to look at Zhao Fangyu.

Zhao Fangyu patted her shoulder. “Mrs. Gu, I’m sorry. I’ll send Jiaqi away now. Please put in a few good words for us to Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu.” As Zhao Fangyu spoke, he pulled the reluctant Ding Jiaqi away.

Ye Yuwei watched Ding Jiaqi leave unwillingly. Then, she looked at Mo Fei. “Did you see that? See, sometimes there’s no need to resort to violence to resolve things. It’s better to make her hold it in and not dare to say anything. It’s much better than beating her up and letting others think that you’re a shrew.”

Mo Fei, “…”

“The human world is so complicated.” Mo Fei rolled her eyes.

Ye Yuwei lowered her head and laughed.

After Zhao Fangyu brought Ding Jiaqi out of Gu Enterprise, Ding Jiaqi screamed like a woman on the verge of madness.

“What’s so good about that woman? Who’s that woman before all these?” Ding Jiaqi was crazy with jealousy.

In fact, all these years, Ding Haonan’s family was the one who granted Ding Jiaqi’s identity and status. She truly wanted to be a part of high society, so she wanted to marry into the Qian family for that. However, the Huang family took the lead. What about now?

Qian Yikun was Mo Fei’s fiancé!

Even Second Uncle only cared about this daughter of hers now.

Everything Ding Jiaqi had was about to disappear.

Zhao Fangyu looked at Ding Jiaqi coldly. “Grandma asked you to come, but she didn’t ask you to ask such stupid questions. Everyone in B City knows that Gu Juexi hates it when people question his decision. But look at you, questioning Gu Juexi in front of so many people, what right do you have?”

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