The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 18 - He Was Just Waiting for Ye Yuwei to Beg Him

Chapter 18: He Was Just Waiting for Ye Yuwei to Beg Him

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Ye Yuwei looked at Yu Sha’er who almost had her whole body on Gu Juexi.

Was it not embarrassing when she hugged somebody else’s husband?

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei emotionlessly without any means to stop Yu Sha’er.

The three of them drew the crowd’s attention easily—Ye Yuwei looked awkward in the grand hall with her outfit, Gu Juexi and Yu Sha’er were already the crowd’s attention to begin with.

Ye Yuwei stood there and listened to the crowd. She felt like a clown on the stage, waiting for the audience’s comments.

Gu Juexi felt so much better after seeing Ye Yuwei standing there stiffly. He was waiting for her to beg him.

“Mrs. Gu, it is okay that you do not take care of your own image. But what about Mr. Gu’s image? You always blamed Juexi for not bringing you along to any events. Look at you. Who would want to bring you and be embarrassed?” Yu Sha’er screeched.

Catching the term “Mrs. Gu”, the crowd was in an uproar.

“It really is Mrs. Gu! How embarrassing!”

“I heard she grew up in an orphanage. She must have done some tricks to be married to Mr. Gu.”

Ye Yuwei held her hands together and walked stiffly to the bar table at the side. Her silence was the best protection for her.

Yu Sha’er could not start a fight without Ye Yuwei saying anything. She looked at Gu Juexi carefully and relaxed when she saw that Gu Juexi had no comments.

“Would you mind changing your outfit, Mrs. Gu?” Yu Sha’er held Ye Yuwei’s arm, and strengthened her grip.

Ye Yuwei frowned and looked at Yu Sha’er with a hint of warning.

Yu Sha’er paused for a while and continued, “Mrs. Gu, can you please take care of Mr. Gu’s image?”

The crowd looked at the two of them like watching drama, even Gu Juexi excluded himself from the confrontation and looked at Ye Yuwei emotionlessly.

Ye Yuwei looked up and saw the man standing not far away with a wine glass in his hand.

Ye Yuwei knew he was just waiting for her to beg him, he was just waiting for her to tell him that the divorce was just a trick of hers.

Ye Yuwei scoffed at the childish man.

“Mr. Gu has the guts to bring Miss Yu but is afraid of being embarrassed? Did you think of his image when you have love rumors with him—my husband?” said Ye Yuwei monotonously, but her words reached Yu Sha’er and Gu Juexi’s hearts.

“That is not true. I only followed Mr. Gu to events because bringing you embarrasses him.” Yu Sha’er explained, using her skills as an actress to look innocent.

“What is wrong with this woman?”

“Poor Mr. Gu. Isn’t it understandable since he has a wife like her?”

“Hey, isn’t she the woman Qian Feng mentioned?”

“How cheap of her to use Qian Feng to gain Mr. Gu’s attention!” screeched one of the women in the crowd.

Ye Yuwei clenched her fist, but remained silent.

Gu Juexi squinted at Ye Yuwei and saw her shivering fists.

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