The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating - Chapter 244 - Where Is My Husband?  

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Chapter 244: Where Is My Husband?

Qi Yihan looked at him coldly, telling Mo Chen that even if he was a demon, he wasn’t scared at all.

Mo Chen was so angry that he laughed sarcastically.

No mortal dared to look at him like that.

“I suddenly don’t want to kill you now. Do you think it would be a good idea to enter your body and use your body to be with her?”

In the end, Mo Chen added in disdain, “Although you’re not as good-looking as me.”

When Qi Yihan heard this, he finally frowned and looked at him vigilantly.

Mo Chen was serious when he said that, because he wanted to be with Tang Li no matter what the cost was.

With that, he suddenly disappeared in front of Qi Yihan.

Before Qi Yihan could react, he suddenly felt something hit his soul, making him dizzy.

However, in the next moment, a furious roar came from behind him. “How dare you treat First Master like that. We’ll kill you.”

Qi Yihan turned around and saw the two little ones pouncing at Mo Chen.

However, just as they pounced on Mo Chen, he disappeared.

The two little ones immediately stopped and looked around vigilantly.

Qi Yihan narrowed his eyes and looked around. He suddenly said, “Be careful on the right.”

At the warning, the two little ones separated, and then a black whip appeared, swinging at them from the right.

Mo Chen was still nowhere to be seen.

After a while, Qi Yihan warned again, “Behind you.”

The two little ones turned around and breathed fire.

When the Kylin Fire and the demonic Qi touched, the demonic Qi was quickly put out.

Qi Yihan then went on warning the Kylins, helping them dodge the attacks.

Mo Chen, who was hiding in the dark, finally lost his patience. He appeared and cast a spell on the Kylins.

The two little ones were trapped inside his demonic Qi.

He then looked at Qi Yihan and snorted. “I didn’t expect a mortal like you to be of some use.”

Mo Chen thought about how just now, when trying to enter Qi Yihan’s body, he was forced out of it by a powerful force.

He felt that it must be because of Tang Li.

However, he had to prevent Qi Yihan from knowing this. His lips curled up and he said calmly, “I have a good idea. Do you think she can still recognize you if we swap faces?”

Qi Yihan clenched his fists and exuded a powerful aura. “How dare you.”

“Ha! Looks like you don’t think she can.” Mo Chen walked towards him and said, “Why don’t we make a bet and see if she can recognize you.”

Mo Chen was not negotiating with him. After saying that, a powerful demonic aura surged around him.

The demonic aura quickly blocked Qi Yihan’s line of sight. His surroundings were dark and he couldn’t see anything. He couldn’t help but think of Tang Li from before. She didn’t like him but liked pretty boys. As it happened, this demon was also pretty.

Did she just want to use him to get the Tang family out of trouble?

The more she thought about it, the more angry he felt. At this moment, a familiar voice was heard.

“Mo Chen, you’d better let go of my husband. Otherwise, I’ll raze this place to the ground!”

Qi Yihan suddenly raised his eyes to look in the direction of the voice. When he saw Tang Li walking over, he subconsciously wanted to call her. At that moment, he heard another voice saying, “No hurry. I’m just inviting him to my residence as a guest. If Miss Tang wants to find him, you can just go in.”

The voice was too close, so close that it seemed to be coming from his mouth.

Qi Yihan was shocked. In the next second, he quickly looked around. At that moment, only he and Tang Li were standing there. There was no one from the Demon World.

Looking down at his clothes and hands, Qi Yihan realized that he had been transformed into Mo Chen, while the demon had become him.

He quickly took a step forward, wanting to tell Tang Li the truth. Only then did he realize that his voice and expression were controlled.

“Miss Tang, please come in.”

Tang Li looked at Mo Chen, who was waiting for her by the door, and her eyes were burning with anger. She quickly walked up to him and put her weapon to his chest, saying coldly, “If anything happens to Yihan, I’ll make you die with the entire Demon World.”

With that, she summoned the two Kylin who were eating demonic aura and asked, “Where is the person I asked you to protect?”

The two little ones lowered their heads in guilt.

Tang Li looked at Mo Chen angrily.

Mo Chen said with a sneer, “Miss Tang, don’t be so angry. I didn’t do anything to your man. If you don’t believe me, go in and take a look.”

Tang Li stared into Mo Chen’s eyes for a few seconds before putting away the weapon in her hand. As the door opened, she walked in.

Mo Chen’s mansion was not on the ground. The door was an illusion.

As she crossed the door, the scene in front of her changed.

It was like she’d walked into a royal courtyard. There were brick carvings, clay, and wood carvings everywhere.

Mo Chen brought Tang Li to a hall.

There were various demonic beasts carved in the hall, giving off a deep demonic aura.

After walking in, Tang Li could feel that Mo Chen’s status in the Demon World was not ordinary. She had dealt with people from the Demon World in real life, but she had never seen a demon who could create such a large mansion.

Standing in the spacious hall, Tang Li asked with a straight face, “Where is Yihan?”

“Miss Tang, why are you in such a hurry? Since you’re here, why don’t you sit down and drink some tea with me? It’d be great if you could stay for a few days,” said Mo Chen.

Tang Li became even more agitated. “That’s not gonna happen!”

“Then Miss Tang, you can forget about finding your man.” Mo Chen smiled, but his gaze was different from the expression on his face. He continued, “Miss Tang, I’ll get someone to arrange for your man to stay in the backyard. After drinking tea, you can look for him yourself. Maybe you can even find the soul you want. How about it?”

Tang Li was not in the mood to drink tea at all. However, she knew that there was no point in being anxious now. She walked to a chair and sat down.

Mo Chen was very satisfied. “Serve the tea.”

Mo Chen also walked to the other chair and sat down.

One of his hands was placed on the armrest of the chair, and the other was clenched tightly as if he was struggling. However, his gaze was fixed on Tang Li.

Tang Li did not even bother to look at him.

Soon, two servants served the tea.

Tang Li did not drink the tea. She raised her head to look at Mo Chen and said, “Where is my husband?”

“Miss Tang, why are you in such a hurry to look for your man? Maybe your man is currently lost in a woman’s bed.”

“Impossible!” Tang Li trusted Qi Yihan. Her man would even look at other women.

“Why not? Maybe there’s a woman in my mansion who looks like you. He made a mistake and fell in love with that woman.”

Hearing that, Tang Li couldn’t hold back her anger anymore. She threw the teacup on the ground. In the next second, she stood in front of Mo Chen and put the weapon to his chest, saying with a murderous look, “You’re courting death.”

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