The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating - Chapter 243 - The Demon King Brings Qi Yihan Away

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Chapter 243: The Demon King Brings Qi Yihan Away

As soon as Tang Li finished speaking, the man said again. There was a hint of mock in his tone. “After tonight, I will be Miss Tang’s husband.”

“Humph! I’m not dead yet.”

Qi Yihan’s voice was extremely cold. He held Tang Li’s hand and walked towards the entrance of the village.

The others did not even dare to breathe.

After the two of them walked out of their line of sight, everyone looked at each other and then said in fear, “There is a demon outside the village wanting to snatch Miss Tang away from Mr. Qi.”

“Can they defeat that group of demons? Should we help?”

“We can’t go.” Mrs. Guo shouted loudly. “If we go now, we’ll cause trouble for Mrs. Qi. Everyone, wait here.”

With that, she turned around and returned to the house. She walked to the bed and hugged her daughter tightly.

She hoped that Tang Li could defeat that demon and save Yuan Yuan’s soul. If Mrs. Qi and the others could not defeat that demon…

Mrs. Guo hugged Yuan Yuan even tighter, not knowing what to do.

Tang Li and Qi Yihan quickly walked towards the entrance. Although their faces could not be seen, the aura they exuded was very chilling and frightening.

Soon, the two of them walked out of the field and could see the scene at the entrance.

A large group of people transformed from demons stopped at the entrance with eight large carriages. There were also some people who were transformed from demons beating gongs and drums. In front of the eight large carriages, on the back of a red horse sat a handsome man wearing a red wedding robe.

The red color stimulated Qi Yihan. He grabbed Tang Li’s hand tightly as a cold aura was spreading out of his body. With his other hand, he quickly took out a gun and pointed it at the man on the horse.

The man acted as if he did not see Qi Yihan. He looked at Tang Li with burning eyes and said seductively, “Miss Tang, the bridal carriage is ready. As long as you agree to the wedding, I’ll immediately get someone to give you the soul you’re looking for.”


Qi Yihan put his finger on the trigger and said in a low voice, “Over my dead body!”

The man finally looked at Qi Yihan and sneered. “You think you can stop me from marrying Miss Tang?”

“We’ll see.” Qi Yihan pulled the trigger.


The bullet shot at the man at an extremely fast speed.

However, when it was a meter away from him, it was blocked by a barrier.

Then, the bullet bounced back the way it came.

Tang Li pulled Qi Yihan to the side and extended her palm. A powerful aura restrained the bullet, and in the next second, the bullet fell to the ground.

She said to Qi Yihan, “Stand here. I’ll go deal with him. Be careful not to let him put a demon in your heart.”

After saying that, she quickly formed a field around Qi Yihan with her fingers and walked towards the man.

The man sat on the horse and looked at the woman walking towards him. The smile on his face widened.

Just as she was about to reach him, she waved her hand. Qi Yihan, who was standing inside the field, saw Tang Li change into a bridal dress.

Qi Yihan’s eyes instantly turned red. His powerful anger made him look abnormally scary.

At this moment, Tang Li was heard saying, “Yihan, close your eyes!”

Qi Yihan closed his eyes. He knew that what he saw just now was not real.

However, he was still furious, fuelled by jealousy.

He hated that he was just a mortal and had no ability to deal with these demons and monsters.

Tang Li stopped two meters away from the man.

The man looked at Tang Li and the corners of his lips curled up. He said gently, “My bride, remember my name. I’m Mo Chen. Get in the carriage.”

“Then let’s see if you have the ability to make me go up.”

After saying that, Tang Li quickly cast a spell with her fingers. A talisman appeared in her palm. Then, she waved her hand at the man and the group of demons. Immediately, other than the man, the other demons and the carriages disappeared.

Mo Chen leaped up and landed in front of Tang Li. His expression did not change, as if he had already expected her to do so. He said, “Since Miss Tang doesn’t want to sit in the carriage, I’ll carry you then.”

Then a whip made of demonic aura appeared in his hand . “Miss Tang, sorry for being rude.”

With that, he swung the whip at Tang Li’s waist.

Tang Li snorted and leaped. As she dodged the whip, she attacked.

The human and the demon fought, causing the earth to shake and the mountain to shudder.

However, Qi Yihan was still standing there, unmoved like a god statue.

He looked at the two shadows and took out the Kylin Jade. He asked in a low voice, “Do you have a way to get me to join?”

The two little ones flew out of the Kylin Jade. Linlin said, “We don’t have the ability to become one with you, but don’t worry, First Master. Master is very powerful.”

As soon as Linlin finished speaking, Tang Li’s waist was wrapped by Mo Chen’s whip.

Qi Yihan’s face was ashen and his aura was murderous.

At that moment, when Tang Li was dodging the whip, her feet became unstable.

He knew that Tang Li was very good at mystic techniques, but when she fought with people head-on, her combat power was average. It made his heart skip a beat.

Tang Li also knew that if she fought Mo Chen like that, she would definitely lose.

So she didn’t plan to continue fighting with him.

After taking a few steps back, she took out the Guqin.

As soon as the Guqin appeared, a powerful light flashed across her body. Her long hair flew in the wind, and at this moment, her body was also emitting a sparkling light.

There was both surprise and excitement in Mo Chen’s eyes.

“An ancient artifact, the Fuxi Guqin! You actually have the Fuxi Guqin?”

“Humph!” Tang Li snorted and strummed the strings of the guqin. The sound of the guqin caused the earth to shake violently, and then a powerful wave was coming at Mo Chen.

Mo Chen dodged left and right.

No matter how fast he was, he was still unable to dodge the hundreds of thousands of waves the Guqin was creating. Soon, his clothes were tattered.

Her body was covered in wounds from the powerful waves.

The Guqin was simply too powerful, and at this moment, he didn’t intend to summon the Original God to take Tang Li away. In the end, he glanced at the man standing in the field and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips with the back of his hand. His eyes flashed, and in the next moment, his body disappeared, bringing Qi Yihan along with him.

Tang Li did not expect Mo Chen to take Qi Yihan away. She put away her Guqin and chased after him.

Mo Chen was very fast. In the blink of an eye, he brought Qi Yihan to his territory.

The two men faced each other. Mo Chen was injured and was about to vent his anger on Qi Yihan. He looked down at Qi Yihan and his demonic aura was overwhelming.

“You’re just a mortal. I can kill you with a finger. Do you think I should kill you now or in front of her?”

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