The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1245 - The Birthday Party Begins

Chapter 1245: The Birthday Party Begins

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Time ticked by.

Bai Zhun sat in the car. Due to his illness, his hat was on his head, and his mask was covered tightly. “How much longer until we reach the city?”

The driver looked at the traffic in front of him that had loosened up a little. “We should be able to arrive in a little over two hours. Don’t worry, young master, we will be able to make it in time for the opening of the party.”

Bai Zhun was not concerned about whether he could make it in time for the opening of the party. Compared to that, what he wanted to do more was to push the birthday cake in front of him with Ajiu.

Thinking of that scene, a smile finally appeared on Bai Zhun’s face. He took out the Purple Jade Buddha’s head and held it in his palm. “Let’s go to the school first and pick up Ajiu before returning to the courtyard.”

“Young master, if that’s the case…” Vice Commander Zhang turned his head around. “There’s a possibility that we won’t be able to make it in time for the opening.” If the birthday star was not present, it would be very awkward. Furthermore, this birthday was not like any other occasion, it was young master’s coming of age banquet.

Bai Zhun looked out of the window and did not speak. Obviously, he knew that something would go wrong. However, these things did not seem important to him.

Vice commander Zhang had always known that the young master valued the young mistress highly. He definitely wanted to be present with the young mistress.

Moreover, the young master had also told the chief that he would only show his face at the banquet for two hours. After that, he would bring the young missy to celebrate her birthday alone.

No wonder the young master had been asking for the time today. If it were not for the young missy, he would probably have been stuck in the traffic. He would have only calmly looked at the direction of some technology stocks.

Sometimes, Vice Commander Zhang really felt that the young master didn’t look like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth at all. He was much more thoughtful than most of his peers.


The young master have been mapping out his life like this since he was little. Perhaps the young missy’s appearance was the only thing that was outside of his planning.

Vice Commander Zhang still remembered that before the young missy had arrived at the Bai family, the young master didn’t welcome an additional person in the family.

However, when the young missy walked in wearing a kasaya, it was the young master who personally held her hand.

One had to know that the young master had never treated other children like this.

At that time, they all thought that the young missy was a boy, and a young monk at that.

Who would have thought that she would be a girl.

From that day onwards, the young master pampered the child even more.

If one had to ask him, all of the young master’s patience in this lifetime should have been placed on the young miss.

In the past, even if young master had gone to the temple to cultivate, he had never believed in things like Gods and Buddhas until the young missy came to the Bai family.

Young master had practically bought all the Jade Buddhas that could be bought. This was not as easy as it seemed on the surface for young master, who did not need to spend a single cent of the family’s money.

But because of this, young master had not yet joined the army, but had already begun to come into contact with the business circle.

There was a period of time when he drank a lot. If it was the young master in the past, he would not have been able to imagine it.

With the power of the Bai family, the young master did not need to work so hard anymore.

However, the young master felt that it was not enough.

Perhaps this was the Bai family. Their roots were red, and their blood flowed with the blood of soldiers.

The family and the country were always inseparable in their eyes..

Perhaps it was because they had passed the small road, but after entering the national road, the car began to speed up significantly.

The car that Bai Zhun was sitting in had good performance, and its speed was also much faster than ordinary cars.

Two hours later, they arrived at the entrance of the first high school on time.


Bai Zhun glanced at the time on his phone, pushed open the car door, and walked towards the office building.

He wanted to go to Ajiu’s classroom after he had applied for leave for the last class in the afternoon for Ajiu.

“Ajiu?” The grade three class teacher raised her eyes and looked at Bai Zhun. “She didn’t come to class in the afternoon and left in the afternoon. Isn’t today your birthday? She should have gone home early. A few days ago, she even came to ask for a leave and said that she wanted to buy you a birthday present.”

The teacher’s words made the smile in Bai Zhun’s eyes even more obvious.

Vice Commander Zhang watched as his young master made a trip to the teaching building before returning. It was as if his appearance had changed. He could not help but feel a little surprised. What was going on?

“I’m going home.” Bai Zhun put on his mask and the corners of his mouth curled up.

Vice Commander Zhang let out a gasp of surprise. “You’re not going to pick up missy?”

“She should be at home.”

After hearing Bai Zhun’s words, the driver did not hesitate any longer. He stepped on the accelerator and drove into the heavy traffic.

The cars going in and out of the military compound were basically of the same grade.

Other than some of the military compound, there would also be some big businessmen at the Bai family’s only grandson’s coming of age ceremony.

When the Hummer drove into the compound, it was already past four in the afternoon. The party was about to begin.

There were many guards and bodyguards outside the courtyard. Everyone needed an invitation card to enter.

Those who didn’t have an invitation card were all rejected. The vetting process was very strict.

The two girls beside Gu Rou were still saying, “Fortunately, we have Gu Rou by our side. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to enter at all.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Gu Rou, when you entered the courtyard just now, someone asked you to show an invitation card. Why don’t you need an invitation card when you’re at the Bai family’s place?”

Gu Rou laughed and whispered into their ears, “Look at these two doors. They are our Gu family’s bodyguards. I can just show my face.”

“As expected, the closer one gets, the better.” The girl teased Gu Rou.

Only then did Gu Rou speak the truth, “Grandfather Bai and my grandfather were comrades-in-arms a long time ago. The two of them had a very deep relationship. It’s just that later on, my grandfather went overseas to do business. Grandfather Bai was originally from a military family and had always been in the courtyard. It’s not strange for our Gu family to be present on Bai Zhun’s birthday this time. ”

However, when she heard that Bai Zhun had gone out early in the morning, she made some slight changes to the layout.

Wasn’t Ajiu so embarrassed that she didn’t want to come back with her?

Similarly, she didn’t want to see this person at the birthday party.

Then, she would wait until it was about time for someone to let her in.

Gu Rou smiled lightly and flicked her long hair. She still looked pure and bright. “Let’s go in first. The party will start in less than ten minutes.”

“Ah, I’m really excited. What should I do?”

“What are you excited about? It’s not your birthday, but speaking of which, the banquet is about to begin. Why hasn’t Senior Colonel Bai arrived yet?”

At that moment, in the luxurious Bai residence, exquisite dishes were placed on the long table, as well as bottles of top-quality red wine. Even the outside of the courtyard had started to light up piles of fruit trees. Whole sheep were placed on the shelves, and knives and forks were provided in unlimited quantities, outside the yard were soldiers dressed in military uniforms, while inside were external hired professional chefs and waiters. All of them were busy, and everything looked more professional than a banquet at a hotel. It was inevitable that anyone who saw it would look forward to the party..

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