The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 695 - Uncle Zhou? Qingqing is here?

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Chapter 695: Uncle Zhou? Qingqing is here?

She curled up her lips and said, “Mu Jinghang looks really good like this.”

Mu Jinghang, “…”

“Ah, wait, sister-in-law, are you throwing me into the flames?!” Mu Jinghang was eaten alive by Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen’s death glares, “Did I make you mad during our trip?”

Qiao Qing, “…”

Mu Jinghang gently coughed and pointed to the castle afar. He changed the subject, “That’s Leng Yan’s house?”

Qiao Qing nodded.

Mu Jinghang pulled his sleeves down so they covered his hands, “Then, let’s go inside and get warmed up. It’s so cold out here.”

Qiao Qing nodded.

Perhaps she had the two men who wanted to look cool rather than to stay warm in mind, she walked very fast.

Just then, a white ball of fur dashed towards the group. Not used to the lack of friction on the ground, it didn’t get to brake in time and ended up slamming into the ground in front of everyone.

Mu Jinghang lowered his head, “Huh? What is this? A snow leopard?”

The firefox, “…”

What the ***!

You’re the snow leopard!

Haven’t you noticed that I’ve been gone?!

Ah, man!

The firefox whined harshly on the inside. It then picked itself off the ground and shook the snow off its fur.

After the snow was shaken off, its red dampened fur was revealed.

Mu Jinghang chuckled, “Ah, it’s Red.”

The firefox, “ack ack ack ack ack!”

How many times must I tell you to not call me by that tasteless name!

Though its owner gave it that name, she never used it.

This guy, however, always shouted “Red” loudly whenever he looked for the fox.

Mu Jinghang didn’t understand what the fox tried to express. He was about to ask when he realized that Qiao Qing and the others were long gone.

He picked up the fox by its tail and followed.

Inside the castle.

On the second floor, there was a tatami placed on the balcony that belonged to the master bedroom.

On top of the tatami lied a man in a pair of neutral-colored sweatpants and a light-colored sweater.

His sharp and handsome face was shielded by the shadow cast off the curtains.

He watched the snow outside with a lifeless look. There were absolutely no emotions expressed on his face – it was like he had understood everything there was to understand about the world.

The snowy scene outside was absolutely beautiful, but it wasn’t enough to gain the man’s interest.

The sight of him could be described as picturesque.

However, despite his handsome face, there was something deathly about him.

His skin was pale and white while his lips appeared blood drained and colorless.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was breathing, people would’ve wondered if he was a dead man.

When Zhou Xin walked in and saw this sight, his nose felt sour.

He walked in as if he was used to not knocking when entering Leng Yan’s room.

Zhou Xin lowered down to get closer to the man on the tatami and said respectively, “Young master, Ms. Qiao is here to see you.”

Leng Yan shook visibly, “Qingqing?”

His bony hands extended out and grabbed onto Zhou Xin’s arms, “Uncle Zhou? Qingqing is here?”

Zhou Xin was surprised Leng Yan had this much strength in him. He nodded, “Yes, Ms. Qiao Qing.”

Zhou Xin violently stood up. Because he moved too fast, he got a head rush and felt dizzy.

“Young master.” Zhou Xin held onto him.

Leng Yan raised a hand, “It’s fine.”

Then, he clumsily headed outside.

Before he got to the door, however, he stopped.

Zhou Xin asked from behind, “Young master, what’s the matter?”

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