The Abandoned Husband Dominates - Chapter 523 - ’m Willing To Be Sisters With Lauren!

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Chapter 523 I’m Willing To Be Sisters With Lauren!

The three brothers trained in different places over the years and rarely met up. Now that they had reunited, they had unexpectedly become enemies!

Jamie had inexplicably stuffed the powerful eldest daughter of the Howard family into Jordan’s hands. This led to Jordan offending the Howard family and he almost died at their hands.

But now, he was accusing Jesse of being a bad person.

On the surface, it really looked like Jesse cared about Jordan. He fulfilled all his responsibilities as an elder brother and was even willing to give up his assets to Jordan.

However, he was plotting against Jordan behind his back.

Jordan would not trust either of them.

Even if Jesse was really as Jamie claimed, that he was not as magnanimous as he appeared and he wanted to monopolize the Steele family’s assets.

Did Jamie not hanker after the Steele family’s assets as well?

Although Jordan did not know what the Steele family’s secret was, he guessed that it must be something even more precious than money!

Jordan took Victoria’s hand. Her hand felt even smoother than before.

Jordan said, “Victoria, you were worried that Jesse will harm me. You’re afraid that I won’t be able to defeat him. You wanted me to have a powerful backer, so that’s why you left. Did you want me to marry Lauren?”

The last time Victoria was held by Jordan like this, it felt like something from the previous century. She could hardly believe his warmth was real.

Victoria nodded. “I’m just a girl from an ordinary family, not like Lauren. Her family is powerful and can protect you. I’ll only be a burden to you if Jesse tries to harm you. I won’t be able to help you at all. But it’s different if you marry Lauren. Mr. Howard Sr. is so powerful, he can ensure your safety.”

Jordan was very touched. Victoria cared for him so deeply.

Previously, Victoria had helped Jordan when he pretended to be broke. It was the same


Where else could he find a woman who was so devoted to him?!

In the past, Jordan always liked to compare Hailey to her. But Hailey was not worthy to be compared to Victoria!

Jordan was touched as he caressed her cheek. He said gently, “Victoria, why are you so silly? Sacrificing yourself for me… Moreover, on the day I married Lauren, you had someone send me those diamond earrings and your blessings…”


Victoria had sent a note with the words: “I wish you happiness!”

When he saw those earrings, he had to choke back a sob!

Jordan took out an exquisite box from his pocket. Inside were the world’s most expensive diamond earrings.

Victoria was surprised. “Why… why did you bring the gift I gave you and Lauren?”

Jordan said, “Do you remember? You were engaged to Russell back then. I went to Houston to look for you with these earrings. I gave you these earrings. I told you that only you can wear them.”

Victoria shook her head. “No, I’m not your wife. Lauren is your wife. Such expensive earrings should be worn by someone like Lauren. Lauren will definitely be unhappy if she finds out that you brought it to me. Keep them. Return the earrings to her when you go back.”

Victoria was actually worried that Jordan and Lauren would fight.

Jordan said, “Lauren knows that I brought these earrings to see you. She agreed to let me give them to you.”

Victoria was stunned. “What did you say? She… she knows? Isn’t she angry?”

Jordan shook his head. “Lauren is a good girl. She understands me and knows that I can’t forget you. Victoria, are you… Willing to be sisters with Lauren?”

Victoria understood what he meant. He wanted both Victoria and Lauren to be his women!

If it was before, Victoria would have slapped a man for saying such things to her. However, she knew very well that this man before her was not looking for more women for his own pleasure.

Jordan could not forget Victoria, but he could not let Lauren down again.

And it was the same for Victoria.

How could she bear to be apart from Jordan?

Ever since she had left Jordan, she had been crying a lot. She felt sad whenever she thought of Jordan and Lauren’s sweet life. In fact, to comfort her, Jamie had found many handsome men for her. However, she had no interest in other men at all!

Jordan said, “I know I’m being a jerk by saying this, but I don’t want to let either of you down. I swear that I will love both of you as much as the other. I won’t be biased in any way.”

Victoria was stunned for a moment before asking. “Lauren, is… is she willing to accept


Jordan smiled and nodded. “She also said that she’s willing to let you be the first wife.”

Victoria couldn’t believe it. The daughter of the Howard family was willing to share her man with another woman.

Lauren was a young and beautiful goddess with a high status. Even so, she was willing to share.

How could Victoria refuse?

Victoria blushed and nodded. “I… I’m willing


Jordan hugged her happily. “Thank you, baby. I can finally have you again!”

Jordan’s heart ached at the thought of the crazy times they had at the New York villa!

A 30-year-old charming woman like Victoria was really too unforgettable for a man!

Lauren was also very good, but she was still inexperienced in certain things!

Unexpectedly, a few minutes later…


At this inopportune time, Emily knocked on the door and walked in.

Emily coughed and looked at the couple. “Sister, Jordan, why are the two of you so… why are you on the floor? Isn’t it better if you go to the room?”

Jordan was embarrassed. “Why did you come in?”

Jordan was worried that Emily would complain to her sister about what happened between them. He had finally managed to persuade Victoria to share him with Lauren. If Victoria found out about what happened with Emily, she might refuse to reconcile with Jordan!

Of course, Jordan had no intention of hiding it from her. He had promised her that he would not hide anything from her when they first started dating He would find a suitable opportunity in the future to confess to her.

Victoria was a reasonable woman. He believed that she would forgive him after knowing the truth. She would understand that he had no choice…

Emily scoffed and stared at Jordan begrudgingly before she threw a small box at Jordan’s abs. Then she pouted in a cute manner.

“My father asked me to come over and give you this. Hmph! I’m leaving. I won’t disturb you guys anymore!”

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