Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 957 - Caught A Thief

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Chapter 957: Caught A Thief

She thought of what the villagers said about the thief who went to people’s houses in the middle of the night and stepped on stones to steal things. And she wondered if this was the one. But she only had firewood here. Was it possible that this man could not sleep in the middle of the night and came over to steal her firewood?

The door opened with a creak. It also brought in the wind as well as snow from outside which blew coldly on Yan Huan’s face and body. In addition to the familiar chill, it also sobered her up a little as it blew.

She could hear the sounds of the person’s breathing as well as footsteps.

It was a man, and he was still gasping for air.

And that man was walking forward quietly on tiptoe. Suddenly, there was a crash and his foot stepped on a branch. He also uttered a curse word.

“Damn it!”

He swore in a low voice. A pair of green bean sized eyes glinted in the dark and stretched his neck from time to time to stare at the woman wrapped inside the quilt.

“I am going to bed you tonight and make you my wife.” The man rubbed his hands together and directly pounced over the quilt. He had initially assumed he would pounce on what was supposed to be a person. But why did it not feel right, as if he had flattened the person? Could it be he had directly crushed the person to death?

He reached out his hand toward the torn quilt on the bed and felt inside. He had just reached his hand in when a cloth bag came out of nowhere to fully cover his head. Behind him, blows from a wooden stick came showering down on his body, hitting him until he could not help but wail and scream. However, no matter how he struggled, he was beaten up until he could not get up in the end.

“Help, help…” He hissed and yelled, “Mom, save me, your son is going to be beaten to death. Help, save me…”

He was crying and shouting, calling for help from time to time. But it was now late at night and a world of ice and snow outside. It was also far away from the edge of the village mouth. Not to mention he was yelling for someone to help, even if he yelled till he lost his voice, it was not possible for someone to save him.

Yan Huan knew who this person was, so she did not beat him too hard. When she hit him, she also struck areas with thick skin. It would only cause him pain at the most, but it would not be fatal.

She used a rope to truss him up. She also sat near the stove and added firewood inside the stove. The man constantly shouted loudly and scolded. But, Yan Huan did not pay any attention to him. Perhaps he himself finally got tired from scolding, he felt sleepy. He just laid there and fell asleep like a dead pig. He even snored endlessly.

Only then Yan Huan walked over and removed the piece of cloth covering the man’s head. Next, she had a look at him with the dim light at this time.

It was the wretched monkey man.

He was a person from the village.

The man was called Jin Gen.

She found a piece of rag and immediately stuffed it into Jin Gen’s mouth. Then she covered his head, as long as he did not suffocate from being covered.

She added some firewood to the stove. Perhaps she would not be able to sleep again this time.

So, she sat by the side of the stove like this and added firewood to the stove from time to time, until the time passed minute by minute and she just passed the time like this.

In fact, at this time, she hoped that the time would go a little faster and that the winter could end earlier.

Now and then the wind beat against the outside door and made a clattering sound. Every time it sounded as if it was going to blow the door off.

Yan Huan looked up and stared outside the window. She could faintly see the daylight. It was a lot brighter as compared to the usual time. She knew very clearly that this was only because of the snow.

She opened the door. It was still snowing outside. Nothing could be seen other than the white color. It had been snowing for half a month or so. She did not know how thick the snow was. The same color covered the mountains as far as the eyes could see.

The pure white was also a cold white color.

And it dazzled the eyes from looking at it for a long time.

Yan Huan walked back and then gave a kick to Jin Gen’s buttocks.

“Wake up.”

Jin Gen opened his eyes in a daze. Once he realized he could only see black in front of his eyes, he cried and yelled again. He was nearly thirty-something years old and still behaved like this. No wonder, the people in the village were not willing to marry their daughters off to him and these big girls were not blind enough to spend the rest of their lives with such a person. Even if the ugliest and fattest girl in the village was not interested in such an old bachelor like Jin Gen.

Yan Huan kicked Jin Gen again and then pulled the rope that bound Jin Gen.

“Walk or else I’ll kill you.”

She said coldly. The sinister voice sounded icier and colder than the snow outside at this time.

Jin Gen’s body gave a start. He started trembling and then his pants became wet.

Yan Huan smelled an odor that did not smell good. She looked down and saw Jin Gen sitting on the ground in a growing puddle of water not long after.

She gave another kick to Jin Gen’s buttocks and told him to walk.

Jin Gen was hit very hard and his mouth was also crammed with a piece of rag, which completely stuffed his mouth.

He could only be pushed by her to walk forward. He had wanted to run away several times but as a result, a stick frenziedly smashed on his body. He was also afraid of pain, so he could only hold his anger but did not dare speak a word as he followed. If the person told him to go east, he did not dare walk toward the west.

Yan Huan walked to the edge of the village. Then she let go of the rope and man. At that moment, when Jin Gen wanted to run away again, she just directly gave a kick and kicked Jin Gen to the ground. If his face had not been covered with a cloth, he would have absolutely gnawed a mouthful of mud when he fell.

At this time, the people who were early risers quickly ran over at the sight of this scene. Within a short space of time, the news traveled from one person to another until almost everyone in the whole village all came over.

“Girl, what’s going on here?” Changsheng’s mother saw the situation and hurried over to ask, “What happened? Why have you dragged a person over here?”

Yan Huan once again used the tip of her toes to kick the man whose face was unknown on the ground and said, “He came to my house in the middle of the night to steal my things and was caught by me.”

When the other people heard the three words about stealing things, many people were so shocked that they had looks of shame, especially those gossipy aunts who wagged their tongues in front of Yan Huan the last time. Each of them felt that their faces were burning.

When the people in Dongsheng’s family heard there was a thief, they directly went up to hit the thief. They want to hit this scumbag for a long time. It was the first time they had encountered a thief who had stolen from their home. It was extreme hatred to the people in Dongsheng’s family,.

Although they did not lose anything, no one would be in a good mood when their house was patronized by a thief.

The man with his head covered in his head rolled around on the ground as he whimpered and cried out from being beaten.

Well, someone seemed to have seen something at this time.

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