Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 749 - Mismatched Memories

Chapter 749: Mismatched Memories

He touched his head lightly and felt the bandages that were wrapped around it while fragments of his memories flooded his mind. There was too much to recall, too many memories returning at the same time, so overwhelming that his head buzzed and his mind turned into complete blankness.

Moments later, when he finally returned to his senses, he found himself surrounded by doctors and nurses in white scrubs, murmuring incoherently.

“He’s awake, the patient is awake.” Upon noticing the patient’s return to consciousness, one of the nurses hurriedly informed the doctor who then promptly followed her over.

“How are you feeling? Are you experiencing any discomfort?” The patient had thoroughly gave them a fright when his heart rate suddenly went out of control and displayed signs of rapid palpitations. While it was true that the operation was a complete success, the human brain was, after all, the most intricate organ of the human body. One small misstep could lead to severe aftereffects.

The man squinted slightly. After a while, he pressed his chapped lips together.

“What happened to the woman who came with me?”

His voice was terribly hoarse at the moment, almost as if he was speaking with a throatful of sand.

The doctor pondered for a moment, but decided to tell him the truth, “She’s not doing too well. One of her legs was severely fractured and might need to be amputated. Currently, we’ve opted for rehabilitative therapy and we are trying our best to preserve her leg.”

“No,” the man’s thin lips fluttered, “I will not allow her to undergo an amputation.”

Despite the huskiness of his voice, the intention beneath his words was chilling and intimidating, even more so when coupled with his habitual apathetic character from always being in command.

“We will try our best,” the doctor quickly comforted the man.

“Another thing,” the doctor resumed questioning, “Sir, we could only find the lady’s information, but none regarding yourself. May I have your name?”

The man closed his eyes once again, refusing to speak any further.

Soon after, perhaps after catching wind that the patient had regained consciousness, inspectors from the police station arrived, with the intention of asking a few questions.

A policeman stood before the bed and asked, “Sir, do you mind answering some questions?”

The man lifted his eyelids indifferently. His head was still in pain, but it was much more bearable as compared to when he had just woken up.

“No.” A softly uttered syllabus that could be considered as a positive response.

Upon hearing this, the police picked up a pen and sat down to begin writing.

“Sir, may I have your name?”

The man stared at the ceiling. His dark eyes harbored a certain darkness and clarity that was unseen in any other.

“Jiu Yue…”

“… No, my name is Lu Yi.”

“Your age?” the police continued asking.

“31 years old.”

“Where are you from?” As a matter of fact, they had tried searching for his personal data before. Although they have managed to uncover information regarding the woman, there was none regarding this man. Even the section on personal identity was left blank.

It was almost as if he came out of nowhere. He can’t be an illegal immigrant, right?

“Sea City,” the man’s lips fluttered. His voice, though soft, was clearly coherent.

“Then, may I know your occupation?” The police officer pressed on.

At this moment, the man had closed his eyes, expressing his unwillingness to continue answering.

A nurse entered and shook her head at the police officer. “You should give him some time to recover before proceeding with your interrogation. He is suffering from a severe injury on his head. That’s why he might not be completely sober.”

“Fine.” The police officer could only take his leave temporarily to return another day.

He had already written down a few pieces of information on his record book: Name, Lu Yi; Age, 31; Place of Birth, Sea City. As for the rest, no information could be gathered. Of course, there was no way to investigate further as of now. The most significant matter at hand would be the procedure to follow as well as the approach to be taken in dealing with the accident.

As the hospital ward was vacated, the man opened his eyes once again. He stretched his palm out before his eyes. There was still some lingering sense of uncertainty.

How did I end up here? He knew that he had lost some of his memories. Even though he had regained a portion of it already, it seemed as if the most important piece of them all still remained unrecalled. For instance, he had no idea how did he end up here. He became certain that he had lost parts of his memories when he did some simple math with his current age and the current date. He was supposed to be 31 years old and seemed to have lost a few years of memories. From what he deduced, he had probably been at River Xun for a whole two years.

The events from a few years ago seemed as if it had only happened yesterday. Regardless, he had recovered some of his memories. Despite that, it was uncertain when he could recall the rest of it.

Did I really come here because of Jiu Yue?

His memories were messy and his mind was in turmoil. There were many events that he could not remember at all. All he could remember was his address and identity, but recalled nothing else regarding the details.

In another ward, Sun Yuhan watched everything with a blank expression. She clenched her fists and pulled at her blanket with great force.

“Jiu Yue, I don’t want my leg to be cut off. I don’t want to get amputation. I don’t want to be a cripple,” she tugged the man’s hand as she sobbed intermittently. She did not want to be handicapped.

The glint in the man’s eyes dimmed briefly when she referred to him as Jiu Yue. In fact, he had already recalled his real name. He knew he was Lu Yi, a man from Sea City. He was a prosecutor and his parents were alive and well. The next thing he knew, he was a single man.

He placed his hand on Su Yuhan’s forehead, calming her down with the warmth of his palm. “Everything will be fine. You don’t have to cut off your leg. Trust me.”

Sun Yuhan was still worried and too afraid to even sleep. She could only calm herself down briefly by clasping Lu Yi’s arm. However, the moment he went out of her sight, or when she felt the temperature of his palm dissipating, she would once again be troubled by suspicions. She could not sleep out of the fear that she would lose her leg in her sleep and she would be left a cripple. Amputating her leg was like taking away her life.

“Jiu Yue, tell me, what should I do?” Sun Yuhan grabbed Lu Yi’s hand as she trembled.

“There’s nothing you can do. It will recover soon enough.” Lu Yi was a patient at the hospital himself. For the past few days, he had been staying by her side all day, only returning to his bed to receive the necessary jabs and rest after she fell asleep. The progress of his recovery was almost stagnant by now. The doctor suggested that it could be due to the recent impact on his head that he managed to recall some of his past, although it was unsure if he would eventually recover all of his remaining memories.

After all, it was impossible for him to hit his head on purpose again. This was an idea that was only plausible in a movie. He was not so foolish to put his life at risk.

The doctor further proposed some other treatment plans, but they were all rejected by Lu Yi. He would not give his consent to any experimental surgeries. Neither would he let Sun Yuhan lose her leg. She only ended up in her current situation because she had to save him.

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