Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 2200

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Chapter 2200: Chapter 2215 had all failed

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Now, he didn’t look like a person, but more like a water-storing machine.

After the water-storing machine left, a person flashed in. It was none other than Xiangxiang.

“This person, it’s better that he left.”

Xiangxiang leaned to the side. This was the truth. If Lu Qi and Lu Guang knew that her sister had such a dangerous sugar-coated person by her side, she wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

“I think so too. My brother Will beat him to death.”


Lu Wei sighed. Ever since she was young, these male animals were forbidden by her side. If she really wanted to think about Ding Yifeng’s safety, she might have to light a row of wax for him in advance.

She turned around again, squeezed a cup of fruit juice, and handed it to Xiangxiang.

Xiangxiang took it and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

Fortunately, the person just now did not make a move on her. Otherwise, she would have broken his dog paw.

Ding Yifeng, who had returned to his room, became more and more pleased with himself. Although he had drunk a belly full of water and had not made any progress, he could already feel it, lu Wei was no longer as unfamiliar with him as before.

In fact, he was really thinking too much. What did she mean by being unfamiliar with him as before? Anyone who saw him for the first time would not give him a warm hug, right?

However, now that he had lived here for a long time, not to mention Lu Wei, even the three cats that he had raised here knew him. In the past, they would meow when they saw him, but he knew Lu Wei’s personality, it was better to start from another place than to be liked directly by others. He did not know how many cat food these cat owners would give to the Paschie, but they would hang out with Lu Wei every day.

Therefore, even the cat owners turned a blind eye to him now.

Ding Yifeng still felt that it was a little slow. Lu Wei was the most patient he had been in all these years, and such a beautiful woman was so suitable to be his wife, he had only seen this one person in his entire life, so even if he had to put in more patience, he would still be willing. However, he could not be so slow.

Now, he had not even touched a beauty’s small hand, so his heart was a little anxious. However, no matter how anxious he was, there was no other way. He could not force himself on her, right?

He didn’t dare. Sometimes, Lu Wei’s gaze was quite scary.

He was afraid.

No, he couldn’t just sit and wait for death. If this continued, would he have to wait until he was Old and dead? He really didn’t have much patience. He had been here for so long.., he couldn’t stay any longer.

“Brother, think of something for me.”

At night, he directly dialed his good brother’s number. This good brother often said that he was an expert in love. There was no woman in this world that he couldn’t handle. Moreover, as long as he thought about the woman he was going to pursue.., there was no woman that he couldn’t get. and his method of pursuing a woman was also full of tricks

Of course, even Ding Yifeng was amazed. He was also full of admiration.

He didn’t know what his good friend had whispered to him. Anyway, they had been talking on the phone for most of the night. The next morning, he followed them out early. Of course, he also dressed himself up like a human, he put on hair gel and perfume. The fragrance was everywhere. Even the cats in the yard sneezed.

Lu Wei took some cat food and prepared to feed the cats.

When the cats saw Lu Wei coming over, they quickly ran over. They knew it was time to eat. Today, Lu Wei brought them cat food, beef, and chicken, she mixed these into the cat food. The little ones liked to eat this. Their appetite had increased recently, and they were all fed until they became fat.

Today, without Ding Yifeng in front of her, her ears and ears were very quiet. Really, let her be quiet like this. Otherwise, if she didn’t smell good, she would really beat people up.

Although her kung fu wasn’t good, she was still good at beating people up.

Just when she was about to stand up and leave, she heard a demonic sound behind her that made people want to scratch the wall.

“Lu Wei…”

Lu Wei turned her head helplessly.

Ding Yifeng, who was standing behind her, was smiling slyly. He had applied so much hair gel on his head that it was hard to tell how much hair gel he had applied. The hair that was originally soft on the scalp was smeared all over the sky. The hair was also sticking out one strand at a time, they all stood up as if they were going to prick people. Their faces were as white as ghosts. It was obvious that they had applied foundation. And he seemed to have applied eyeliner. Who said that men couldn’t apply eyeliner? After applying eyeliner.., didn’t it make his eyes look bigger and more spirited?

Makeup wasn’t a woman’s prerogative. Men could do it too.

And now, he was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands. This was the method his good brother had thought of for him to chase after women.

The first was the flower offensive.

“Lu Wei, this is for you.”

He took the flowers forward and smiled with incomparable confidence. Why did he give this matter to the house? In the past, as long as he sent flowers, he would be successful in everything. When a woman faced a man with flowers.., that was irresistible, wasn’t it?

If a woman saw a handsome man like him, who wanted money and money, holding such big and expensive flowers, how could she not be tempted?

If she was really not tempted, it proved that this woman was not a real woman, but a fake woman.

Lu Wei looked at the flowers in her garden and then at the red roses that were wrapped very well in Ding Yifeng’s arms.

“These flowers are beautiful,”she said as she raised her eyelashes. The light in her black eyes didn’t leave anything behind.

“Of course they’re beautiful,”Ding Yifeng said proudly. “There are 990 roses here. They’re too expensive. Ordinary people can’t afford them.”

Lu Wei lowered her head and looked at the Roses in Ding Yifeng’s arms.

“What a pity…”

“What’s a pity?”

Ding Yifeng picked up the flower. There was no problem. How could there be a problem with such a beautiful flower?

“No matter how beautiful the flower is, it’s still dead.”

Lu Wei’s cool voice was like a bucket of cold water pouring down on Ding Yifeng.

The smile on Ding Yifeng’s face froze.

The flower attack failed.

Lu Wei liked living flowers. She didn’t like dead flowers.

And Ding Yifeng couldn’t be beaten to death. Besides, a good woman naturally needed to spend time chasing after her. Moreover, such a beautiful woman naturally needed to spend more time.

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