Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 893 - The Gathering of the World

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Chapter 893 The Gathering of the World

Such a great secret, which embodied a great opportunity unseen for ages, would attract even God Realm Masters to fight for it. Even if some big forces knew about it, they should closely guard this secret. But now, the whole continent knew about it and all came to fight for it. Therefore, even a behemoth like the God’s Palace seemed to be unable to control the situation despite that the Stone Mouth Town was within the territory of the Eastern Continent.

Ding Hao felt that someone was deliberately spreading the news secretly.

Who would do such a thing?

Under such a chaotic circumstance, the eldest Divine Prince was in a worse position, so he would hide more confidentially to wait for an opportunity. With his superb strength, great wisdom and years’ experiences of living in exile, it would be harder to find him.

Ding Hao drained his brains but couldn’t think of any way to find his father.

“If I can’t find him, then I can only hide in the dark temporarily and prepare to take action at any time. Once my father is in danger, I can help him secretly,” Ding Hao thought to himself, “Anyway, no matter what price I have to pay, I must get the immortal medicine catalyst. My father is willing to take a huge risk to find this herb, which shows it is very important to my mother.”

Ding Hao made up his mind.

Ding Hao did not practice that day. Instead, he walked around the Stone Mouth City with Evil Moon and Blackie to get acquainted with the terrain. He also passed by the bases of some major forces. At the moment, the city was occupied by various forces with all kinds of strange clothes. Therefore, Ding Hao did not attract much attention with the bronze grimace mask on his face.

Evil Moon lay lazily on Ding Hao’s shoulder.

This fat cat had been abnormal since more than ten days ago. She was no longer as active as before but lied lazily. At first, Ding Hao thought that she was sick and was nervous for a while. Later, after careful observation, he found that she had gathered tremendous energy in her body, which seemed to be the last accumulation before some transformation. So he was relieved.

He remembered that the first transformation of the fat cat was that she had a pair of amazingly fast wings after the tribulation. He wondered what changes would take place after this transformation.

The black puppy, which was faced with danger all the time while wandering in the Ocean Forest, somehow stimulated the bloodline power left by its mother in its body and grew out three heads in order to protect Ding Tianshuang and Ren Woxing. One head spewed out lightning, one head venom, and one flame. It was much stronger than before, being able to fight against a master in the Martial Grand Emperor Realm.

This was the magical effect of the blood inheritance of giant beasts.

Martial artists and demons needed to practice hard to improve their strength, while those giant beasts were blessed by nature. As long as they could stimulate the bloodline power of their parents, their strength would be improved by leaps and bounds.

In addition to the growth of strength, Blackie grew much bigger like a blown balloon. Now it was like a calf. With its black fur and strong muscles, it was full of explosive beauty.

Ding Hao had read some ancient books before.

According to the records of Three-headed Heavenly Hound, the three heads of the giant beast represented killing, loyalty, destruction respectively. All had different parts to play. The head in the middle, which embodied loyalty, dominated its consciousness.

In this respect, Blackie met some obstacles in its evolution path.

It seemed that its three heads weren’t harmonious. Ding Hao saw Blackie’s three heads bicker with each other and bark all afternoon for several times. The middle head seemed to be helpless.

“Maybe it is because it is congenitally deficient.” Ding Hao thought.

Ding Hao also felt a little sorry for Blackie.

However, no matter what, its three heads were extremely intimate with Ding Hao. It was as if he were its parents. It relied on Ding Hao deeply and didn’t dare to defy him at all.

Ding Hao, together with the two beasts, wandered in the city for the whole morning.

When it was almost noon, they came to a grand restaurant. Ding Hao looked at the lazy Evil Moon and also felt a little sorry for her. He said with a smile, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a feast today.”

As he spoke, he led Evil Moon and Blackie into the restaurant.

“Stop.” Suddenly, more than a dozen black-armored experts stood up. The leader, a Martial Grand Emperor, suddenly reached out to stop them and said, “Today a banquet is held here. Talents from all parties are gathered here to negotiate about the important matter of dealing with Ding Shengtan who rebelled the God’s Palace. Those who don’t have an invitation please don’t barge in. Otherwise, you will be regarded as spies and humiliate yourself.”

Ding Hao looked up at the restaurant.

Even in an old city like Stone Mouth City, this inn called “The Gathering of the World” was very unique. It was carved out of a green jade hill, and no stone could be seen to be connected. It was divided into three floors, each of which was decorated with carved eaves and painted rafters swallow corridors, pavilions, pillars, and flying bells. It could be said to be a masterpiece.

In addition, there was a strange immortal aura swirling around the inn, making the restaurant look like a paradise. It looked as if it could ascend to heaven at any time, showing a sense of Taoism.

“Talents from all sides are gathering here?” Ding Hao was curious.

It was a good chance to see how powerful the geniuses in this world were.

Besides, a group of masters gathered here to discuss how to deal with his father. He definitely couldn’t miss this opportunity. Ding Hao wanted to see who had overestimated his abilities to attack his father.

Thinking of this, Ding Hao walked into the restaurant.

When the group of black-armored masters stopped him, they suddenly felt dazzled, as if they had fallen asleep. They didn’t even say a word but just stood there in a daze. It was not until Ding Hao went into the restaurant that they suddenly woke up blankly.

“Err… what happened just now? I seemingly fell asleep?”

The black-armored masters had doubts in their hearts, but they completely forgot what had just happened.

Ding Hao ordered a private room on the second floor of the Gathering of the World and ordered the most precious food in the restaurant. He placed the food in front of Evil Moon and Blackie, and the mysterious crystals were splashed out like flowing water.

The devil finally took some interest in the food and began to gulf it.

Blackie did not hesitate and three heads started to eat together. This was a real wolf-eating.

When the beautiful maidservant who served the dishes saw this scene, she opened her red mouth wide in surprise and looked very cute. Obviously, she had never seen such a guest before who ordered the most expensive food and used thousands of top-grade mysterious crystals just to feed on his two pets.

The Gathering of the World was known as the most luxurious place in the entire Stone Mouth City. Basically, the ingredients of every dish were beasts full of Spiritual Qi and precious medicine, which could nourish the masters and play important roles in their cultivation. In particular, its specialties, which ordinary aristocratic families could not afford, had a magical effect like magic elixirs. In the Stone Mouth City, many masters could only have a feast in the Gathering of the World after working hard to save money for half a year.

Such precious dishes were fed to the dog and cat by the bronze grimace mask man?

It was really hard to understand the rich’s world.

When the beautiful maidservant realized her status was inferior to cats and dogs, she had instantly left the private room with emotion. Deep in her heart, she’d been very envious of the cats and dogs that ate the food like bulls chewing on peonies.

It was not long before there were many masters in the restaurant.

The people who came here were indeed all young and extraordinary talents. With confident smiles on their faces, obviously, they all had great confidence in themselves. Some people who saw their acquaintances had already greeted and talked with each other. While there were some solitary and proud young geniuses, not mingling with other people.

Ding Hao sat quietly by the window of the private room and observed.

The window of the private room was sealed by a crystal glass which was refined by secret inscription methods. From the inside, everything could be seen clearly, but from the outside, it was impossible to see the inside at all. So, it was secluded.

Ding Hao released his Divine Senses to cover the whole restaurant.

He soon found that there were several private rooms where his Divine Senses could not penetrate, and he could not see what happened inside. There were also several tables in the hall where his Divine Senses could not penetrate. Obviously, the geniuses sitting around the tables and in the private rooms all practiced a secret method to block his Divine Senses or had secret treasures that could prevent them from prying.

Even a primary God Realm Master could not block his Divine Senses which was in One in True Self realm. Unexpectedly, someone among those young geniuses could do that.

There were indeed quite a few talents in Land of Divine Grace.


“I heard that the princess of the Sea Clan will arrive here today.” A voice came from next door.

“It’s said that the princess of the Sea Clan is the most favored in the Mermaid Clan. She not only had breathtaking beauty but also had great power. Being irritated, she had once turned an old city of the bird men in the west into water, which shocked the world.

“An immortal weapon will show up. There is a prophecy that only the most talented and powerful young genius can get this weapon which was made in accordance with the law of nature. Therefore, not only the Sea Clan but also the Giant Beasts Clan in the north and the Feather Clan in the west have all sent their talents here. It is said that the God’s Palace has also sent a peerless genius to Stone Mouth City.”

“There are indeed a lot of great geniuses in the God’s Palace. Rumors have it that the only son of the Eighth Divine Prince in the God’s Palace has a rare Holy King Body and has got great fame over the years. Besides, Ding Ming, the Rage of Thunder; Ding Busan with the Primeval Emperor Body; Ding Busi with the Saint Body are all renowned young talents in the Eastern Continent. If they come, I’m afraid that only they can get the immortal weapon, right?”

“Not really. Not to mention that the princess of the Sea Clan, the talents of the Giant Beasts and the Feather Clan are all here, any one of whom is as powerful as the geniuses of the God’s Palace. I also heard that the God’s Palace has sent an unknown talent here this time. It is said that he is unparalleled in all ages and is much more excellent than any other talents of the same generation.”

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