Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 821 - The Sun Family in Deep Fire (3)  

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Chapter 821: The Sun Family in Deep Fire (3)

“Patriarch Sun, Elder Wang should have been here, right?” Leng Ruoxue turned the topic to Sun Sheng, whose face had turned black from anger, fearlessly and asked calmly.

“Leng Ruoxue, what exactly do you want to ask?” Sun Sheng gritted his teeth and said with widened eyes.

“Nothing. I have some ties with the Mystic Association. I heard that Vice President Wu Gong has disappeared, so I naturally have to care.” Leng Ruoxue’s words were reasonable. Sun Sheng could only hold back his anger.

As for the elders in the hall, when they heard Leng Ruoxue’s question, they all broke out in cold sweat. They thought to themselves, This girl is really bold. She even dared to ask such a question in front of the patriarch. Well! Even though they were a little curious, this was the patriarch’s private matter after all, and it could be considered a scandal. Therefore, they could only fantasize in their hearts when they had nothing to do and didn’t dare to ask at all. However, at this moment, they all pricked up their ears in unison, afraid to miss any detail.

“What does that have to do with me?” Sun Sheng was very angry, but his eyes glared fiercely at the woman who caused trouble. Because of this matter, he had already become the family’s laughing stock.

“There are rumors that Wu Gong eloped with Madam Sun beside you,” Leng Ruoxue repeated with a smile. The word gossip seemed to be written on her beautiful face.

“Xue’er, don’t spout nonsense without evidence! What if the patriarch of the Sun family is unhappy and kills us to silence us?” The freak said with a face full of worry.

“Aren’t I verifying it! Let’s ask him face to face. In the future, if we hear others discussing this matter, we can help the Sun family head refute the rumors!” Leng Ruoxue had always been kind and warm-hearted.

“Uh! That’s true! However, where did Wu Gong go since Madam Sun is still in the Sun family? Ah! Could it be that his love rival…” the freak said curiously. However, he hurriedly stopped as if he had suddenly thought of something and carefully stared at Sun Sheng, his handsome face full of vigilance.

“Freak, don’t make wild guesses. Why would the patriarch of the Sun family do such a thing? It’s just a woman, what’s the big deal? Which patriarch doesn’t have a colored hat on his head!” Leng Ruoxue was very understanding.

“En, en, I won’t guess anymore. Let others guess!” The freak was very obedient. Then he stopped talking. However, his conversation with Xue’er had almost angered Sun Sheng and the others to death.

Sun Sheng’s face was gloomy, and the female lead of the conversation, the Second Madam of the Sun family, didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. However, she was so angry in her heart that she was about to explode. In order to appease the bad influence this matter brought, she had used all her tricks to regain Sun Sheng’s favor. Could it be that she was going to lose favor again because of Leng Ruoxue’s few words? No! She absolutely couldn’t allow such a thing to happen!

“Patriarch, these two people actually humiliated me in front of you. You have to uphold justice for me!” Madam Sun said aggrievedly with tears in her watery eyes.

“Shut up!” Sun Sheng roared impatiently. Then he suppressed his anger and composed himself. He said to Leng Ruoxue and the freak, “Gentlemen, Vice President Wu’s disappearance has nothing to do with our Sun family. I’ve already explained this to the President of the Mystic Cultivator Association, so I don’t want to hear the same thing from the two of you.”

“Oh! But rumors are terrifying! After all, it’s not a good thing for a mother to create such a scandal. It will also bring bad effects to the juniors in the family,” Leng Ruoxue said worriedly.

“Miss Leng is right, but she’s no longer the Matriarch,” Sun Sheng said calmly.


“Oh!” Leng Ruoxue and the Second Madam of the Sun family said at the same time, but their reactions were completely different.

“The Sun family treats their concubines very well! They can actually sit beside the patriarch,” Leng Ruoxue said in disbelief.

“Liu Juan, back off,” Sun Sheng scolded angrily, the fire in his heart surging.

“Patriarch!” Second Madam Liu Juan’s face was full of disbelief. Just because of a few words from Leng Ruoxue, she had actually been demoted to a concubine by the patriarch. This hatred in her heart! She had worked hard for so many years, but in just a few minutes, it had all disappeared. Thinking of this, she lost her mind and pounced towards Leng Ruoxue…

“Leng Ruoxue, I’m going to kill you!” Liu Juan’s hatred burned furiously, wanting to skin Leng Ruoxue alive.

Bang! Liu Juan, who was pouncing on Leng Ruoxue, was kicked out by the freak.

After Liu Juan was kicked away, she directly collided with a pillar in the living room. Then, after falling to the ground, she rolled out of the living room like a ball. In short, she was as disheveled as possible. This change almost dumbfounded everyone present because everything happened too quickly. Before they could even react, Liu Juan was in tragedy.

“You guys are too much!” Sun Sheng stood up from his chair. Damn it, what day was it today? He obviously wanted to give Leng Ruoxue a show of strength, but he was the one who lost face in the end! Was there anything more depressing than this?

“We didn’t do anything?” Leng Ruoxue’s beautiful face was full of innocence. Well! It was just self-defense.

“You…” Sun Sheng almost fainted before he could catch his breath.

“Patriarch, take care of your health. Don’t be angry over such a small matter,” Eldest Madam of the Sun family said with concern.

“Yes! Patriarch Sun, be careful of your body. Overindulgence is not good for your body,” Leng Ruoxue reminded angrily. Then she stood up and pulled the freak away, and the two left the living room as if no one was around.

“Damn it, I’m so angry!” Sun Sheng’s anger increased when he saw Leng Ruoxue and Lu Jinwen leave.

“Patriarch, why bother with a junior!” The Eldest Madam said helplessly.

“I… I’ve lived for decades, but I’ve never been so angry before.” Sun Sheng was depressed just thinking about it. This really made him lose face.

“Patriarch, should we let Leng Ruoxue know the power of our Sun family?” an elder suggested.

“Don’t act rashly first. Send someone to watch her.” Sun Sheng took a deep breath and ordered.

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