Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 820 - The Sun Family in Deep Fire (2)

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Chapter 820: The Sun Family in Deep Fire (2)

“That’s Miss Xu,” the head butler said. Then he couldn’t help but feel uneasy in his heart. He even taught her a small lesson. Alas! Miss Xu was beaten half to death.

“Oh!” Leng Ruoxue answered lightly and didn’t say anything else.

“Miss Leng, that Miss Xu is the mistress’s niece, so our patriarch is in a difficult position.” The head butler sighed softly. Boohoo… Why was Leng Ruoxue’s reaction so calm? Wasn’t she afraid?

“Oh!” Leng Ruoxue’s reaction was still not big.

“Miss Leng, the patriarch invites you in.” The head butler’s forehead was full of sweat. He thought, Why is it so difficult to communicate with this woman?

“Oh!” Leng Ruoxue answered lightly, then stood up and pulled the freak out of the Snow Garden.

“Miss Leng, where are you going?” The head butler wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and chased after the two of them as he asked speechlessly.

“Is the head butler’s memory so bad? Didn’t you say that your patriarch wants to see me! Of course I’m going to see your patriarch!” Leng Ruoxue said matter-of-factly.

“Uh! I’ll bring you there!” The head butler was a little crazy, but he still hurriedly said. Boohoo… He was really afraid that Leng Ruoxue would barge into the Sun family. This time, he beat up his cousin. Who knew if he would beat up Miss Sun next time!

“Okay.” Leng Ruoxue nodded reluctantly, but she was already laughing in her heart.

The head butler of the Sun family led the way sadly. Soon, he brought Leng Ruoxue and the freak to the main yard. Then, he asked the guard to report and led Leng Ruoxue and the freak directly into the living room.

In the living room.

Sun Sheng sat on the main seat. On either side of him were his two wives, and there were a few elders of the Sun family with higher status sitting below them.

After Leng Ruoxue and the freak entered the living room, they saw that everyone in the living room looked like they were going to denounce them. However, neither of them cared. Instead, they casually found two empty seats and sat down.

“Hmph! Is the mighty Miss Leng so rude? Master hasn’t even invited you to sit down! Why did you sit down yourself!” A very unfriendly voice sounded in the living room.

“Madam, are you talking to me? I need to make it clear that I’m not the young lady of the Leng family.” Leng Ruoxue raised her beautiful eyes and glanced at the young woman who spoke with a faint smile.

“You…” The young woman was so angry that she couldn’t say anything. Her limpid eyes stared at Sun Sheng pitifully, meaning for Sun Sheng to uphold justice for her!

“Miss Leng, you’re indeed a little rude,” Sun Sheng said with slight displeasure. Chang Yan said that guests should do as the host wished, but this guest didn’t care about him at all, so how could he not be angry! However, Leng Ruoxue was really the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She deserved her reputation!

“Perhaps! However, I don’t think you’re very polite as a master! The Sun family’s patriarch, respect is mutual. I don’t see that you have the intention of respecting me, so there’s naturally no need to respect you,” Leng Ruoxue said with a light smile.

Sun Sheng looked to be around 40 years old. He had taken good care of himself. He was handsome and had the aura of a leader. His strength was Mystic Sovereign. As for the two women beside him, one was dignified and the other was enchanting. They were both in their thirties. However, their strength was not high. The best was a Mystic Monarch.

“Hehe, Miss Leng is indeed sharp-tongued. However, I didn’t invite you here to bicker with you. You injured our guest in the Sun family. You have to give me an explanation, right?” Sun Sheng said with a deeper meaning.

“What explanation? Could it be that the Sun family’s patriarch wants me to pay the medical fees? I beat up the Tenth Elder of the Leng family and compensated him with an amethyst coin. Oh! How many amethyst coins does the Sun family’s patriarch think that Miss Xu is worth?” Leng Ruoxue asked very innocently.

“Uh! This…” Sun Sheng didn’t know what to say because he realized that Leng Ruoxue was really as the Sixth Elder said, difficult to deal with.

“Miss Leng, Xu Jiao is my niece. Originally, I shouldn’t have stood up for her since my niece offended you, but her injuries were a little serious. However, she deserved it, so there’s no need to compensate. Miss Leng just needs to apologize,” a beautiful woman beside Sun Sheng said, her face still full of helplessness.

“Mrs. Sun, you also said that your niece deserved it. Do you think I will apologize?” Leng Ruoxue said with a spurious smile. Well! If she was not mistaken, this person should be Sun Teng’s mother, right?

“Miss Leng, I don’t want you to compensate me anymore. Can’t I just apologize?” Eldest Madam Sun was a little displeased. At this moment, she even felt that Leng Ruoxue wasn’t as good as her son said.

“If it’s my fault, I will naturally apologize,” Leng Ruoxue said calmly. She was a person who distinguished gratitude and grudges clearly. It was impossible for her to wrong herself for an unreasonable woman.

“Big Sister, I told you long ago that she won’t apologize. Why did you insist?” Another woman gloated, the hatred in her eyes disappearing in a flash.

“Eh! Could this be the legendary Madam Sun who eloped with President Wu?” Leng Ruoxue looked at the woman with limitless charm and an alluring figure and said with a light smile. Well! She finally saw the famous Madam Sun today. This woman wasn’t considered beautiful, but she had a charm that men couldn’t resist. Moreover, that sexy figure was probably the main reason why men were obsessed with her!

“What did you say?” As soon as the Second Madam of the Sun family heard Wu Gong’s name, she jumped up from her chair as if her tail had been stepped on. She glared at Leng Ruoxue with anger.

“Madam Sun, you’re so young. Are your ears not working well?” Leng Ruoxue’s beautiful face was full of pity.

“Leng Ruoxue, repeat what you said just now if you have the guts,” the Second Madam roared furiously. She was so angry that her originally not considered pretty face was a little distorted.

“Mrs. Sun, where did Wu Gong go?” Leng Ruoxue asked with a naughty smile. What a joke. Did she have to say anything if this woman asked her to? Moreover, which woman had the guts?

“Who should I ask if you ask me?” Second Madam gritted her teeth in hatred. At this moment, she really wanted to chop Leng Ruoxue into pieces.

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