Super Gene - Chapter 3122 - Lawbreaker

Chapter 3122 Lawbreaker

“Are you really the creator of the Cold Sutra. Are you Moon God? Hang on… Did you mention the Witch? That must mean you are from the geno universe… Wait, no… That can’t be it because you aren’t restricted by the powers of this world…” Han Sen looked at the white-clothed woman in shock. His mind was racing for answers.

The woman did not answer him. She reached out her hand and pointed at Han Sen. This time, her presence changed. Two different powers were gathering in her fingers. It made the hairs on the back of Han Sen’s neck stand.

Han Sen saw with clarity that Night God No Moon was able to cast the Cold Sutra and the reversed Cold Sutra at the same time. Those two powers were able to manifest as one. It was an extremely scary thing to witness. It was some scary power that even frightened Han Sen.

Suddenly, Han Sen’s body was floating. He was glowing with white light. All his power was corroded by the white light. He entered super God Spirit mode and threw a punch at Night God No Moon’s jade finger.

Scary power shook Night God No Moon back, but Han Sen’s fist felt a coldness that struck his bones. He lowered his head and discovered that his fist had a wound after being stricken with frosty air. Although it did not damage his bones, it still gave Han Sen a bit of a shock.

While he entered super God Spirit mode, he was still injured. Night God No Moon’s power was not any worse than Qin Xiu. She might have even been greater.

“Huh? What is the power that you have? It can block my break world power.” Night God No Moon looked just as surprised.

Han Sen wished to say something, but he felt the space around him was moving quickly. A scary presence was coming.

“That annoying guy is here. Let’s go to another place and talk.” Night God No Moon put away her presence. She waved her hand. She took the frozen Li Bing Yu and Bald Guy with her.

Han Sen knew there was a God Spirit on its way, so he put away his power. He put away the gold god wings to follow Night God No Moon.

The two of them got away. They saw the God Spirit approach with a terrifying presence. He looked around and did not locate his target. When he looked at the dead and dried plum tree, his face changed. “Oh, no! Night God No Moon has appeared. I must go back and tell the mister.”

Without pausing, the God Spirit broke space and departed. He simply disappeared.

Night God No Moon landed on an isolated planet. Han Sen followed. She looked at him with interest and said, “I can’t believe that aside from Qin Xiu, there are other people able to travel between the two worlds. Who are


“I am Han Sen. I am a human. I am a good friend of the Witch Han Yufei. If you are one of the Witch, how did you end up here?” Han Sen namedropped Han Yufei.

Night God No Moon did not answer him. She just asked, “Was you Cold Sutra given to you by Han Yufei?”

“No.” Han Sen explained how he came to practice Jadeskin. Night God No Moon nodded. “The Witch didn’t properly inherit it, but you inherited it from Moon God hall. That means you are technically my student, but you are not one of the Witch.”

Before Han Sen could speak, Night God No Moon said to herself, “So, what if he isn’t one of the Witch?”

Han Sen suddenly thought of something and asked, “Might I ask if you are still considered one of the Witch?”

Night God No Moon shook her head. “I am no longer one of the Witch. Moon God is dead. In this life, there is only Night God No Moon.”

Han Sen suddenly understood what Night God No Moon was saying. He looked at her strangely and said, “Does this mean that when you were reborn, you maintained the memories of your past life?”

Night God No Moon nodded and said, “Yes, Although I was unable to crack reincarnation in my past life, I am not like ordinary creatures. I still maintained my mark. It works like an extension of my life.”

“Do you know what all of this is about? This reincarnation and the two worlds stuff?” Han Sen asked.

Night God No Moon looked at Han Sen and said, “Reincarnation and the two worlds are not a simple concept. It is not purely a belief in reincarnation. It is all about the spirit’s reincarnation. Only can the spirit reincarnate in these two worlds, and the spirit is pure. It has no memory. It has no emotion. In this life, you are a human. If you die and are reincarnated in another world, everything about you is erased. Only your spirit goes to another world to be reborn and provide you with another life. That life can be human, but it can also be in a different life form. Regardless, it won’t be you anymore. The spirit can reincarnate an infinite number of times, but you cannot.” “What about God Spirits? What about them?” Han Sen asked.

Night God No Moon was silent a moment before replying, “The spirits that exist between these two worlds can reincarnate an infinite number of times. Do you sense something familiar about all of this?”

“Are you talking about a perpetual motion machine?” Han Sen had thought about that before. The lives in two worlds reincarnating were like a perpetual motion machine that never stopped.

“Yes, it is a perpetual motion machine,” Night God No Moon said. “In fact, we know perpetual motion machines do not exist. The so-called perpetual motion machine theory involves a third-party’s power.”

“Are you saying that the God Spirits are the third-party with the power, and they keep the perpetual motion machine running?” Han Sen asked.

“Not exactly. Some part of that assumption is correct. The God Spirits restrict something powerful, and they will kill whatever is uncertain to them. That can include Qin Xiu and even me.” After saying that, Night God No Moon looked at Han Sen. “Your situation confuses me. According to the theory, you are just like Qin Xiu. You are a lawbreaker. You might trigger the perpetual motion machine in this universe and cause it to lose balance. You might end up destroying it. Back in the day, Qin Xiu entered the geno universe. If he was not protected by my race, the God Spirits would have killed him. After all these methods, it is unknown how many times he almost died. He stayed in the geno universe.” After saying that, Night God No Moon looked at Han Sen strangely. She said, “You are obviously a lawbreaker of the universe, but the God Spirits have not made you a target. They have enabled you to go wherever you please. You also obviously break the rules of the world. If Qin Xiu behaved like you, the God Spirits would have killed him many times over.”

“Maybe it is because my body has the genes of Qin Xiu. Therefore, I count as a human in this world.” Han Sen told her where he came from.

“I don’t think so,” Night God No Moon said with certainty. “That is surely not the reason. Regardless if some of Qin Xiu’s genes are in your blood, even if you were Qin Xiu’s son, breaking the rules the way you do is something no God Spirit could allow. I am a human in this world. I only have the marks of my past life, yet I became a rival of the God Spirits. What about you?”

“Do you think it might be because I saved the world once?” Han Sen asked.

“Save the world? Which world did you save?” Night God No Moon looked at Han Sen with profound confusion.

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