Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 935 - Strategist Xia Fei

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Chapter 935: Strategist Xia Fei

Xia Ke and Xia Lianning were both shocked to hear Xia Fei’s remarks, and they eyed him with suspicion.

“I’ll stand tall in the face of precarious wind and rain,” Xia Fei declared with conviction. “The Law Realm has already descended into further chaos, and it’ll be very difficult to figure out the levels of conspiracies and conundrums in play. However, as long as we can succeed in what we set out to do, no one will be able to contain us!

“Since we need the Dark Night Diary, no matter who we go up against, no matter how complex a backing they have, we’ll just go ahead and accomplish it! The first step is to kill anyone impeding us, and the second step is to acquire the Dark Night Diary. It’s that simple!”

What a domineering declaration!

Quoting the saying ‘I will stand tall in the face of precarious wind and rain’ showed the absolute confidence he had in his decision!

Indeed, Hua Siniang’s actions were suspicious. As for the closing in Dark lifeform army, it was soul-stirring. Nonetheless, how did either concern the Skywings? All they needed to do was accomplish the task at hand, and it did not matter how many people died or planets got destroyed in the process, acquiring the Dark Night Diary was their foremost priority!

Xia Ke and Xia Lianning exchanged glances; after sharing their respective view on this, Xia Ke nodded. “You’re right, Xia Fei. We were overthinking things and failed to identify the nature of the problem accurately. You may decide on what to do with this operation.”

Xia Fei did not shirk his responsibility, closing his eyes and making several more inferences.

Several minutes later, Xia Fei promptly opened his eyes and said, “By my calculations, the Dark lifeform army should arrive from behind the Night Banquet the moment the clock strikes twelve, but they won’t be making their move and will, instead, get into formation first, in preparation for the impending battle.

“Dark lifeforms’ thoughts aren’t as complex as humans; they should take somewhere between ninety to one hundred five seconds to relay simple instructions. After that, we should expect supersized Dark lifeforms blasting through the barrier between the conventional space and the Dark Space.

“This time, they’ve brought as many as twelve giant Dark lifeforms. If they all attack at the same time, it’ll only take them fifteen to twenty seconds to break through, creating a wide hole in the process!

“At the same time, the security team hired by the Night Banquet and the bodyguards from the various clans will realize that something is amiss and subsequently report it to their respective patriarchs. Taking into account the difference in difficulty of language, they’ll be able to do so in thirty seconds.

“Three possible situations may occur at this time: If Hua Siniang is really in cahoots with the Dark lifeforms, she’ll depart before they seize control of the site. After all, to slay everyone in the Night Banquet, they’ll first have to sever the connection between the spatial compass and the Spatial Traversal Array. Everyone who leaves prior to this can very well be the orchestrator of this conspiracy! Someone that can be holding onto the Dark Night Diary!”

“The second situation…”

Xia Ke and Xia Lianning were left completely speechless!

Xia Fei had calculated every single step right down to the bones, and the time he took to calculate was just seconds!

Changes at every second were all within his projection!

It must be said that this was a grand battle that might involve more than a million warriors! Xia Fei had made precise calculations without any omission, leaving Xia Ke and Xia Lianning’s mouths wide open, and as he continued speaking, both were awed to a point where neither had anything to add!

“In any case, we’ll need to mobilize the combat prowess of fifteen Law Sages that have a speed of more than one million meters per second at least! We’ll also need a ranger, who will be the lone wolf!” Xia Fei concluded.


Xia Ke and Xia Lianning’s mouths only snapped shut at this point, as the two stared right at Xia Fei.

“What, are there any problems?” asked Xia Fei in his puzzlement, unclear on why they were looking at him so peculiarly.

“No, absolutely nothing at all.” The two Peak Law Sages immediately waved their hands dismissively.

“Good. Just have everyone set up in the positions I mentioned. We’ll definitely not let the Dark Night Diary fall into anyone else’s hands other than ours this time!” Xia Fei said firmly.


Closing the screen, Xia Fei left to make arrangements toward the interior of the Night Banquet, while leaving Xia Ke and Xia Lianning responsible for coordination.

After a brief pause, Xia Ke turned over to Xia Lianning. “I’ll say this: Xia Fei is possibly the most formidable strategist in our clan! This plan of his is simply too frightening!”

Xia Lianning shook his head repeatedly as he let out a bitter laugh. “He’s not a strategist; he’s practically a mastermind!”

In the blink of an eye, it was almost midnight.

A throng of people had arrived at the Night Banquet! People rapidly gathered to the Hundred Flowers Chamber on the third floor. Some chatted and joked, while others counted the funds they had on hand. Not one of these souls had any idea of the impending doom!

“It’s a good thing that no one from the Lionhearts has participated in this auction. My mind would be filled with unease otherwise,” Oro quietly said.

At this very moment, they were standing at a corner not too far from the entrance to the third floor, carefully observing the crowd. Meanwhile, Xia Geng had his two eyes shut tightly as he tracked down the information Xia Fei needed.

Xia Fei nonchalantly asked, “The Lionhearts are also considered a super clan under the Demon Race, more than capable of acquiring the Dark Night Diary. Why haven’t they sent anyone here then?”

Oro chuckled. “We, Lionhearts, are different from you humans. We aren’t interested in such things. We focus solely on the things right before us, so unless there’s enough proof regarding the value of the Dark Night Diary, there’s no way we’ll seek to join in the fun.”

Xia Fei pursed his lips and said nothing. There were many different sapient lifeforms in the entire universe, and humans were definitely among the species wrapped up in their fantasy, extremely enthusiastic about the future. Xia Fei himself was a human with much curiosity.

“There’s movement!” Xia Geng kept his voice low as he spoke into Xia Fei’s ear. “Hua Siniang has left her bedroom with her men and is now taking an elevator down.”

“Where’s the Dark Night Diary?” Xia Fei asked anxiously.

“I have yet to find it, but there’s a high possibility that it’s on Hua Siniang’s person. Perhaps she left her room precisely to deliver the Dark Night Diary right to the auction held in Hundred Flowers Chamber.”

Xia Fei gritted his teeth and rumbled, “I want a concrete answer, not suppositions!”

One should not be fooled by the harmless smile Xia Fei usually showed or his amiable personality. When it was time for him to act, his attitude would become extremely severe and very decisive!

“Understood!” Xia Geng hurriedly answered factually after a single look at Xia Fei’s expression.

He was clearly a lot older than Xia Fei and was also the top search specialist in their clan, yet Xia Geng still could not help but be taken aback by the pressure Xia Fei exuded when he was the one at the helm, causing his heart to beat in trepidation.

“Correction. They’re not heading to the Hundred Flowers Chamber on the third floor but rather to a spatial gate on the fifty-first floor!” Xia Geng immediately reported to Xia Fei after he discovered which button Hua Siniang had pushed.

“Xia Guanghai, the elevator will need 197 seconds to travel from the 999th floor of the building down to where that spatial gate is. You need to damage the lift according to the method I told you the next instantt. Get them to transfer to another elevator!

“Xia Yezi, you blast apart the gate within 135 seconds, leaving you with at least seventy seconds to escape!

“Xia Guanghai, elevator control unit, no. 334 and spare system no. 979, you need to cut the yellow wire inside!

Xia Fei spoke fast yet clearly, relaying one order after another. He was not only delegating tasks; he was also imparting them details!

A single glance at the Night Banquet Inn’s mockup and Xia Fei had managed to take in every detail, even the serial number of the control unit! Such a heaven-defying ability shocked Oro and Xia Geng greatly! Even Xia Guanghai and Xia Yezi found it unbelievable as they performed their tasks.


The elevator rumbled for a while before coming to a sudden halt. Hua Siniang frowned ever so slightly as she asked, “What’s going on here? Is this sabotage?”

“The self-diagnostic system indicates that it’s a module failure; this isn’t sabotage,” the guard beside her said after examining the display.

Every high-tech device had its self-diagnostic system; this was why Xia Fei had told Xia Guanghai a step-by-step method to damage the module, allowing them to leave no trace of their interference.


Hua Siniang immediately used her Law of Matter to change the structure of the metal, enabling her to take stride right out of the elevator! Xia Geng hastily relayed this latest development to Xia Fei.

“Xia Yezi, the situation has changed. Your time to retreat will be readjusted down to sixty-five seconds. Hang in there!” Xia Fei corrected Xia Yezi’s step of action.

“Relax. Yours truly doesn’t even need sixty seconds!” Xia Yezi’s reply was as intrepid as ever.

Just as she said this, a deafening explosion thundered, and a mushroom cloud bloomed in the air!

Xia Yezi had unleashed a spatial bomb, which had thrown the planet’s spacetime constant of the Night Banquet into disarray!

Spatial gates and compasses would all lose their functionality, requiring at least thirty minutes before they could recover!

“WHAT’S HAPPENING OUTSIDE?!” Hua Siniang was like an enraged tigress as she barked out this question.

“Someone has tossed a spatial bomb while in mid-air and fled! The security guards are already in pursuit!” the guard answered in a panic.

Hua Siniang turned back to stare at a young man standing in the corner. He was that figure hidden behind the veil earlier, who had been beside Hua Siniang. He was presently standing there with folded arms, leisurely leaning into one corner of the elevator, acting as if nothing had happened.

“Has the plan been brought forward?” Hua Siniang demanded loudly.

The young man shook his head.

“What exactly is going on then?”

“I’m afraid someone that has been keeping an eye on you,” replied the young man in an unhurried tone.


The moment Hua Siniang ground her teeth in fury, the wrinkles on her face inadvertently all appeared. If not for the fact that she was incandescent in rage, there was no way Hua Siniang would show this ugly side of hers to anyone.

This was when that warrior who had been staring at the diagnostic system the entire time suddenly yelped, “Siniang, someone has broken into our warehouse and is currently stealing from our treasury!”

Hua Siniang was stunned, and her expression gradually turned savage. She had originally believed that someone was targeting the Dark Night Diary, so she had not expected that someone was attempting to empty out her treasury!

The screen display was several seconds delayed, but they saw three figures moving quickly and barging right into the treasury as if they were incorporeal spirits, instantly slaying hundreds of the warriors standing guard there before leaving.

“What dextrous skill!” Hua Siniang’s two eyes turned ice-cold as she spoke. “This woman is keen on meeting you all!”


With unbridled rage, Hua Siniang battered the wall with her Law of Matter and forcibly hurtled down from the thousand floor building!

Meanwhile, that young man shook his head, softly sighing. “She’s truly a bimbo.”


The four warriors beside him were about to question him why he dared to insult Hua Siniang when a swath of clear water came shooting out from the young man’s sleeve. These warriors were instantly wrapped up, and the four became a pool of liquid in the next moment!

It was a truly vicious move!

The man did not even spare a backward glance at his handiwork after he was done, bolting out from the hole Hua Siniang had made as he left in the opposite direction of hers, completely unconcerned with the woman’s fate.

If Xia Fei witnessed this scene, he would definitely recognize that gush of jade-blue water as one of the Immemorial Mystical Armaments, capable of crushing bone, the Water of Resentment!

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