Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 934 - Dark Race Ambush

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Chapter 934: Dark Race Ambush

After a round of haggling, the super-long-ranged, handheld energy cannon, White Tiger Soul Meteor, had been acquired by Xia Fei for the price of three hundred thousand grade 7 Origin Crystals!

Xia Fei happily stroked the White Tiger Soul Meteor. Without a doubt, the White Tiger Soul Meteor, capable of insta-killing targets with its range of one lightyear, would become a powerful hidden trump card of his from here!

Even more of a joyful coincidence was the fact that White Tiger Soul Meteor and the grand ancestor’s beloved Azure Dragon Soul Meteor were a pair!

The Azure Dragon on the left and the White Tiger on the right, when both cannons were combined, they would be unstoppable!

Maybe just one of the two energy cannons alone would be valued at about two million grade 7 Origin Crystals, but with both combined, it definitely was a super killing weapon worth an astronomical amount! An indispensable weapon!

The elder gave a final, longing look at the White Tiger Soul Meteor after receiving the crystals and sighed. “There’s no way we would empty our stores if not for our desire to learn the secrets behind the Dark Night Diary.”

With that said, the elder turned and left without any regrets.

Quietly stashing the White Tiger Soul Meteor, a deep furrow appeared on Xia Fei’s forehead.

“This is great! The White Tiger Soul Meteor is indisputably a powerful weapon! Killing enemies from a distance of one lightyear, just the thought of this excites me!” Oro was so thrilled that his entire face went red. “You’ve lucked out a lot this time!”

However, Xia Fei shook his head, doubtful. “Did that elder mention a secret regarding the Dark Night Diary just now? Is that encyclopedia, which serves as a guideline about Dark lifeforms, perhaps hiding something else that we have no idea about?”

Oro shrugged casually. “There’s actually another version of the legend. Back then, the Law God Xex Sin didn’t only become friends with the Dark lifeform king; he also discovered the treasure that the Dark lifeforms were hiding, writing about it on the Dark Night Diary. That’s why the Dark lifeforms relentlessly chased him all the way to the Law Realm; they’re determined to retrieve the diary even at the cost of engaging in a large-scale war with the Law Realm.”

Xia Fei felt stunned when he heard this and began mulling about the matter.

This was when Radix chimed in. “What Oro said has merit. There are many versions of the legend. There’s even one about Xex Sin had stolen the Dark lifeform King’s wife, which was of course demonstrably false.”

Oro and Radix did not seem to care about the legend. Given how long ago it had happened, the truth could not truly be verified. Still, Xia Fei did not share in their sentiment. “The main characteristic of legends and rumors is how indistinguishable truth is from lie; what if the secret treasure of the Dark lifeforms was truly recorded in that Dark Night Diary?”

Both Oro and Radix became somewhat nervous when they heard this.

When the truth was made false, and the falsehood became the truth, the line between lies and truth could become blurred; this was exactly what made rumors and legends so fascinating and also what made them scary!

“That would be terrible!” Oro said with a frown. “Sapient lifeforms are all greedy; if the Dark Night Diary has another value, who knows whether other clans will scheme to get their hands on it or not; we’ll be drawn into this vortex of unpredictability!”

Back in his room, Xia Fei anxiously tried to contact Xia Guanghai.

“What’s the matter?” All he saw was Xia Guanghai staying hidden underneath a jujube tree, smiling at Xia Fei. “I was in the middle of having fun here. These people are really dumb, letting me lead them everywhere by their noses. It’s quite cute, actually.”

Xia Guanghai was this sort of person, able to chat carefreely even while in the middle of an arduous battle.

Xia Fei spoke sternly. “Have you discovered anything as you provoked the various sides to fight? Anything strange?”

Xia Guanghai was quite taken aback by this line of questioning. He lowered his head and contemplated for a while before whispering, “There’s indeed something strange. I feel that Hua Siniang’s men are slowly decreasing. At first, every time I caused some mayhem, there would be a large number of the Night Banquet guards coming to stop things; now, their numbers are getting fewer and fewer, and it seems that they’re not exactly willing to stop the fighting.

“This is very abnormal. Hua Siniang values her reputation greatly. Her reputation will naturally take a hit with such a large-scale pandemonium happening in the vicinity of the Night Banquet; it shouldn’t be too much for her to show up just so she could keep the peace and order, not to mention the fact that she’s reducing the number of guards in the surroundings.”

Xia Fei fell silent, using several seconds to think.

“You can stop provoking the various clans to fight anymore. I wanna know the truth about this planet, and if there’s a worm hidden in its core, I want you to find it and dig it out!” Xia Fei commanded grimly.

Xia Guanghai nodded wordlessly. Xia Fei was the leader of the operation, so though he was relatively new to the clan, everyone had a clear idea of the power he wielded.


Turning off the screen, Xia Fei went to look for the search specialist Xia Geng once more.

“There have been changes to the situation. Aside from searching for the Dark Night Diary, you will now keep a close eye on every move that Hua Siniang makes!” Xia Fei gave the order.

Xia Geng was very surprised as he asked in puzzlement, “Hua Siniang has a Law God cultivation, with exceptionally keen instincts. I may get discovered by her if I do that.”

Xia Fei chuckled. “While she’s a Law God, the same can’t be said for those beside her.”

Xia Geng’s eyes gleamed as he nodded. “That’s a good idea! I understand what you’re saying. All I have to do is occasionally scan Hua Siniang, while I devote the rest of my attention to guards around her! With their cultivation, there’s definitely no way that they can sense when someone’s watching them!”

Xia Fei said, “That’s exactly what I was getting at. You and Oro shall remain here. I’m going out for a stroll.”

“Where to?” Both Oro and Xia Geng asked at the same time.

“Around. Oh, right. Oro, you still have other business to attend to, so why don’t you use this time to make contact?”

Xia Fei was referring to the matter of Oro infiltrating the Guardians’ midst. There were plenty of Guardians who had taken up residence in the Night Banquet today, so if Oro could get himself recommended and acquire the trust of these people, he would stand a better chance at joining the Guardian faction.


The Gemini started with a roar. Xia Fei took this fastest warship in this part of the universe for a spin around the planet that the Night Banquet was situated on, expanding the range as time went by.

“Xia Fei, just what are you trying to do here?” Radix asked, his curiosity piqued.

Xia Fei replied nonchalantly, “I have a hunch that tonight won’t go down peacefully.”

With extreme speed, he discovered quite a few moles hidden in the various major clans, but he did not uncover any satisfactory answer.

“Hua Siniang is no ordinary woman, and her actions today have left everyone baffled; they’re completely misaligned with how she conducted business before. Most people won’t so easily let go of the Dark Night Diary once acquired, yet Hua Siniang has actually gone ahead to auction it off. Also, she’s not afraid of letting the entire realm know, openly auctioning it!” Xia Fei muttered to himself.

“Perhaps Hua Siniang know how knotty the Dark Night Diary is and doesn’t wanna risk keeping it?” Radix reasoned.

Xia Fei’s expression went cold as he grimly proposed, “There’s another possibility: Hua Siniang is using the Dark Night Diary as bait, luring everyone to eliminate them altogether!”


Xia Fei ended his investigation of the conventional space and immediately crossed over to the Dark Space.

Little Goldie, which had already heard Xia Fei’s call, patiently awaited his arrival.

The Dark Space was just like the conventional space, with its countless channels that led to anywhere in the universe. It was like a wall; as long as one broke it, they would achieve the ability to be anywhere anytime. Xia Fei was worried about being ambushed, which was why he did not forget to check the Dark Space.

Little Goldie somewhat gingerly pointed its head to the left, where there was a pitch-black channel, wide and endless.

“Not good! Little Goldie has discovered enemies nearby, and they’re formidable enemies to boot! With Little Goldie’s strength, it won’t hesitate if it’s just some common riff-raff!” Radix wailed.

Demonic chrysalises were more perceptive than humans when they were in the Dark Space. On its left, Little Goldie had sensed something—something that was definitely worthy of its attention.

“Leave this place first and wait for my order!” Xia Fei pointed in the opposite direction and got Little Goldie to retreat. After all, with its huge size, Xia Fei would have trouble moving agilely if he let it follow him. Furthermore, he could move like a ghost without the demon chrysalis, making most people be unable to catch him and providing him with the best chance to scout things out.


The war armor, Sin Raksha, supported Xia Fei greatly in this endeavor. War armor of its grade similarly allowed their users to shuttle through as if they could really fly even in the Dark Space!

Going at a speed over a million meters per second! Xia Fei could shuttle through the Dark Space without making any sound or leaving any trace in his wake!

About half an hour later, Xia Fei had managed to hide himself behind a fragment of metal alloy floating in space. His eyes were currently filled with shock! This was because an army had appeared from within one of the wide Dark Space’s channels!

Indeed, it was an entire army, and it was fully composed of Dark lifeforms!

“Ocular Cognition!”

Xia Fei’s Ocular Cognition perfectly served its function given the distance!

The power of the complete Beast Spirit Codex was unparalleled, so Xia Fei’s Ocular Cognition was many times more impressive than before!

“Sapient lifeforms! There’re actually sapient Dark lifeforms who have managed to make their way here!” Radix was stunned.

Aside from those large toads that Xia Fei had seen in the past, there were many armorclad warriors in this army.

Their suits of armor were pitch-black, as were their skin and eyes. They had sharp, eagle-like talons for hands, which were presently holding weapons. Their numbers was not lower than a million!

“Sapient Dark lifeforms are the true main force of those things! From their equipment right down to their aura, they ought to be a well-trained army! Who could imagine that the vanguard army of the Dark lifeforms has already gotten so close to the Law Realm!” Radix yelped.

Dark lifeforms were also segregated by tiers, and the fragile crawling organisms were considered the lowest out of the lot, akin to a law warrior of the Law Realm. Meanwhile, the giant monsters were comparable to Beast Kings, and those a bit stronger could even be considered Divine Beasts.

As for this army, its bulk was equivalent to a Law Overlord warrior!

They were not only savage but also quite intelligent!


After Xia Fei had discern the situation, he retreated in a flash.

Radix was curious. “Since you’ve discovered the majority of the enemy’s army, why aren’t you keeping track of them?”

Xia Fei shook his head. “No need. From the speed at which they are advancing, I can deduce that they’ll arrive at the rear of the Night Banquet exactly at midnight.”

Radix was startled and howled, “Midnight! That’s the time when the auction of the Dark Night Diary will begin!”

“When the auction starts, a large Dark lifeform army will reach the Night Banquet! There must be a conspiracy here!” Xia Lianning yelled the moment he heard Xia Fei’s report.

Xia Fei answered, “I’m afraid that’s not the most devious part; Hua Siniang must be in cahoots with the Dark lifeforms, or else there’d be no way that the enemies could have calculated the timing so accurately, right down to the second. Everyone had better not forget that the founders are backing Hua Siniang!”

The entire room was petrified the moment those words came out!

Xia Ke and Xia Lianning were completely dumbfounded, as Xia Fei had put forth a most incredible conjecture!

Could the founders not be reliable as well! These were experts with no equals, the ones who had established the Law Realm! It was simply unimaginable that they were involved with the Dark lifeforms, too!

Both Xia Ke and Xia Lianning had been shocked to the point that they tethered off to madness!

Xia Ke finally managed to compose himself after a brief pause, and he gravely asked, “Xia Fei, the grand ancestor has designated you as the leader of this operation; what are your thoughts?”

With his patented smirk, Xia Fei hissed in a low voice, “Let them create the chaos they seek, while we shall snatch what we want! Since a single diary is included in such a grand conspiracy, it just shows how important it truly is!

“No matter how messy this situation has gotten, we Skywings must be the ones to control our fate! The Dark Night Diary can only fall into our hands! We’ll kill whoever gets in the way! I couldn’t care less about the lives of others!”

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