Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 829 - The Arrival of the Guardians!

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Chapter 829: The Arrival of the Guardians!

Against the charging Furball, Wu Yuming was completely stunned!

They were indeed traps, one after another. Xia Fei’s checkmate was not yet over, and just as Wu Yuming was beginning to consider retreating, ready to make his getaway, Xia Fei revealed yet another of his cards! Furball, who had received Xia Fei’s orders, acted immediately!


Furball spat out an energy ball, aimed right at Wu Yuming!


Furball hurtled himself recklessly forward! With an Origin Energy shield around him, he was like a bullet capable of turning unerringly to its target! His role was to hold Wu Yuming and not to let him escape!

At this time, Xia Fei came dashing through the air with a cold expression on his face. The cold gleam of the Blood Crystal in his hand would rob the breath from his enemies!

No matter how perfectly he had everything set up, the final kill was needed in order to end this series of complex tactical maneuvers, and Xia Fei was the precise man for the job!

Wu Yuming was severely injured. His entire body already dyed red from all the blood loss against the relentless assault of Furball, Wu Yuming raised one hand with great difficulty and channeled what law force he could muster in an attempt to block the Holy Beast.


Furball very audaciously slammed himself straight through, shattering Wu Yuming’s arm upon impact!

“He’s mine!” Xia Fei declared loudly, even as he continued to accelerate!

A speed of four hundred thousand meters per second!

Even after taking out the Immemorial Mystical Armament Rending Yang Fire, Xia Fei actually still had it in him to reach such speeds?! He was truly a monstrous being—someone completely beyond reason!


It was a simple motion, and he did so with great ease.

With Xia Fei’s Crafty Approach, he suddenly changed his trajectory twenty meters away from where Wu Yuming stood. He next appeared behind the man, plunging the Blood Crystal viciously into the latter’s back!

“You’re indeed a genius, though you’re a bit stupid,” Xia Fei muttered in a low voice.

Energy was being rapidly drained from Wu Yuming. After he had taken that powerful attack from the lightning, he was barely clinging onto dear life. As his vision darkened, he breathed his last.


Xia Fei pressed the dagger in further a few more inches, piercing through his opponent’s chest cavity, such that the blood-red blade appeared from his solar plexus.

With all that, Law Overlord Wu Yuming was dead!

The war armor, Monohorn Ogre, worked hard to decrease Xia Fei’s temperature. It was all thanks to this armor utilizing its morphing capabilities, constantly changing to protect Xia Fei’s weakest points, that he managed to withstand it when he was within Rending Yang Fire’s encroachment.

Nevertheless, Xia Fei still got somewhat burned from this fight, though it was not serious enough to impede his movements. Given how well-versed he was in pharmacology, all he needed was to get back and concoct himself some medicine and he would be able to recover.

Lighting a cigarette, Xia Fei sighed and appeared to be very tired.

He looked up and saw Rending Yang Fire and the Wolf Butcher Blaze streaking across the sky like two shooting stars, flying off into the sea of stars.

The fire type mystical armaments were without form. Even if Xia Fei wanted to force them to stay, he would have a hard time doing so. Besides, he had just ended a big fight. Given how far they were to him, Xia Fei might not have the strength to subdue them even if he did manage to catch up to the two Immemorial Mystical Armaments.

It appeared that this battle had ended in a clean fashion when it was actually a huge risk on Xia Fei’s part.

Every step of the way needed to be perfectly calculated; had Xia Fei failed to borrow the power of nature like what he did, it would have perhaps been several times harder for him to take down Wu Yuming, given the predicament he was in earlier. It was all thanks to the lightning he had managed to amass from the electromagnetic storm, which shaved off a good chunk of Wu Yuming’s life, that Xia Fei was ultimately able to kill the latter off without much as a hitch.

“Xia Fei, how did you think of everything?” The old demon lord was quiet for a good while before he asked this.

This dazzling sequence of scenarios Xia Fei had set up, which ended following a miraculous assault, left Oro dumbfounded!

He simply could not wrap his head around just what was going on in Xia Fei’s head, having been able to come up with that sequence of moves, which resulted in the checkmate he had just witnessed in a short time, influencing the situation so that developed in the direction he most wanted.

Shrugging, Xia Fei replied heavily, “I’ve got no choice. Wu Yuming was stronger than me in terms of his combat prowess. I’d have a hard time eking out a victory if I didn’t scheme a little.”


Xia Fei drove his leg onto Wu Yuming’s withered corpse and smashed it!

“He’s really a genius, being able to integrate the law powers of both the God and Demon Races, subduing two Immemorial Mystical Armaments to boot. It’s a pity that he lacked a bit of this,” Xia Fei pointed to his own head and said.

Indeed, be it in terms of his level or his weapons, Wu Yuming was a close adversary of Xia Fei!

The only difference between the two men was their intellect!

Strength and bravery were not the only way to achieve victory when two powerful forces clashed; intelligence was also a prerequisite that could tip the scales!

Take the back-to-back schemes Xia Fei had come up with, which resulted in that checkmate; most would have probably been unable to come up with a solution like he did, and even if they did, fewer would be crazy enough to enact it like Xia Fei!

After all, using his own body as bait and taking on the Rending Yang Fire all by himself were already very hazardous prospects.

Though Wu Yuming was stronger than Xia Fei, the former was no match for the latter, all factors considered. This was why the one who ended up dead was Wu Yuming, while the craftier and crazier Xia Fei survived.

That colorful ball of energy in Xia Fei’s seventh brain region began to destabilize once more, and it was far more serious this time. Perhaps due to Wu Yuming’s mixed-blood status, the energy Xia Fei had absorbed from him was a lot more volatile compared to the ones before.

‘I can’t continue like this. I need to find somewhere to release all this energy.’ Xia Fei told himself this as he picked up Wu Yuming’s spatial ring from the ground. The compass inside was the only way off this planet; Xia Fei had no wish to be trapped here.

Just as he thought of this, he saw two streaks of light hurtling across the sky, one black and one white.


The two streaks of light landed about a hundred meters away from Xia Fei, two craters promptly formed from their landing, and two familiar faces appeared in front of Xia Fei.

These two newcomers were none other than the Black and White Gods! Hua Hei and Hua Bai, the two who had been expelled from the God Race!

Their personal divine beasts were also by their side, each perched on the shoulder of their master.

Xia Fei was very surprised. Hua Hei and Hua Bai were very astonished as well. Neither had thought that they would meet again here after their last encounter on the Ancient Battlefield.

“Were you the one who caused the disturbance just now?” Hua Hei asked with pressed lips, while Hua Bai stared at Xia Fei with an abnormal gaze.

The volatility of the energy in his seventh brain region was intensifying by the second. Xia Fei did not have any time to explain as he immediately blurted out, “The two of you came at the right time! Help guard me; I need to advance right now.”

With that said, Xia Fei instantly planted his rear down on the ground and immediately started to release the unstable energy inside his seventh brain region, getting ready to make an attempt at reaching level 7 Great Law Emperor!

Both Hua Hei and Hua Bai could not believe their ears.

Hua Hei pointed to himself as he snapped, “You rascal want me, Old Blacky, to guard you while you get promoted?! Only someone like you could come up with something like that!”


Xia Fei’s judgment was correct. The energy he had obtained from Wu Yuming was not easy to control, and had he delayed for another minute, he might very well have met with a tragedy.

It was as if Wu Yuming’s energies repelled each other, and after they got absorbed into Xia Fei’s body, both showed even greater resistance toward the energy in Xia Fei’s seventh brain region. It became as if three separate forces were opposing one another in a small part of his brain!

This was obviously very dangerous!

While absorbing the energy of others to improve his own seemed like a good idea, it was a great risk if he had to bear energies incompatible with one another. Wu Yuming was a mixed-blood offspring with a parentage from both the God and Demon Races, in addition to the fact that he had learned two completely different laws. Everything would add to the risk, snowballing into a situation that greatly endangered himself!

Xia Fei knitted his eyebrows. Releasing a portion of the energy would reduce the energy instability in him, but the danger would still remain. These energies were simply discordant, and it seemed that it was impossible for them to mix at all!

‘Get rid of them all!’ Xia Fei grinded his teeth as he thought to himself.


The battle between Xia Fei and Wu Yuming had caused a great commotion, and it was visible even to someone out in the galaxy. Hua Hei and Hua Bai, who happened to have been in the vicinity, both got curious and decided to come investigate the matter, only to be used by Xia Fei in the interim as guards! Help protect him while he attempted promotion! Just what nonsense was this?!


A blue lightning descended from the sky! It was heading straight for Xia Fei, who was currently seated!

Hua Hei covered his mouth with one hand to stifle a yawn and then raised his other hand. A powerful force surged up in the skies and actually deflected that lightning bolt away!

What mighty power! The Black and White Gods truly lived up to their name, as a casual raise of a hand was enough to redirect nature!

Hua Bai frowned in annoyance as he grumbled, “Are we really going to help guard Xia Fei?”

Hua Hei shrugged. “What else do you want to do? We can’t possibly just leave him here on this planet covered in electromagnetic storm, can we? It’s very dangerous when attempting a promotion. Any external disturbance is the greatest threat.

“Besides, we’ve repeatedly bumped into Xia Fei, which goes to show that this rascal is very fated with us. We have a favor to return to the old monster of his clan, too…”

Hua Bai waved his hand dismissively in a bid to interrupt his elder brother’s nagging.

“I, of course, understand what you’re saying, but who knows how long Xia Fei will spend before he successfully gets promoted? It’s fine if all he takes is a week, but what if it’s a whole month?!” Hua Bai sulked.

In most situations, advancing a level would take quite an amount of time, especially considering Xia Fei was not a low level Law Adept, and each threshold he had to assault would be harder than the last, which corresponded to the increased amount of time spent as well. Hua Bai felt that given Xia Fei’s talent, he may take a very long time before he succeeded, and this meant that the two of them would be stuck here for quite some time.

Hua Hei sat down, unperturbed by this, a hand propping up his chin.

“I think that this planet is fairly well hidden. The electromagnetic storm provides good cover for it. Why don’t we set up camp? I’m sure that even those undying old coots won’t be able to find us here.”

Hua Bai snorted, turning his back to Hua Hei, paying no mind to his nonsense.


Hua Hai and Hua Bei both furrowed their brows. Even the usually smiling Hua Hei turned stern. He slowly got up and tidied his clothes.


A golden light shone from above the sky, as three golden orbs broke through the stratosphere and thick black clouds!

These orbs first circled around the sky before landing in front of Hua Hei and Hua Bai.

A powerful killing intent burst forth, and this caused Xia Fei to feel extremely uneasy, for he was devoting all his concentration in manipulating his internal energy instability.

This was because the three newcomers were very mighty! Indescribably so!

These three warriors, clad in full suits of golden armor, looked like heavenly soldiers. Their aura, which seemed like it could bring about destruction and ruin to everything, made people tremble in fear!

“Crap! It’s the Guardians!” the demon lord exclaimed.

Though Xia Fei did not open his eyes, the video system for Oro still worked, so his surroundings were directly transmitted into Xia Fei’s mind through his nervous system. As such, he knew very clearly what was happening around him.

‘The Guardians are the covenant of experts guarding the Cosmic Gate. Why are these guys here?!’ Xia Fei exclaimed in his mind.

“Are you the ones?” a golden Guardian asked in a grave voice.

Hua Hei was unfazed as he responded, “That’s right. It’s us.”


The golden warrior pointed at Xia Fei and asked, “Who is he?”

Hua Hei shrugged and smiled. “He’s not related to us.”

Xia Fei heaved a sigh of relief. Hua Hei and Hua Bai were fugitives of the God Race, so Xia Fei had no desire to be involved with their business whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the words that next came out from that golden warrior’s mouth caused Xia Fei’s heart to go cold!

“He’s in the process of promoting! If he’s got nothing to do with either of you, why would you help defend him at this time?!”

Xia Fei could feel a headache coming on the moment he heard that statement!

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