Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 639 - Divide and Conquer

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Chapter 639: Divide and Conquer

Dolon was still in the area, staring at Xia Fei with its sinister and dark gaze, but Xia Fei still decided to digest that ball of energy in his seventh brain region.

The energy ball absorbed from the Great Law Emperor was extremely unstable, liable to fall out of his control and explode at any moment.

“Relax. With me around, no one can even think about getting close.” After his initial shock, Chen Dong made a solemn promise to stay here and stand guard for Xia Fei. Xia Fei still did not feel completely reassured, so he had Peacock Blue root itself in the surroundings, creating two circular barriers.

This matter could not be delayed. Great Law Emperor Sullivan had not been an ordinary character. Xia Fei had used the instant boost in fighting power from the energy ball in his brain region to kill him and absorb his energy, and while it had given Xia Fei a pleasant surprise, it had also brought serious consequences, which needed to be taken care of!

“Haaa… I already said that this energy isn’t yours. Absorbing too much of it isn’t good for your body, but you insist on relying on your decent control of Origin Energy to absorb it forcibly. This is a lesson. Never forget not to bite off more than you can chew. Now, we can only see if your control of Origin Energy can let you smoothly receive this energy.” Phantom nagged at Xia Fei.

Xia Fei clenched his teeth. The ecstasy that came from killing an expert and absorbing their energy was truly indescribable, but if Xia Fei were to lose control, he would end up in extreme danger.

It was too late for regret. Xia Fei focused on his promotion as he prepared to absorb this Great Law Emperor energy in one go!

Exhausted. Severely exhausted.

Xia Fei felt as if his entire body was lacking strength, his head hanging heavy.

Absorbing too much energy had not given Xia Fei much delight. His heart was still thumping in fear from the sensation of his life hanging by a thread.

There had been quite a few times where Xia Fei had almost lost control. Just when the energy was about to break out of his seventh brain region and into his body, Xia Fei had relied on his tenacious willpower to pull himself back from the brink.

“Sheesh!” Oro sighed in relief and swallowed. “Incredible energy control. You absorbed the energy of a Great Law Emperor, but don’t get cocky. The Blood Crystal took two-thirds, and you only received one-third. If the Blood Crystal had given you all of the energy it absorbed, you would’ve failed to escape calamity.”

Xia Fei wiped his forehead and said nothing.

Looking around, he saw that Chen Dong was standing at his side like a statue with his arms folded. His bandaged wound was already red.

“Chen Dong,” Xia Fei softly called.

Chen Dong hurriedly came up and warned, “I don’t know what that shadow-type Divine Beast you were fighting with is up to, but it hasn’t appeared yet.”

Xia Fei replied, “It’s fine. I injured it, so it might be licking its wounds in the shadows.”

Chen Dong nodded and curiously asked, “How could you attempt a promotion in the middle of battle? From what I understand, the Law Realm prioritizes energy, and in battle, you have to consume energy. It will be impossible to gather enough energy to reach the threshold. Also, what level of cultivation are you at now?”

After some thought, Xia Fei decided not to tell Chen Dong the secret of the Blood Crystal. Oro had once asserted that because Xia Fei had gone an entire three years without advancement, he had built up a large reserve. Thus, when he first arrived at the Law Realm, he improved at a crazy pace, but when this reserve was used up, Xia Fei’s advancement speed would return to normal.

Alas, Oro had not predicted the evolution of the Blood Crystal. Without this bloodthirsty dagger in hand, Xia Fei’s advancement speed did not slow and only accelerated!

“Level 6 Law Sovereign. I advanced two levels moments ago,” Xia Fei said.

Normally, a Great Law Emperor would have had so much energy that Xia Fei could have risen at least three ranks, but unfortunately, it had taken Xia Fei multiple attempts, expending all of his energy, to finally break through the threshold.

This was shocking enough. A threshold was regarded as a threshold because it was difficult to exceed, but Xia Fei had used Sullivan’s energy to blast past it! Until the Law Emperor, Xia Fei would encounter no more obstacles!

“It couldn’t be! That means that you’re only a level 4 Law Sovereign before this? You even managed to kill the Smiling Killing Buddha; Xia Fei, you’re a god!” Chen Dong was flabbergasted. A level 4 Law Sovereign should not have even existed in the same dimension as a level 6 Law Emperor. While there had always been stories about elite warriors who could fight above their level, this was a bit too much.

Smiling, Xia Fei said, “I should have been no match, but a few months ago, I happened to learn of a method that allowed me to instantly unleash my energy to increase my fighting power, and together with my numerous treasures, I just barely managed to kill him.”

Chen Dong was even more curious now. “Instantly unleashing your energy to increase your offensive power? This is the first time I’ve heard of this method. Where did the energy come from, and what level can instantly unleash this energy take you?”

Xia Fei explained, “The energy is stored in the seventh brain region using a secret method, and when it’s unleashed, I can have the fighting power of a Law Emperor.”

“Instantly multiplying your fighting power by several times? And you have so many weapons and auxiliary tools that even I’ve never heard of on you, it’s no wonder you were able to succeed,” Chen Dong said solemnly.

He was a martial arts fanatic and was naturally very interested in Xia Fei’s ability to unleash power in this sort of fashion, and he seemed to be waiting for Xia Fei to teach him.

Xia Fei was put in a difficult spot. He was able to accumulate energy in his seventh brain region entirely because of the Blood Crystal. Putting aside this bloodthirsty dagger, there was no replicating the modifications applied to the Law of Primal Chaos and the Celestial Zerohammer. There was only one Blood Crystal in the universe, and only Xia Fei possessed the ability to boost his cultivation instantly. Even if he wanted to help Chen Dong, he could not.

Standing up, Xia Fei looked at the resplendent golden Atlantean palace in the distance. The treasury of Atlantis was still awaiting Xia Fei to find it.

“I’ll wager that if we open the golden dome, that shadow-type Divine Beast Dolon will do everything it can to charge in and take what it wants.”

Chen Dong frowned. “Though you injured that shadow-type Divine Beast, it’s still a Divine Beast that can’t be underestimated. Do we really want to open up the golden dome now?”

“Yes,” Xia Fei firmly replied, “we can’t let this monster go. We can talk about the past later.”

Three pyramids emitted three dazzling white lights, which linked them with the three round pillars extending from the golden dome. The most important temple of the Atlanteans had finally opened.

Xia Fei slowly walked alone into the temple. The basilica rose to a height of one thousand meters and was incredibly vast. The golden gleaming floor and walls had been carved with the images of people, flowers, and birds, recounting the tragic tale of how a clan in the Law Realm was forced to go into hiding.

No matter how moving the story was, it could not overcome the excitement that came from the opening of the treasury. Xia Fei had gone inside in search of the last three levels of the Beast Spirit Codex, that mysterious emerald, and even more exciting treasures.

However, unlike what Xia Fei had imagined, there were just two thrones and some mysterious statues in this golden dome. There were no treasures, let alone any sign of the last three levels of the Beast Spirit Codex.

Xia Fei walked up to the thrones, folded his arms, and began to think.

Outside the temple, countless soft-bodied creatures crept across the ground, sweeping into the golden dome and blocking Xia Fei’s way out.

Xia Fei appeared not to notice, though. He continued to stand there as these tattooed monsters surrounded him.

As Xia Fei turned around, he began to release a cold energy from his hand, and the golden dome’s temperature began to rapidly plunge.


Each of these soft-bodied lifeforms had a black and empty on it. These several thousand eyes opened and stared at Xia Fei. Sure enough, Dolon had not left. It was determined to fight it out with Xia Fei and take what it wanted!

Xia Fei had gone inside the golden basilica, but Chen Dong was nowhere to be seen. As a battle broke out within the golden dome, there was somehow another Xia Fei flying around outside. Using the Breath Control technique, he had concealed himself under a roof. It was not long before he reached the moat, seemingly searching for something.

“We have to be quick. Chen Dong isn’t you, and it’s hard to say how long he can last against the full assault of a shadow-type Divine Beast,” Phantom sternly said.

Xia Fei nodded. The one in the golden basilica was actually Chen Dong. Xia Fei had used his Delusion art to make Chen Dong look like him. As for Xia Fei, he was still outside.

“Chen Dong is wearing Edgeless, and he’s a Law of Ice user, so he should be able to hold on,” Xia Fei said.

“Hard to say. It’s not like you didn’t see what Divine Beast Green Dawn could do going all out. Just thinking about that immense explosion still leaves me stunned. There is no Divine Beast that is easy to deal with.”

Xia Fei had made Chen Dong into a decoy because he truthfully had no other option. Shadow beasts were different from other exotic beasts. They could take many forms and could be anywhere, and this Dolon was skilled in cloning and puppetry.

Unless Xia Fei could kill its original body, he would have no hope of ever wiping it out!

It was not Xia Fei’s style to leave his enemies alive. Thus, he decided to risk having Chen Dong disguise himself as him so that he could search for Dolon’s main body outside.

“Look carefully. The shadow-type Divine Beast is controlling so many clones that they must have an energy connection with the main body. Aren’t you a master at sensing energy? Get to work!” Xia Fei said to Phantom.

Phantom helplessly pursed his lips. “Who knows from how long of a distance Dolon can control its clones? This is the Atlantean continent! No matter how formidable my energy senses are, I can’t cover the entire continent.”

Explosions continued to resound from the golden basilica. Chen Dong was presumably locked in a bitter struggle. As he had Edgeless, keeping himself safe was probably possible. What Xia Fei was really worried about was if the shadow-type Divine Beast might be secretly taking what it wanted and then running away, which would be a huge loss. After all, it had so many clones that it could easily send off a few to get the treasure.

“Found it!” Phantom exclaimed. “I felt an energy pulse by the moat just now. Dolon’s main body should be somewhere there.”


Xia Fei immediately flew into the moat where Phantom indicated.

A monster was hiding behind a rock there, exposing a single pitch-black eye.

Dolon immediately noticed Xia Fei and frantically tried to run. After all, this was its main body, and once it was destroyed, no number of clones could save it.

At this time, Xia Fei finally saw the Dolon’s final form. It was an octopus with a single large black eye on the top of its head, an evil and wicked eye!

This eye was now stricken with panic. What Dolon feared the most was the Beast Spirit Codex, which Xia Fei knew. Shadow-type Divine Beasts specialized in cloning techniques, and Xia Fei knew that as well.

What sort of foe was this?!

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