Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 638 - The Smiling Buddha of Murder

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Chapter 638: The Smiling Buddha of Murder

“Bone-piercing Silver Needles!”

Chen Dong and the fat old man, who had frozen into a single block of transparent ice, were dropping from the sky. Suddenly, cracks appeared on the ice, as if the ice’s integrity was failing and about to shatter. In truth, this was the work of the Law of Matter, countless transparent needles emerging within the ice and stabbing into the old man’s body!

This had been an unfair battle from the start. The old man’s name was Sullivan, and he had the nickname of the Smiling Buddha of Murder. He was a level 6 Great Law Emperor and a master of the Law of Space.

A disciple trying to kill his master naturally could not go easy and would have to attack with all his strength!


Smiling Buddha of Murder Sullivan was in immense pain, and he threw aside all inhibitions to go on the attack!

Spatial fissures intersected in the sky, forming a bizarre cross. It was as if two lightning bolts, each ten-some kilometers long, had crossed paths, and the point of intersection was him and Chen Dong!


The ice shattered, Sullivan once more escaping from Chen Dong’s ice seal.

Sullivan’s fat face twisted in rage. If not for Chen Dong’s sneak attack, how could he, a Great Law Emperor, have been sealed by this puny Law of Ice?

Flipping his wrist, Sullivan produced a translucent black crystal skull.

“I’ll make you suffer an excruciating death! This is the price of your betrayal!”

He was truly the Smiling Buddha of Murder. Even now, his lips were still smiling.

The black crystal skull suddenly began to grow larger. A giant skull more than a hundred meters in diameters appeared, its eye sockets black and empty, brimming with killing energy!


The black crystal skull opened its mouth to consume Chen Dong!

At that moment, Chen Dong’s arms unleashed large quantities of ice energy, so cold that it was almost at absolute zero!

Like a fire engine opening the valve, a white column of water and mist spiraled out. This stopped the black skeleton from getting closer. Meanwhile, Chen Dong’s eyes widened with fear.

The black crystal skull Sullivan had just unleashed was a spatial killing weapon called the Bone-scraping Skeleton. When a person was consumed by it, from a living person, they would become a ball of blood and flesh no bigger than a pill!

Chen Dong was a strong man with a height of two meters. To compress him into the size of a pill by the immense power of the Law of Space was certain to be an indescribably painful experience. It was clear that the Smiling Buddha of Murder hated Chen Dong to his bones. This was the most torturous of killing weapons.

He felt that just killing Chen Dong was letting him off too easily. He wanted to torment him to death and ensure that not even a corpse would remain!

However, Chen Dong’s sneak attack had been very effective. Sullivan had yet to send the signal for reinforcements, but Xia Fei had taken less than a second to attack!

*Thump thump thump!*

The Ode of Hundred Spirits was the first to arrive, the triangular weapons howling through the air.

While using his left hand to deal with Chen Dong, Sullivan made a circle with his right hand; his Law of Space defenses immediately got to work, creating a powerful barrier that separated Xia Fei from Sullivan.


To Sullivan’s surprise, the Ode of Hundred Spirits did not look like it was not strong enough to break through the spatial barrier, but the triangular shards buried into the barrier like nails and began to emit powerful electromagnetic waves.

“Curses! Darkness metal!” Sullivan exclaimed. He noticed that his combat suit and his spatial compass were both getting hot and making unpleasant hissing sounds. They were being burned from the inside!

Darkness metal looked no different from any ordinary black alloy, and it was impossible to identify them until it unleashed its power. Only when his equipment was destroyed did Sullivan cry out in dismay.

The Ode of Hundred Spirits was not some assassination weapon. It existed to deal with enemy equipment. The strongest power of darkness metal was the electromagnetic storm. Once the one hundred triangular weapons arrived, an electromagnetic storm would ensue!


Chen Dong’s eyes turned red as he released more and more cold energy from his arms. The black crystal skull slowed down greatly in the face of this intense resistance. Alas, this only delayed things by less than a second.

Sullivan frowned. His spatial compass was destroyed; he could not get in touch with his comrades, and he was being attacked by both his disciple and Xia Fei. The situation looked grim.


He swept a hand through the air, opening a tunnel. Sullivan had decided to use the Law of Space to leave the battlefield and get some help. He was a Great Law Emperor and could freely travel through space. Although he could not travel as far as a spatial compass and it took a great deal of energy to do so, once he gathered enough people, he could take Xia Fei’s head and finish his mission.

Chen Dong and Xia Fei were madmen who cared little for their lives, and he had no need to lower himself to their level.

Xia Fei had seemingly given up on attacking Sullivan, turning in the air and lunging at that black crystal skull behind Chen Dong to try and save him.

“Hmph! Trying to break the Bone-scraping Skeleton? Keep dreaming!” Sullivan coldly snorted as he prepared to leave.

However, after taking half a step, he suddenly could not move; cold sweat broke out on his face.

At some point, Peacock Blue had coiled around his right leg like a giant snake!

The black spatial fissure was right in front of him, and Sullivan had already placed his head inside it, but Peacock Blue was dragging him back out! Chen Dong’s delay had caused Sullivan to end up in Peacock Blue’s attack range!

“Falling Leaves of Autumn’s Demise!”

Xia Fei’s palm was like a falling leaf that directly slapped against the left cheek of the black skull!

The power of the Law of Primal Chaos was fully unleashed!

Above him, Sullivan, who had been dragged out of the spatial fissure by Peacock Blue, used law energy to attack Peacock Blue!


Explosions resounded through the sky!

The results of these two clashes were instantly decided!

The left cheek of Sullivan’s Bone-scraping Skeleton was shattered by Xia Fei’s palm! As it flew past Chen Dong’s body and into the distance, cracking sounds could be heard from it. Cracks rapidly spread across the skull until it ultimately shattered into pieces!

As for Sullivan’s attack, it was clearly not that effective on Peacock Blue. Once one entered the attack radius of Peacock Blue, the universe’s most tenacious would induce disgust on its foe to death if it did not outright kill them!

The grass grew faster than Sullivan could attack. Though his law force obliterated all that it encountered, Peacock Blue relied on its astonishing tenacity to constantly pester its enemy. The stronger the enemy’s attacks were, the faster Peacock Blue would grow back!

It could not be killed and it could not be escaped from. Its endlessly vexing ability could vex the opponent to death!

Chen Dong, having barely survived, seemed very tired, and his body began to fall to the ground. He used the Law of Ice to seal the wound on his chest, while he pointed with one hand at Sullivan. He was telling Xia Fei that if this person did not die, neither of them would be able to survive.

Xia Fei did not go get Chen Dong. He knew that Chen Dong would not die that easily. This ironcast man had been a heaven-defying and absurd existence from the moment he had been born, tough as a nail!

In the sky, the Smiling Buddha of Murder was falling more and more into Peacock Blue’s grasp as he continued to attack, showing no sign of escaping.


“Chain Blockade!

“Falling Leaves of Autumn’s Demise!”

At this point, all that was left was to attack with full force. Protected by Edgeless, Xia Fei charged in!

Multiple-combination attack! A simultaneous attack from multiple angles and in multiple ways!

That ball of rainbow energy in his seventh brain region shattered. Besides helping Xia Fei advance, this external energy could serve as a reserve of energy. Once it was unleashed, Xia Fei’s power would instantly multiply!

This was a simple and effective way of rapidly shrinking the gap in power between him and high-rank experts. Once the energy ball shattered, Xia Fei’s offensive power was on par with a Law Emperor!

However, this sort of attack could only be used once. When the energy ran out, he would have to rely on the Blood Crystal to gather more energy. This method was not suited for long battles, but it was pretty good for instantly killing a single opponent.

Fortunately, Xia Fei currently had only one opponent!

The intense attack also engulfed Peacock Blue, but Peacock Blue was an Immemorial Mystical Armament. Even if it were torn to shreds, it could regrow through its astonishing tenacity, but Sullivan had only one life!

Sullivan was busy dealing with Peacock Blue, and he now had to deal with Xia Fei’s multiple attacks, which were bolstered by external energy. Xia Fei’s offensive was so powerful that it required all of Sullivan’s attention!



Xia Fei came right behind his attacks, plunging the Blood Crystal again and again into Sullivan’s body, each time draining him of his blood essence and driving him closer and closer to death!

“Are you okay?” Xia Fei landed on the ground and helped Chen Dong up.

“I’m fine.” Wiping some blood from his lips, Chen Dong asked, “I haven’t seen you in two years, and you’ve become so strong. Do you know who you killed?”


“The Smiling Buddha of Murder, Sullivan, a famous assassin of the Law Realm and my master.” Chen Dong felt a little ashamed as he spoke the word ‘master’. From this, it could be seen that his relationship with Sullivan had been very advantageous, certainly not as close as the one he shared with Xia Fei.

Xia Fei had a rather unsightly expression. With a bitter laugh, he said, “If not for my treasures, I mightn’t have been able to get that Smiling Buddha of Murder. Just like you, I’m rather badly injured.”

Saying this, Xia Fei took out a few bottles of medicine and gave some to Chen Dong. He helped bandage Chen Dong’s wound and also gave him Origin Crystals so that he could recover his energy.

Chen Dong had an extremely tough body. All that his external wounds did was to add another scar atop his wounds. In any case, he had innumerable scars, so he did not care about a few more.

After absorbing Sullivan’s Great Law Emperor energy, Xia Fe’s seventh brain region had become very restless. Another ball of rainbow energy had been collected. This was like a balloon with too much energy, liable to explode at any moment.

After all, this had been the lifelong cultivation of a Great Law Emperor, carrying far more energy than anything else Xia Fei had drained energy from thus far. Xia Fei was unsure when this energy ball might suddenly shatter, leading to his swift and painful death. This was the first time he had encountered such restless energy.

“Can you move?” Xia Fei asked.

Chen Dong clenched his teeth and then laughed. “It’s fine. I’m just injured. I grow from my pain and injury.”

“Good, then keep watch for me. I’m going to break through now.”

“Now?” Chen Dong asked in disbelief. He was so tired that he could die and was in immense pain, but Xia Fei wanted to break into the next rank right after the battle was over. This gap was a little too big.

“Yes, right now,” Xia Fei sternly said.

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