Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 1160 - The Fiend Clan, the Triclopian Soul Stealer  

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Chapter 1160: The Fiend Clan, the Triclopian Soul Stealer

“Where did Xia Fei go?!” Xia Guanghai asked hurriedly. At this moment, a lightning bolt cracked overhead, painting the faces of Fuchen and Xia Guanghai white as snow.

“Hurry up and look for him! Don’t just stand there!” Fuchen urged Xia Guanghai; at the same time, he grabbed his communication device and called Ulan.

“Come to my location at once,” Fuchen said with a frown.

“What happened?” Ulan was currently moving around his plants. As expected, Xia Fei had made huge advances, and the energy he had released was far greater than before, which had greatly benefited Ulan’s beloved plants.

“I’m afraid that Xia Fei is in trouble again.” Fuchen sighed.

“Again?!” Ulan asked in dismay and shock. He and Fuchen had not known Xia Fei for long, but they both knew that the young man frequently got himself into trouble.

However, no one had expected for trouble to come knocking only a few minutes after he left the Silver Specter.

“Nothing,” said Xia Guanghai in vexation, a nasty look on his face.

The slogan of the Skywing Clan was never to abandon and never to give up! Xia Guanghai was deeply upset over his powerlessness to do anything about Xia Fei’s disappearance. As for Oro going missing, he really did not take it to heart.

“I already tried everything. There must be some detail in this process that we’re not understanding. It’s the same Law of Space’s instant movement, so why is Xia Guanghai and I fine, while Xia Fei and Oro are gone?” Ulan muttered.

“You learned the Law of Space before becoming a Spiritualist, so shouldn’t I be the one asking you that question?” Fuchen grumbled.

Spiritualists fought using dark energy. All Spiritualists and Soul practitioners needed to learn a law to its apex before unlocking dark energy. From what Fuchen knew, Ulan had been a genius when it came to the Law of Space! Even when he was no Spiritualist, he had been a powerful master of it, a supreme expert at crafting spatial rings and other such storage devices.

This was exactly why Fuchen was so relaxed about letting Xia Fei do all this. He felt that there would be no problem as long as a Law of Space practitioner like Ulan was around. Alas, it turned out that this problem was something that even Ulan would be puzzled by!

“There are no clues! The problem is that there are no clues!” said Ulan somewhat frantically. “It’s not like I can pry space open! If some master had truly buried a hidden dimension here, they must have left behind some secret entrance. We can only follow the trail of those who came before us to try and get in.”

Fuchen shouted, “I don’t care! I know that you have the ability to create spatial storms. I need you to find that hidden dimension and destroy it so that Xia Fei and Oro can be released!”

Ulan had determined that there was definitely a hidden dimension in the vicinity; Xia Fei and Oro might have triggered some hidden mechanism, which whisked them away into a parallel space.

Ulan shook his head. “I can’t do that. Destroying another person’s dimension will twist space; the people and objects inside will get destroyed alongside.”

Fuchen was stunned to learn that destroying a hidden dimension would kill Xia Fei. He had not expected the problem to be this troublesome.

“Still, we can’t just do nothing as Xia Fei and Oro get stuck, can we?!” Fuchen asked.

Ulan replied, “Since they’re able to find a way in, I’m sure that they can find a way out.”

“If they don’t?” Fuchen asked.

Ulan’s words failed. It was very common for masters to create dimensions. After all, those who unlocked dark energy called themselves Founders precisely because they had the power to create worlds, dimensions. When subduing the Searing Eye, Ulan had made a parallel dimension, which had left Xia Fei amazed.

The person who designed a dimension naturally had the ability to limit the people who could go inside and to choose the activation conditions, and outsiders would find it very hard to guess at what these conditions and limits were.

Whether it was good luck or bad luck, Xia Fei and Oro had inexplicably entered this dimension. However, getting out would not be easy, and no one could say what they might encounter within, either.

As the three wondered about what they should do, Xia Guanghai said suddenly, “I think I’ve thought of something. Oro and Xia Fei have two areas that they share in common.”

Fuchen and Ulan quickly looked over. Xia Guanghai said, “First, Xia Fei’s and Oro’s instant movement isn’t perfect. For Xia Fei, it’s because he cultivates speed, and so when moving short distances, he doesn’t need to use instant movement, and so he hasn’t gotten much practice in it. As for Oro, it’s because he only started cultivating the Law of Space after the God and Demon Races merged, so his level is very low.

“Second, Oro was turned into a human from a Lionheart by Xia Fei’s method, which you already probably know, but what you don’t know is that Oro and Xia Fei have a mental connection that spans for a very wide range.”

Immediately after hearing all that, Fuchen nodded in agreement. “It makes sense—a lot of sense! This means that if we want to get into that hidden dimension like Xia Fei, we have to use these two clues! First, who’s worse at the Law of Space between the two of you?”

Ulan and Xia Guanghai were both in a difficult spot. They were both at a very high level, so it was very difficult to make them lower themselves. Occasionally exceeding their level was something they could do, but dropping it? Too hard.

Sighing, Fuchen asked, “Instant movement is so good, so who has a mental connection with Xia Fei?”

“Radix!” Xia Guanghai blurted out.


Everyone’s faces instantly darkened, for Radix had also vanished!

Fuchen and company finally knew what had happened to Xia Fei, but inside that hidden dimension, Xia Fei had already grasped what was going on a few minutes ago and even explained his analysis to Oro.

“So you’re saying that because we both are rather bad at instant movement, we inadvertently activated this hidden dimension, but because Xia Guanghai and the others are too good, they can’t get in?” Oro tilted his head and asked.

Xia Fei nodded. “It can’t be wrong. There’s no other explanation. If it’s because I’m a Spiritualist, then what about you? You still managed to get in, right? As for cultivation, you’re a Law God while I’m a level 4 Founder. In short, that’s the only thing we have in common, so it’s the key to unlocking this hidden dimension!”

Oro sighed. “I really don’t get it. What sort of person created this dimension? Our lack of perfection in instant movement became the key, but those at Xia Guanghai’s level can’t get in!”

This was when Oro laughed suddenly. He then said smugly, “If Xia Guanghai can’t get in while I can, doesn’t that mean I’m better than him?”

Xia Fei was rendered speechless. Oro was actually not that complicated. At a time like this, he was still bickering with Xia Guanghai in mind.

Standing up, Xia Fei looked around and said, “Someone who would design such a spatial entrance must have a very weird personality, so we’ve got to be careful.”

Oro also stood up and exhaled. “Alright! Since we’re already here, we might as well make ourselves at home. I’d like to see what’s so weird about the guy who made this weird space!”

The space was not particularly vast, but the passage had been designed like a maze, full of twists and turns. It was about two meters wide and two meters tall, like a square sewer, and all around them was darkness.

Xia Fei felt the darkness at their side and they went forward.

“There’s no need to be afraid. While this space is very stable, it can’t stop my Law of Primal Chaos. If it’s really no good, I can use it to make this space collapse!” Xia Fei said calmly.

Oro was startled, hastily asking, “What would happen to us if the space collapsed?”

“We might die,” replied Xia Fei simply.

Sticking out his tongue, Oro decided that it was better if the space was not collapsed. While he was in his human body, he had regained his throne. After spending so long with his pent-up frustration, Oro had once more welcomed days when he could hold his head high and flaunt his power.

Although he had a Seed of Life and could be reborn, this was an artificial parallel universe. Oro was unsure if he could be reborn from here. Moreover, once reborn, he would have to cultivate all over again, and he would be unable to raise his head in front of Xia Guanghai over the next few years; that guy would undoubtedly make fun of his low cultivation every day.

The maze-like passage stretched farther and farther. Xia Fei moved quicker and quicker, and Oro could barely keep up.

The air was abnormally oppressive, as cold and sinister as the nineteenth layer of hell!

It was easy for a person to become tense in this sealed and unknown space. It was terrifyingly silent, more horrifying than a vast army!

“This place is really creepy,” Oro said as he looked around. “It’s too oppressive here, a little similar to that energy you give off.”

Xia Fei said calmly, “You’re right. This is fiend energy.”


Deathly silence!

Amid this silence and darkness, the mention of fiend energy made Oro gasp.

Fiend energy was a manifestation of a person’s Inner Demon, a highly concentrated killing intent mixed with a particularly sinister and ruthless quality. It was a special method the Skywing Clan used to increase their aura. When the Skywing warriors unleashed their fiend energy, they would often fight with several times their combat strength! Fiend energy was one of the important reasons these madmen could often fight above their level.

Wherever this hidden dimension was, it was actually brimming with the same fiend energy that could be found on Xia Fei… What was going on here?!

Oro did not know, and Xia Fei was even more confused.

Besides the brothers of his clan, Xia Fei knew of only one person, or perhaps one soul, who had the same energy. This was Fuchen’s mysterious personal soul, Wraith!

Fuchen was very secretive when it came to Wraith, as though that rather shy spirit was hiding some enormous secret, and here Xia Fei was certain the energy around them was the same fiend energy he and Wraith possessed!

As they went farther and farther, the fiend energy thickened.

Xia Fei felt that even the fiend energy he released when going all-out could not match this fiend energy, but this was just an ordinary hidden dimension, so how could it compare to when he was fighting for his life? There was no doubt that the person who had created this dimension possessed unimaginably powerful fiend energy!


Light appeared, and their surroundings were no longer dark, but Xia Fei and Oro did not relax at all.

As they walked along the twisting passage, it felt like they were ascending through the levels of hell. It was only when they reached the top that they would get through this cruel trial!

Xia Fei, who was familiar with fiend energy, was in decent shape, but Oro’s complexion had already turned purple.

“Fiend Clan, the Triclopian Soul Stealer?” Xia Fei’s eyes erupted with a brilliant light as he muttered.

*Bang!* The dimension was suddenly completely sealed!

The long and oppressive path they had just walked to disappeared!

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