Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 1159 - The Riddle of the Solitary Eye!  

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Chapter 1159: The Riddle of the Solitary Eye!

That streak of light was none other than Xia Fei!

His speed was already at an indescribable height, impossible to see with the naked eye. This was because he had exceeded ten million meters per second, the result of reaching level 7 Law of Speed!

Xia Fei had started from the highest level of potential in the speed ability, so attaining level 7 Law of Speed meant reaching sixteen million meters per second of speed!

This was naturally a shocking number. Many other speed-type warriors could not even reach this speed at max level. Xia Fei had enormous potential; at level 7, he was able to reach heights that other people could not even at their peak, and Xia Fei was still advancing!

“Over ten million! Xia Fei’s speed is over ten million!” cried Xia Guanghai in shock. As a fellow speed warrior, he naturally knew what this speed meant to Xia Fei.

“It seems that Xia Fei managed to make a major breakthrough in the Law of Speed on this trip! He’s really something else! He broke past ten million yet didn’t even say anything! Anyone else would definitely have bragged for a few days. After all, this is one of the most difficult laws to cultivate!” Ulan shook his head and said.

Fuchen sighed and narrowed his eyes. “Xia Fei probably found it very normal and nothing to brag about.”

“Normal?!” Xia Guanghai raised his shoulders. “This isn’t normal at all, okay! It took me decades to break past ten million, yet Xia Fei only needed a few days! How the hell is that normal? In fact… for as long as I’ve known him, he’s never been normal.”

Xia Guanghai felt very helpless. The Skywing Clan was very formidable, their Law of Speed inheritance letting them appear as though they had wings on their backs and allowing them to traverse the heavens, but the number of Skywings who could actually reach more than ten million meters per second of speed could be counted with one’s fingers. Xia Fei now ranked in the top twenty fastest in the clan!

It had to be understood that Xia Guanghai was the youngest of these twenty, and the rest of them were all old monsters who had lived for eons! With Xia Fei’s name in the mix, he had broken the record for the youngest in history, and the one who had made this record was none other than Skywing Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng, the only other Fiendwing of the clan.

“Let’s go and see what Xia Fei has found,” Xia Guanghai said after his moment of melancholia. He grabbed Fuchen with one hand and Ulan with the other, prepared to take them over. As for Oro, Xia Guanghai did not even look at him. The two of them could not stand the sight of each other and argued from daybreak to sunset.

Ulan seemed to think of something and said in delight, “I’ll stay. Xia Fei has managed to advance what is known as the most difficult law of all, which is Speed. I’m assuming that my little babies have grown up rather well. No, I have to go and look at Xia Fei’s room at once.”

Ulan cared about his plants most of all, or else he would not have left his pagoda to run all over with Xia Fei. The Law of Speed was the most difficult to cultivate, and though Xia Fei did not say anything, he must have put in a lot of work. This was why Ulan was so anxious to see how his precious plants were doing.

Xia Guanghai nodded. It was also good to have someone protecting the Silver Specter. He turned to Oro, who said in disdain, “I have the Law of Space! I don’t need your help!”

After saying that, he used the Law of Space’s instant travel skill and disappeared on the spot.

Xia Guanghai smiled, then pulled on Fuchen, and took off after Xia Fei, his speed exceeding ten million meters per second.

It was also more than ten million, but Xia Guanghai was at level 8 Law of Speed. This was his limit, and he would find it very hard to get any farther in his lifetime. Xia Fei, in comparison, could go up two more levels! Xia Guanghai could not help but be depressed.

While everyone was being surprised over how Xia Fei had quietly increased his maximum speed, Xia Fei was standing at the base of a bald mountain.

The mountain was one hundred thousand meters tall and appeared to have been cut in half, a long, straight, and narrow canyon running through its middle.

A giant eye had been carved on each side of the canyon, angrily staring at each other, like two legendary cyclops.

The threatening dark clouds, which crackled with lightning and rumbled with thunder, gave the entire area a somber atmosphere.

Xia Fei could not help but frown. Those two eyes carved into the walls were very lifelike, and they even exuded faint killing intent! The weird eyes, coupled with this weird planet, made the entire place feel very oppressive. Xia Fei felt as though he were standing on some ancient battleground, and the rumbling thunder were the wardrums constantly being banged on. Those two focused eyes were two armies about to tear at each other!

Weapons clattered as ten thousand horses restlessly stirred!

“That’s the solitary eye!” Xia Guanghai, who had arrived with Fuchen, glanced at the eyes and remarked.

“There isn’t just one. I was on another planet and saw the same eye. These eyes were the reason Heaven’s Eye Mountain Constellation got that name. Still, this is the first time I’ve seen two eyes staring at each other.”

Fuchen looked up, gave the eyes a few glances, and struck himself in the mouth several times. “Xia Fei, don’t you feel that something is being suppressed? Is it spirit energy?”

Before Xia Fei could reply, Xia Guanghai said, “What spirit energy? Is there something else besides that deafening thunder?”

Xia Fei nodded. “I can sense it, too. It does seem like spirit energy is being suppressed.”

Xia Guanghai was momentarily rendered speechless. He then proceeded to ask, curious, “What nonsense are you two talking about? Everything feels completely normal to me.”

Xia Fei replied solemnly, “You’re no Spiritualist, so you can’t sense how weird this canyon is. The moment I entered, I felt the spirit energy in my seventh brain region being suppressed. In this place, it’s very difficult to use any techniques associated with spirit energy, as if some sort of seal is in place.”

In a flash, Lionheart Emperor Oro arrived at the scene.

The Law of Space were very apparent, what with its techniques akin to instant movement, but its weaknesses were also very obvious. Putting aside the consumption of energy, there was the distance limitation. Xia Fei got to this place with a simple sprint, but Oro had to use instant movement several times, and in the end, he had gotten so tired his face had turned green.

“Why didn’t you come with them?” Xia Fei asked.

Oro raised his head and replied in a voice dripping with scorn, “I must preserve the dignity of the Lionheart royalty! I won’t consort with some overly sensitive lowlife!”

Xia Guanghai glared and shouted, “Look at how tired you are, and as you deserve! Don’t think that you’re something just because you learned a little of the Law of Space! My Law of Speed is what happens when one reaches the absolute apex of it!

“Do you know why we Skywings never use instant movement? It’s because when our Law of Speed’s level is high enough, we can leave those people who use instant movement choking in our dust! What about your instant movement? It just tires one to death, angers you to death!”

Xia Guanghai had never been merciful with his tongue, and his jeering left Oro feeling extremely frustrated.

“Who said that?! Who said that I was tired?! I’m the emperor of the Lionheart Clan! I’ve got plenty of energy! Just you watch!”

Oro used instant movement again, trying to prove that he had the strength to use instant movement many more times. Alas, everyone could tell that he was just forcing it. Ever since Oro was turned into a human by Xia Fei, he had not had that thick layer of golden fur. Whether he was angry or embarrassed, it could all be seen on his face.

“Kid, watch closely!”

Oro was gone again…

Xia Fei and Fuchen felt very helpless about this situation. Xia Guanghai and Oro were like children, not adults who had lived for thousands of years, the way they quarreled over the smallest things.

Suddenly, Xia Fei, Fuchen, and Xia Guanghai all turned grave. They were highly ranked warriors with sharp senses and had instantly sensed that Oro was truly gone!

“Ocular Cognition!”

“Spirit energy scanning formation!”

“What’s going on? I’ll go look for him!”

At this critical moment, all three acted in unison. Xia Guanghai instantly charged into the valley, while Fuchen seated himself on the ground and radiated spirit energy. Meanwhile, Xia Fei jumped into the air and scanned with his Ocular Cognition.


“I don’t see anything!”

“How could Oro have just disappeared?!”

After around one minute, all three were left wide-eyed, depressed and confused.

Thinking about it, Xia Fei said sternly, “Even though Master Fuchen’s spirit energy is getting suppressed, my Ocular Cognition and Xia Guanghai’s speed aren’t affected in the slightest. If Oro were still here, there’s no way we wouldn’t be able to find him.”

“Maybe he felt embarrassed and went back to the ship?” Xia Guanghai asked.

“Impossible. He doesn’t have the energy to get back. Oro is far from his peak form, and besides, he cultivates the Law of Darkness and has only recently started learning the Law of Space. Given his current lack of learning, there’s no way he’d be able to move that far.”

Utilizing his sharp analytical skills, Xia Fei quickly rejected all these suppositions.

“Oro has to be within one hundred kilometers, or…”

“Or what?” Fuchen and Xia Guanghai asked hurriedly.

Xia Fei looked up at the pair of solitary eyes, his blood running cold.

This place was definitely strange!

“The Law of Space! It must be that law! Oro used the instant movement power of the Law of Space, but we didn’t. That’s the only thing different.” Xia Fei concluded.

Fuchen was taken aback. “You’re saying that because Oro used the Law of Space…”

Xia Fei nodded. “That’s truly a strange valley. No, we have to find him! Radix has already inexplicably disappeared; we can’t lose Oro, too.”

Strange incidents were occurring one by one, and after Radix, Oro had disappeared as well! Bizarre! Too bizarre!

“Tell us: What should we do?” Xia Guanghai frowned and asked. While he quarreled with Oro every day, when there was a real problem, he quickly cast aside all their bickering. The Skywings never gave up on their clan members, nor did they abandon their friends.

Looking around, Xia Fei ultimately rested his gaze on that giant eye.

“That’s the place! We’ll use the Law of Space here, too!” Xia Fei gritted his teeth and declared.

“It’s decided. Xia Guanghai and I will use the Law of Space’s instant movement while you stay with Ulan,” Xia Fei said.

Fuchen nodded. “No problem. I’ve never learned the Law of Space, but Ulan transferred over from the Space lineage. You can rest easy with the two of us here.”

Xia Guanghai frowned. “Do you think that using the Law of Space once like Oro will really do any good? Do you think something wicked is afoot here?”

Xia Fei replied calmly, “Maybe, maybe not. Trust in my conjectures. Using instant movement is our only clue.”

Xia Guanghai and Xia Fei stood at the entrance to the canyon, looked at each other, and then used instant movement at the same time. In truth, they had all learned the Law of Space and could use instant movement. It was just that the Skywing Clan’s speed was even more formidable, so they rarely used the Law of Space.

The two of them disappeared in front of Fuchen’s eyes, and a few seconds later, Xia Guanghai returned alone, saying in frustration, “It’s useless. I went to the other side of the valley and back.”


Xia Fei?!

Why did he not come back?!


At this moment, a lightning bolt cracked overhead, making the faces of Fuchen and Xia Guanghai turn as white as snow.

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