Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 783 - Outstanding Police Officers

Chapter 783: Outstanding Police Officers

The flames on Ghost Rider eroded under Blackheart’s blue mist and turned blue-black before suddenly disappearing.

The transformation was forcibly canceled by Blackheart, and Ghost Rider turned into Johnny once more.

Luke had already gotten up and quietly appeared outside Johnny’s room.

He couldn’t let them kill Ghost Rider, this free helper, so easily.

Blackheart looked at Johnny. “Now, you have to listen to me, or your girlfriend will die.”

Johnny gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything.

Blackheart said, “Find the contract of San Venganza and give it to me, and I’ll release your girlfriend.”

Johnny still didn’t say anything. He just stared at Blackheart with stubbornness in his eyes.

With a smile, Blackheart turned his head and gestured at Water Demon, who picked Roxanne up by the neck.

Roxanne immediately started to suffocate as she kicked her legs in the air. She couldn’t help but look at Johnny.

Johnny panicked. “Damn it, tell him to stop.”

Blackheart nodded, and Water Demon put Roxanne down, his hand still wrapped around her neck.

Blackheart reached out and patted Johnny’s face twice. “That’s right, little dog. Hurry up and get to work, or your girlfriend will continue to suffer.”

As he spoke, he kicked Johnny away and waved at Water Demon before they left with Roxanne.

Johnny gasped for breath in the corner for a long time before he finally recovered.

He struggled to get up, but before he could figure out what was going on, sirens rang out.

A moment later, a bunch of police officers rushed upstairs and arrested Johnny.

“Johnny Blaze, you are under arrest for suspicion of multiple homicides. Everything you say now can be used as evidence…”

Johnny: “…”

Luke was lost for words.

The person who led the charge into Johnny’s place was Jack Dolan, whom Drax had introduced to Luke. He was the superintendent of the Dallas Major Crimes Division, and was about the same rank as Dustin.

It wasn’t strange for him to arrest Johnny. After all, Jack was responsible for investigating the bar massacre.

But how had he found Johnny?

Although it was Blackheart who had killed all those people, Johnny was indeed connected to this case, and had even appeared at the factory murder scene.

The one thing that left Luke speechless was Jack’s timing.

Johnny still had to save his girlfriend, and Luke was about to find a chance to kill the two demons, when these police officers appeared.

They were always the last to clean up a mess, yet they were so outstanding this time! It didn’t make sense. A certain police detective without the least bit of self-awareness mocked other people as well as himself.

Johnny, who had just been beaten out of his Ghost Rider state by Blackheart, also despaired.

When the police flooded out of the building, he wanted to transform and escape, but it was as if Blackheart had sealed Ghost Rider away, and he couldn’t transform.

Actually, it was just that Johnny still wasn’t proficient at controlling Ghost Rider, and was too flustered to use it.

He was caught and escorted back to the police department.

After thinking for a moment, Luke didn’t go track down the two demons.

If they wanted the San Venganza contract and had taken Johnny’s girlfriend, Johnny would have to look for them sooner or later.

According to Blackheart, he was actually the son of the Lord of Hell, Mephisto.

Luke had fought Blackheart once, and found the guy very tough; he hadn’t suffered any obvious injuries even after Luke beat him up.

But Blackheart was different from Mephisto. He wasn’t a clone, and Daddy System wouldn’t necessarily take action.

If it wasn’t necessary, Luke didn’t want to use the system’s money-grubbing method.

Using strength to kill the enemy and earn the most profits was the optimal choice.

The best was still to let Ghost Rider and Blackheart fight it out; Luke would wait on the side for an opportunity.

When Johnny was escorted into the police car, Luke heard Jack instruct the police officers in the house to look for the vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

From their conversation, Luke learned that Jack had found Johnny’s motorcycle license plate at the factory and had come looking for him.

Luke was lost for words. How did the license plate fall off?

But he remembered that the motorcycle had yet to fully transform when Johnny had rushed to the factory last night. Strictly speaking, the license plate wasn’t a motorcycle part, but an external object, so it wasn’t surprising that it fell off.

Jack Dolan was related to Drax’s acquaintance, and Luke had no choice but to call Jack as Drax had instructed.

If Jack hadn’t found anything, he wouldn’t run into Blackheart, and wouldn’t be in danger.

There would be no need for Luke to make this call.

But now that Jack had found Johnny, he might suddenly lose his life.

Blackheart had even kidnapped Johnny’s girlfriend and told him to look for a contract.

Luke didn’t think that Blackheart would be that patient.

As the thoughts flew through Luke’s mind, his call with Jack ended in less than two minutes.

Putting down his phone, he sighed. “I’ve done my part to remind you. If you continue to investigate this, it’s your own bad luck if you wind up dead.”

From Jack’s tone, he knew that the other man didn’t take his suggestion to heart. This reminder was useless.

Luke had called purely to fulfill his grandfather’s instructions.

Jack didn’t listen. If he really wanted to die, that was his choice.

On the other side, at the police department, Jack put down his phone unhappily and mumbled to himself, “You’re just a kid. You’re so full of yourself after just being a detective for a few days, and you’re still trying to teach me how to solve a case? Every detective under me is better than you. Who are you saying isn’t a murderer, and you want me to let him go? Do you think you’re some great detective?”

After some taunts, Jack forgot about Luke, that insignificant kid, and returned to the interrogation room to continue pressing Johnny.

Based on the leads they had, Johnny was a big suspect.

Of course Jack had to make a breakthrough.

Also, if he sent this celebrity stuntman to prison, Jack’s resume would look even more eye-catching; this was more tempting than handing the case over to some FBI 17th Division.

What Jack didn’t know was that Johnny was no longer an ordinary celebrity stuntman.

Since last night, he had another identity — Ghost Rider.

Johnny knew very well that it was Blackheart who had killed those people.

Only a lunatic would dare take the blame for Blackheart’s massacre. That was close to twenty lives.

If Johnny acknowledged he was the murderer, he would probably have to stay away from America for the rest of his life.

Not long after, Johnny’s lawyer arrived.

As a famous stuntman in America, Johnny was quite rich.

The vintage and custom motorbikes in his house alone were worth more than a million dollars. It wasn’t hard for him to find a lawyer.

Faced with Johnny’s lawyer, it was hard for Jack to continue interrogating him.

In the end, he decided to stall for time. “Fine, that’s it for today. Edward, take this star to the temporary detention center and arrange a nice room for him.”

There was a meaningful tone in Jack’s voice when he said that.

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