Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 782 - Tough Guy or Scumbag

Chapter 782: Tough Guy or Scumbag

From the conversation between the old man and Johnny, Luke knew that Johnny wasn’t the first Ghost Rider; he was just the most recent one.

And Ghost Rider had a special trait, which was that he usually only appeared at night.

Johnny was just human during the day, and didn’t have Ghost Rider’s terrifying power.

In other words, Luke had nothing to do during the day.

He stretched and went downstairs for lunch.

The street below bustled with activity. There were police officers, forensic scientists, firefighters, reporters, and onlookers.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar person.

She wasn’t tall, had a wide girth, and was dressed a little eccentrically. She was the woman whom Ghost Rider had rescued from being robbed under the overpass last night.

She was a little plump and didn’t look very old.

She was being interviewed by a female reporter about her rescue last night. “…I’ll never forget him. He’s tall and a little thin… Right, he had a skull for a face, which was burning.”

Hearing that, both the female reporter and the cameraman’s lips twitched, but they still dutifully asked, “Burning?”

The fat girl nodded. “Yes, just like… poof.”

She gestured at her head with both hands, and simulated the sound of fire as she demonstrated that the flames indeed hadn’t been small. “…The fire was this big. Also, although it’s a little weird to say this, I think it’s very trendy-looking. It suits him, and he’s super handsome.”

The female reporter was still pretty calm after hearing that. After all, she was in front of the camera, and she could only try not to smile too big or laugh out loud. “It sounds… unbelievable.”

The cameraman’s face twitched.

The fat girl didn’t look like she had much taste in clothes. As expected, she was just a kid, yet she made up such a clumsy story to deceive people.

The female reporter decisively stopped the interview. “This is Roxanne Simpson, reporting at the scene.”

She thanked the fat girl again and left.

The cameraman kept the lens focused on the fat girl. He felt that such hilarious material could be kept even if it wasn’t aired.

It would definitely put him in a good mood whenever he took it out for a look.

The fat girl looked at the female reporter who was walking away, and then at the cameraman who was still filming her. She hesitated for a moment before she waved.

Thinking for a moment, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and tried to make a “cool” pose.

The cameraman couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Luke was amused.

Just because she was a little heavier and wasn’t dressed conventionally, she came across as childish. This girl was a little silly and cute.

He moved on, only to see Johnny and the female reporter together.

But it didn’t look like an interview, but like… a couple quarreling?

Interesting. Was this Ghost Rider’s girlfriend?

He sat in an old sandwich shop that was still open for business despite the broken windows, and ordered a lot of food and drink.

Pointing at a seat that had already been cleaned up next to the broken window looking out onto the street, Luke asked, “Can I sit there?”

“Sure, if you don’t think it’s too cold.” The boss wouldn’t object.

He didn’t know if his insurance company would be able to cover his losses, so he had to work harder to maintain his business.

Luke listened to the conversation between the police and the forensic scientists outside as he sat in this “al fresco seat” in the warm breeze.

In this way, he waited for the sun to set. Before Johnny transformed, however, a woman arrived at Johnny’s house.

This woman was of Latino descent. She was a favorite type, with plump and wide lips, and a curvy body.

Not only had Luke seen this woman on the news, she had interviewed the fat girl that afternoon. She was a famous TV anchor, Roxanne Simpson.

Then, she had quarreled with Johnny on the street earlier, and they parted on bad terms.

Was she really Ghost Rider’s girlfriend? Luke wondered.

It was dangerous for anyone to be his girlfriend.

Even if Luke had just killed Mephisto’s clone, people like the blue-skinned young man’s team of four and other criminals would still come after Ghost Rider.

If they couldn’t defeat Ghost Rider, they might take it out on his girlfriend, which was undoubtedly a good plan.

Implicating loved ones was a standard villain trick.

Looking at the surveillance video as the man and woman got closer and closer as they talked, Luke wondered if he should stop the surveillance.

What he was interested in was intelligence on Ghost Rider, not the man’s love life.

Given his advanced skills with his drone, he could watch as many free reality shows as he wanted; he had no interest in this at all.

But at that moment, Johnny pushed Roxanne away and rejected the beauty’s confession.

Luke was surprised. Was this guy a tough guy?

A moment later, in the face of Roxanne’s persistence, Johnny finally told her that he was Ghost Rider.

Luke immediately shook his head. Johnny, you really are a new Ghost Rider! How can you tell her something like that?

Roxanne didn’t believe him at all. She felt that it was a lie.

She hugged Johnny tightly and cried. “You liar, do you want to slip away again like you did back then? You said that you suddenly lost your memory and acted like a stranger. You rode off on your bike, but why didn’t you forget your precious motorcycle back then?”

Luke was surprised. Hey, Johnny, you’re not a tough guy; you’re a scumbag!

He made a simple deduction: Johnny forgot his lover when he lost his memory, but he didn’t forget his precious motorbike. Thus, the lover couldn’t compare with his motorbike.

He sighed, then his expression changed when he pulled up another surveillance video.

Blue Skin and Water Demon had appeared and were on their way upstairs.

While the dumb man and angry woman were entangled, Blue Skin suddenly appeared behind Johnny and grabbed his neck.

Roxanne, who was holding Johnny’s hand, was flung onto the couch. She looked at the situation in front of her in horror. She was about to scream, but the wet Water Demon grabbed her by the neck and stopped her from shouting.

“Blackheart!” Johnny shouted in shock and anger.

The blue-skinned Blackheart grinned hideously. “Surprise, Ghost Rider!”

Johnny struggled, and smoke burst out of his body before it turned into raging flames as he transformed more quickly than the first time round.

But Blackheart had the upper hand this time. When Johnny transformed, he smashed him to the ground, and a blue mist spread out from his hand to cover Ghost Rider’s head.

“You’re just a piece of trash. I don’t know why my father is so biased,” said Blackheart. “If he had given me this power, my plan would’ve been completed long ago.”

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