Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1692 - Feast, and Little Fatty's Cries

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Chapter 1692: Feast, and Little Fatty’s Cries

Now that Space 2 was bigger, Luke could do more with it.

Previously, he had stored a lot of big ice blocks in Space 1. Now, they were transferred to an empty “cell” in Space 2 to turn it into an artificial cold storage.

After he tossed the king crabs inside, the robots stabbed them to death one by one and threw them to the side.

Every few minutes, Luke would move the king crabs that had been killed back into Space 1 to ensure that they didn’t go bad.

This fully automatic process chain was a little tiring, but it was fun to play with once in a while. Plus, they were protecting the natural seabed environment.

All humans and other marine animals should thank him.

After all, king crabs were similar to wild boars in Texas, carp in the Great Lakes, and rabbits and camels in Australia.

When there were no natural enemies in their environment, it was easy for these creatures to reproduce. If there were too many of them, they really couldn’t be killed even if you had money.

Texan farm owners shot wild boars from helicopters, and large-scale fishing competitions were held at the Great Lakes.

The Australian government had been engaged in a century-long war with the rabbits. Now, it spent several hundred million to send people out every now and then to cull the wild camels which put pressure on the environment.


So, even if Luke caught all the king crabs here, other species of king crab would fluorish after a few years.

There were few marine creatures who could eat king crabs in the first place.

In the name of environmental protection, Luke swam over this mass of king crabs with Selina and put the big ones into his inventory.

There was no way he could collect them all.

No matter how powerful his Mental Strength was, and no matter how fast he could recover with his Self-Healing, collecting a million king crabs would tire him to death.

Selina also took out a collapsible spear and casually stabbed at the king crabs she passed.

After a while, she realized that there were basically no other sea creatures on this seabed apart from the king crabs.

Fish could still run, but a lot of others couldn’t run in time and were eaten up.

In the end, they arrived at a dark trench.

Even Luke didn’t know how deep the trench was.

But next to Cape Horn which they had passed a few days ago was the famous Drake Passage. It had a minimum depth of 2,800 meters and a maximum depth of 5,800 meters.

A depth of 2,000 to 3,000 meters was nothing.

Luke was about to go back.

Selina suddenly said, “Look, that one’s huge.”

Luke turned around and saw a gigantic king crab strutting around near the trench several hundred meters away.

He smacked his lips. “That… would probably be enough for the three of us.”

Selina grew excited. “Then we’ll eat that today.”

As she spoke, she charged forward and pierced this king of all king crabs with her spear, before she slung the spear over her shoulder and drifted up to the surface.

Amused, Luke followed her.

On the seabed below, the current which Selina kicked up with her actions swept a huge bunch of the king crabs nearby into the pitch-black trench, and they disappeared without a trace.

Further away, four large and one small killer whales were happily hunting seals.

Everything was peaceful.

A moment later, an ice house with optical camouflage was standing on the ice.

Luke and Selina started cooking.

For someone with an arc reactor, ordinary energy demands weren’t a problem.

Luke, this DIY expert, had long invented a nuclear-powered stove, but had yet to find a chance to use it.

After expanding the stove’s surface, it wasn’t a problem to place a bigger metal pot on it.

The stove was set up in this ice house that was five meters in length, width and height.

The meat of a king crab was mainly in the legs and the parts that connected the legs to the body. The shell was too big, and the roe inside might contain elements of heavy metal, so Luke simply threw them away.

Even then, the king crab’s six legs weighed more than 25 kg altogether – only three could be put into the big pot to steam at a time.

Steam rose, and the crab legs turned a tempting orange.

Gold Nugget couldn’t be bothered to swallow its saliva anymore, and simply let it drip onto the ice.

Fortunately, Selina had anticipated this, and arranged for the guy to sit opposite them.

Of course, she couldn’t stop swallowing her saliva herself. This was a super king crab that hadn’t cost anything – even if you had money, it would be difficult to eat something like this in America.

Luke didn’t torture them. Once he felt they were pretty much done, he took the crab legs out and then steamed the other three.

Everyone got one crab leg each. That was more or less enough for him and Selina. Gold Nugget, however, would definitely be able to eat all six legs, and very quickly at that.

Sure enough, Gold Nugget looked at Luke impatiently.

Selina said that everybody had to eat together.

Luke took out a few bottles of a soy sauce and Cola mix from his inventory and poured them into a big bowl.

Then, he took out a few extra dips for himself and Selina, including the ginger, white vinegar, sesame oil and soy sauce combo that was most frequently used in China.

Picking up the cooked crab leg, he cleanly gave the order: “Okay, everybody, let’s eat.”

The sound of them gobbling down the food rang out, and for the next few minutes, there were only Selina’s exclamations and Luke’s casual murmurs of agreement.

Gold Nugget’s mouth didn’t stop moving. There were still three more legs steaming in the pot.

Half an hour later, Luke and Selina were lying side by side on an ice couch as they looked at the deep blue ocean and the icebergs outside. They chatted idly, and would pick up crab meat from time to time to dip in spicy sauce and eat.

Luke had used a traditional Chinese dip while Selina had used a sweet-and-sour American dip for their first crab legs.

At that moment, the two of them were 70% full, and were sharing a third crab leg.

In front of Gold Nugget were three basins with three different dips.

It had used up the soy sauce and Coke sauce for its first two crab legs, and was now eating a third crab leg.

There were too many options today, and the dog head was a little busy.

Selina had yet to finish enjoying the feast of crab meat, when she recalled the fish. “I really can’t eat that fish?”

Luke said helplessly, “The killer whales are so cute – why would you eat them?”

Selina nodded regretfully. “I’m just curious.”

Luke chuckled. “Do you want to try seal meat?”

Looking at the half-eaten seal in the corner, Selina shook her head decisively. “Gold Nugget can have it.”

Looking at Luke’s face, she was sure it was a trap somehow.

Luke didn’t think much of it and stored the half-eaten seal in his inventory.

This time, he didn’t hide the matter of his inventory from Selina. He simply said that it was his superpower.

Wasn’t Daddy System his superpower?

Selina and Gold Nugget were surprised, but not overly so.

It was hard to survive in this world without superpowers.

Instead, what delighted the two gluttons the most… was that they didn’t have to worry about going hungry anymore when they followed Luke.

In this beautiful atmosphere, a black and white figure jumped out of the ocean and made anxious “whining” sounds.

Gold Nugget turned its head in astonishment. What the hell? This guy is actually stealing my lines?

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