Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1620 - You’re My Father?

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Chapter 1620 You’re My Father?

With just a piano and light drum accompaniment, Claire’s voice was very clear.

Looking at the cruel scene of revenge that was playing out in the dim church, Luke suddenly lost interest.

It was Alessa who had created this bloody scene, and it was Dahlia herself who had created this demon.

Dahlia had been the villain in the past, and the young Alessa was innocent.

But now, Alessa’s name was so dark red it was almost black; that meant that she had become as evil as Dahlia.

She had even pulled in her foster mother and turned her into an evil spirit.

There was nothing wrong with revenge, but no innocent person wanted to be a “tool” for the instigator.

Using innocent lives for the sake of revenge wasn’t worth anyone’s sympathy. It was like that saying: A lot of people would one day look back to realize that they had turned into what they hated the most.

Gradually, the screams stopped.

After the culprit, Dahlia, was pierced and torn into pieces by the barbed wires, no more screams rang out in the church.

Lying on the bed, Alessa laughed soundlessly as the barb wires slowly brought her back down into the hole.

The church door opened at that moment, and the barbed wires took Rose and Sharon out of the church. Rose’s injured palm had already recovered.

Apart from being covered in blood, the mother and daughter were unharmed.

The barbed wires put them down outside the church and retreated back inside, and the door closed.

Sharon tugged at the bewildered Rose. “Mom, I want to go home.”

Rose nodded and took her daughter’s hand as they walked down the church steps.

At that moment, the darkness outside the church had retreated, and the world was covered in white ash once more

Retracing the route, Rose slowly moved forward.

The mother and daughter left shallow footprints in the snow-like ash and soon disappeared into the fog.

Luke, who remained inside the church, couldn’t help but murmur, “Sure enough, it’s human nature to be petty.”

In front of him, the church, the bloodstains and overturned pews had been restored./ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

The locals who had been torn apart and killed by the barbed wires were completely fine again.

When everything was restored to a certain point, time “flowed” normally again in the church.

It was as if the “resurrected” locals had completely forgotten what just happened.

Chatting to each other like before, they then opened the church door and went out in search of food and necessities.

On the second floor, Luke turned around after a brief silence to look at the figure wrapped in dark gray bandages next to him. “You could’ve still played around with these dolls without Rose. Why did you drag her into this hell?”

Alessa had quietly appeared next to Luke as the church returned to its original state, and watched with him as the world “rebooted.”

After a brief silence, Alessa finally said, “Only when she brought me into this church did this world completely become mine.”

Luke was deep in thought. In other words, Rose had been indispensable.

Alessa could now “rewind” time. Had her strength increased because she had “defeated” this church or completed her revenge?

Alessa continued, “She’s my mother. She said she would always be with me.”

Luke shook his head. Rose has a husband. Even if she wanted to stay, it would be with that ordinary girl, Sharon, and not with you in this weird world.

Alessa stared at him. “You have to stay with me too.”

Luke was curious. “Why?”

Alessa said, “You saved Mom and me and helped me get my revenge. I like you.”

Luke tilted his head. “But I have a girlfriend.”

Elsa narrowed her eyes. “No, you don’t. You’ll be my father from now on. You can only sleep with my mother. You’ll stay here with me forever!”

Luke was lost for words.

Girl! Listen to what you’re saying. Rose doesn’t sound like a mother, but more like a tool that you can make into whatever you want. Luke smiled inwardly. Sure enough, it was easy for people to become what they detested the most.

Sighing inwardly, he murmured, “At the end of life, fall into this prison and endure neverending pain.”

Alessa was at a loss. Can you speak English? I don’t understand foreign languages!

The next moment, Luke’s arm flashed with a golden light.

Alessa gave a wretched scream as a thin golden line appeared on her neck.

A golden light exploded in front of her eyes, as Luke’s faith-infused telekinesis turned into a knife in his left hand, which he used to cut Alessa into countless pieces.

“You’re a bad person too!” She glared at Luke through the golden grid her face had become. “You should die, just like them.”

With that, her body collapsed into countless golden pieces that quickly disappeared into thin air.

System: Destroy the first doppelganger of the evil spirit, Alessa. Mission accomplished.

Luke: ..Fine, she wasn’t an idiot. She had a doppelganger too.

Looking at the remaining 2,000 faith points in the system, Luke confirmed that this girl was indeed very hard to kill.

Killing one doppelganger had cost him almost 5,000 faith points.

Then, was the girl with disheveled hair another doppelganger? And was Rose’s daughter, Sharon, another?

It didn’t seem it would be easy to kill all of them. Pondering these questions, Luke left the church.

Hearing the scream, the locals looked at the second floor in fear, but didn’t notice anything unusual.

Luke had just reached the church entrance, when darkness fell.

There was no air siren, nor any gradual change in the sky – the town was plunged into darkness at once.

Looking at the situation, Alessa hadn’t been lying when she said that she could now control the world after breaking into the church.

Summoning the darkness in seconds was indeed a lot more impressive.

The monsters that had disappeared in the white and gray setting now swarmed out of the dark corners around them.

All sorts of noises rang out, along with a few screams. Clearly, the locals who had gone out to look for food were being killed again.

Luke snorted and slowly walked down the church steps.

At the same time, he reached behind his cape and took out the special Gatling gun.

This Gatling gun, which he had specially modified, could be held in one hand and swung around nimbly in a battle suit. It was truly a top-notch weapon for crowd control.

Luke had taken it out mainly to save time.

It was very tiring to reload a Gatling gun, and even more tiring to reload it indefinitely. He wasn’t interested in playing with the monsters in front of him.

There was a mechanical whirr as the six barrels started to spin.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The gunfire from a Gatling gun rang out for the first time in this strange world.

The swarm of monsters instantly exploded into countless black and red splatters.

Luke didn’t worry about conserving bullets at all.

As someone who could swing a Gatling gun around with one hand, he could carry thousands of bullets with the other.

At first glance, V looked like an old farmer spraying pesticide with one hand while holding the pesticide container with the other.

The “pests” were cut down in the line of fire.

Wave after wave dropped on both ends of the street in front of the church, and the bodies quickly piled up.

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