Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1619 - Revenge of the Non-living

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Chapter 1619 Revenge of the Non-living

The barbed wires lifted Dahlia into the air so that she was level with the mummy on the bed.

At that moment, Dahlia’s face was twisted with terror. She was no longer as righteous and calm as when she had been burning the “demon.”

Below her, seven to eight sharp barb wires tangled together and pierced her.

There was a miserable cry as blood rained down in a red mist.

Luke was utterly unmoved as he looked at the woman who looked like she was being cut up by a dozen chainsaws.

The rest of the barbed wires spread out and wrapped around the locals, who couldn’t escape.

The entire church was filled with mournful cries, as if this was hell.

Was this a cruel scene? It did look cruel.

But Luke didn’t move.

That was because he was the only living person here.

Whether it was the “person” on the hospital bed, the mother and daughter, the girl with the disheveled hair, or the locals who were wrapped up in barbed wire, they were all neither real nor fake, like this entire strange town.

When he entered the church, the locals in the system panel all had the tag “evil spirit” after their names.

So, they weren’t human at all.

That was why he had used his faith value when he killed the first man.

Otherwise, even if he blew up the other party’s head with a gun, the man might be up and about again the next day.

That was why he had used guns to kill the monsters outside.

After all, if he wasn’t getting any experience and credit points in return, using faith value was a pure loss.

When Luke left the first time, he had asked Rose if she wanted to leave with him, which was the last chance he had been giving her.

If Rose wouldn’t leave, then it was up to fate.

Luke couldn’t risk Stacy’s life to save a stranger.

When he saw Rose again after he returned, her name also had an “evil spirit” tag on it.

From what the girl said, it was clear that she had successfully turned Rose into an evil spirit while Luke had been away, in order to destroy the church for the sake of the little girl’s revenge.

Rose might have been tricked, but there was nothing Luke could do./ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Killing people, ghosts and demons might still be doable for him, but to turn an evil spirit back into a human? Sorry, there was no such method in Demonology or Black Magic Knowledge.

There were ways to turn evil spirits into puppets and servants, but the methods were inhumane.

Killing countless people to save one person? Sorry, Luke wasn’t that big-hearted.

The locals were all evil spirits who were bright red in the system. Rose, as the only other outsider apart from Luke, was a “means of transport” for the mummy on the hospital bed.

Coupled with what his main body had uncovered about what happened in this town in the 1960s or 1970s, the story was basically clear.

In the 1960s or 1970s, under Dahlia’s leadership, this group of locals set up a religious group.

As a way to unite and rope in members, Talia labeled the “cheap and slutty” women in town as witches.

She then held secret gatherings again and again to “purify” these “witches” — that was, burn them to death.

The residents who attended this ritual became accomplices and could only join the cult.

One day, Dahlia’s sister gave birth to a little girl out of wedlock.

This was a major blow to her prestige.

She had killed women for seducing the husbands of others, while her own sister gave birth out of wedlock.

By the time the little girl, Alessa, was old enough to attend primary school, Talia finally couldn’t take it anymore, and put her “niece” into a furnace to “purify” her.

In the end, there was an accident, and the overturned furnace caused a huge fire which ultimately ignited the coal vein which ran under the town.

A lot of people died in this disaster, and the survivors couldn’t live in a place filled with poisonous gas. They all moved away, and the town was abandoned.

What the outside world didn’t know was that during the fire, the little girl who had been “purified” awakened as a “demon” due to her pain and despair.

She created an enormous mental energy field and pulled in the local believers whom she hated, creating this silent gray and black setting

In fact, both Alessa and the locals had died in the big fire back then.

It was Alessa who used her terrifying mental ability to “preserve” herself and these people in this half-real world.

These people always had food when they went out and could always find something to wear.

For decades, they didn’t have to worry about food or sanitation, because they didn’t realize how “illogical” all of this was.

It was just like how it was very normal for supplies and monsters to be “refreshed” in a game.

Of course, Luke didn’t know everything about what happened after the fire.

The real files showed that a lot of people had died in the town, including the little girl and the old woman, Dahlia.

But he guessed that the “locals” in front of him had become evil spirits here ever since the fire 30 years ago.

Everybody here, except for Rose, was a bright red.

Alessa and Dahlia’s names were so dark red that they were almost black.

Rose hid in one corner while Alessa targeted everyone else.

Mm, including Luke. But the barbed wires couldn’t do anything to him.

He simply drew a knife from his waist and cut the wires that got too close.

Alessa subconsciously glanced at him, but immediately looked away.

She longed for revenge more than to deal with this strange outsider. Alessa had pulled these people into this world.

This world, however, had its own properties. She was very weak in this white and gray setting

She was very strong in the dark, but was unable to break through this group’s mad faith and enter the church.

It was always easier for a solid fortress to fall from the inside.

In the end, she found Rose, this “delivery employee,” and tried using her to smuggle inside.

Although there had been a snag in her plan, the unexpected outsider hadn’t stopped her from entering

Now, she wanted to savor this wonderful moment of revenge.

Blood and screams filled the air.

Dahlia had been turned into a sieve by countless barbed wires.

If this was the real world, she would’ve died a hundred times over. In this world, however, she couldn’t die. She could only hang in the air and endure the punishment of being shredded to pieces.

Apart from screaming, the old woman couldn’t do anything else.

Sharon, Rose’s daughter, stood quietly under Dahlia.

She raised her head and smiled. Blood dripped onto her face, and she suddenly giggled and twirled around in circles with outstretched hands.

Her laughter was extremely happy and innocent.

Luke raised an eyebrow and pondered for a moment. “Victoria, play a song.”

The A.I. program, Victoria, asked, “Sir, what song should I play?”

Luke said, “The nursery rhyme from a few days ago.”

Victoria said, “Yes, sir.”

There was the sound of a piano, and Claire’s clear and young voice rang out. “Ding dong, I know you can hear me, open up the door…”

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