Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1384 - CEO, Deputy Commissioner, and Donation

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Chapter 1384: CEO, Deputy Commissioner, and Donation

Looking at the intelligence, Luke clicked his tongue in wonder. “He’s relying on gang business to make money and prop up his high-tech company. This CEO Sacks and the leader of the Foot Clan are quite talented.”

Selina said, “Are you kidding me? This company’s products are quite popular, and it has some connections with the military and NYPD. Huh? Wait, look at this photo…”

Luke stared at the photo and looked at the timestamp. “It’s the day we went to the party at the Soderberg villa. CEO Sacks and Deputy Commissioner Brad seem to be quite close?”

Selina was also a little surprised. After thinking for a bit, she recalled something. “This photo was uploaded ten minutes before we arrived at the villa. We didn’t see them after that, did we?”

Little Snail checked the travel records and videos of the two police officers. A few seconds later, it answered, “No. Shall I track their whereabouts that night?”

Luke nodded. “Find out what they were doing.”

Little Snail: “There are only two photos of them meeting. However, Eric and Brad left the villa in their respective cars at the same time 37 minutes later.”

“37 minutes?” Selina thought for a moment. “Then, where was Chief Nelson?”

Little Snail: “Ten minutes before that, he left the hall with that waitress and headed for Villa B. At a normal walking speed, Chief Nelson would have reached the crime scene by then.”

Selina turned to look at Luke. “What do you think?”

Luke pondered for a moment before he said, “Nelson was tested at the hospital. There was indeed a hallucinogen in his system; it’s quite popular among young people.”

Selina tapped a few times on the tablet in her hand. “This hallucinogen is a chemical product. As long as you can manufacture it, the profits for it are much higher than for weed or meth crystals. A fair bit of the goods delivered via the speedboats consisted of this.”

Luke narrowed his eyes. “Little Snail, check if there are any other connections between Sacks and Brade, such as them attending similar events.”

Little Snail: “Yes, sir.” With that, it considerately created a screen on the side to add relevant information at any time.

With soft and gentle “dings,” messages popped up one after another.

They had been at the same gatherings before, though there was photo evidence for only some of them.

However, there were a few photos of the two of them chatting in private situations.

In less than five minutes, Little Snail had already listed more than a dozen relevant incidents.

Selina clicked her tongue. “It seems that Deputy Commissioner Brad and CEO Sacks really are… gay?”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Just say that it’s a collusion between money and power. Don’t slander gay people. That’s a personal choice and not against the law.”

Selina ignored him. “That night… could it be that Brad asked Sacks to help frame Chief Nelson?”

Luke nodded. “There’s no evidence, but like Dustin said, they have motive and the ability; it would be strange if it wasn’t him. However, Brad is doing this for the position of commissioner, so why is CEO Sacks doing this? Is the position of NYPD commissioner very important to him?”

As he pondered that, he said, “Little Snail, has Brad done anything big recently? Prioritize things related to Sacks Industries.”

Little Snail: “Sacks donated a lot to NYPD through Deputy Commissioner Brad in recent months, in the form of street surveillance and alarm systems which have been installed in Queens and Brooklyn to increase security on the main streets.”

Selina was stumped. “How good of CEO Sacks to contribute to law and order in New York.”

Luke said, “Mark the surveillance cameras on a map. Let me have a look.”

Soon, a large number of red dots appeared on a virtual map of New York. It was basically the same as what Little Snail had said. They were distributed along the streets and at main traffic points. There was nothing strange about it.

Luke was too lazy to move. His clone, who was on the edge of Queens, went out to check some of the cameras, but still didn’t find anything unusual.

Thinking for a moment, he called Elizabeth.

This “student” was responsible for gathering intelligence at HQ, and the surveillance cameras were one of the things she was responsible for.

While he started out by asking if she had taken off from work and was resting, Elizabeth said, “Luke, you calling me so late can only be about work. Tell me, what do you want to know?”

Selina burst out laughing.

Of course, she knew what Elizabeth was thinking.

As someone with the best constitution, she remembered a lot more secrets from their girls’ drinking sessions compared with Elizabeth and Elsa when they were drunk.

In his previous life, Luke had been a man with no money or power. In this life, he was rich, powerful, and even more handsome; there was no fear of him not having a girlfriend.

He immediately asked about the donated surveillance cameras.

“It’s true. Also, a lot of people have been transferred to my department because of these surveillance cameras.” Elizabeth didn’t even need to check the information she had on hand. “Hm, I also heard from Elsa that some of them were brought in by Brad. After all, he was the contact for the donation from Sacks Industries. Because of this donation, he and the big boss of the Internet department have become a lot closer recently.”

Luke and Selina looked at each other and realized what was going on.

As one of the few “students” whom Luke had acknowledged, Elizabeth had obtained a lot of learning materials and programming practice from him after joining the Internet department.

As an insider, she knew more about the Internet than her boss.

“Are these people eating for free?” he asked.

“That’s right. They set up another system outside the original online information-gathering system.” Elizabeth chuckled. “On the surface, these people claim that it’s because the hardware and programs aren’t compatible; they’ve completely fooled the bigshots who don’t know anything about technology. In fact, not only is this new system separate from the original system, it can also use all the resources of the original system at any time.”

Luke couldn’t help but laugh. “Doesn’t the big boss of the Internet department know that this is equivalent to his daughter getting a ‘godfather’?”

Elizabeth said, “He’s not in charge of the detailed work, and he’s been close to Brad recently. I haven’t said anything. Who else would be dumb enough to?”

Luke thought it made sense.

Brad’s men had taken over half of the Internet department; could it be that the department boss had no idea?

Moreover, those who knew technology didn’t have enough influence, and those who did have enough influence didn’t know technology, so it was normal that nobody said anything.

After getting this information, Luke thanked Elizabeth and told her to keep her head down, before he hung up.

Selina had already checked the situation in NYPD’s database. “There’s nothing unusual. Although it’s a separate surveillance system, what’s the point?”

“It’s indeed meaningless to NYPD.” Luke looked at the data for a moment before he nodded. “However, that CEO Sacks doesn’t seem like someone who feels strongly about charity. This system definitely has some other use for him.”

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