Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1354: What On Earth Did I Say?

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Chapter 1354: What On Earth Did I Say?

Even if he was panicking, he had to remain calm on the surface! He couldn’t give the other party a chance to see through him, Flegg warned himself.

The next moment, Luke appeared in front of him, and Flegg felt a slight pain in his neck.

He stared blankly at the black figure in front of him. “You…”

Luke said, “Sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

Relying on his willpower, Flegg’s body, which had been through a lot, successfully resisted the sedative… for 20 seconds.

Then, he collapsed weakly on the couch.

Luke shook his head helplessly. “You actually didn’t say something like ‘even if you beat me to death, I won’t say anything.’ Sure enough, soldiers aren’t good at acting. How boring.”

Whatever line Flegg spouted, however, he still wouldn’t have been able to escape this shot.

Luke really was in a hurry.

Flegg had a strong will and was well-trained, but Luke was now a true master of “persuasion.”

Putting aside the minimum requirements for “physical persuasion,” he also had the mid-grade technical combo of Basic Psychology + Basic Hypnosis + inducer, as well as the high-grade technical combo + Mental Communication.

If the target was a woman, Luke could also add Elementary Pheromone Control to create the supreme persuasion method.

Flegg should be glad that he was a man. Luke couldn’t use the supreme persuasion method on him. Nevertheless, the high-grade technique + super abilities persuasion combo quickly made this elite soldier lose his will to resist.

These professional soldiers had plenty of mental weaknesses, and it wasn’t hard to break through their defenses.

In fact, only Frank Castle, that cheap uncle, was a terrifying existence with a will that couldn’t be shaken.

Of course, it was also because Luke didn’t want to use too violent a method, which would cause more problems for Frank’s mental state.

So, it was easiest for him to deal with bad eggs; it was honest acquaintances like Flegg who were actually the most troublesome.

An hour later, Luke retreated.

Ten minutes later, Flegg opened his eyes wide.

Stunned for half a second, he suddenly jolted and stood up. He looked around, but didn’t see the person.

He immediately checked his surveillance system. He could tell from the video of the living room that it hadn’t been an illusion.

The surveillance camera in the living room hadn’t worked for the last hour. Even the camera had been adjusted so that the couch couldn’t be seen.

If Batman really did get some information from him, Flegg didn’t think it was a small matter.

Suddenly, he understood why his boss was so wary of Batman.

That was because they had done a lot of things which Batman absolutely couldn’t know about.

If someone as righteous as Batman would break the fingers of looters as punishment, then the Joint Research Unit should be pulverized.

Thinking about Batman’s possible purge, Flegg’s forehead and back were drenched in sweat. It was as if he was in hell, and his mind was in a mess.

Wait! Wait! He suddenly thought of something. Why am I fine?

If it wasn’t for Batman’s principle of not killing people, he felt that he should have been killed on the spot.

But not only was he still alive, he didn’t even have a broken finger.

Was Batman not that impartial, and would show leniency to someone like him who worked for the country?

This unrealistic hope flashed through Flegg’s mind; he could only assume that this was the case.

As for sending a message to his superior? If he was that stupid, he would have died a hundred times over.

Putting this aside, there was no way he could confess to his boss about the shady information he had learned on his missions as well as his private dealings with various forces.

Although he dared to declare on his conscience that he hadn’t profited from these things, who would believe him?

The problem was that the Joint Advanced Research Unit couldn’t be washed clean; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a secret organization.

Even if he told his boss that Batman might have gotten a lot of information from him, his boss wouldn’t be able to clean up everything.

The Joint Advanced Research Unit had one billion in funding, more than ten bases, hundreds of researchers, and hundreds of combatants.

Any operation involved burning funds.

Even if their boss believed Flegg’s warning and immediately cleaned things up, they would lose hundreds of millions of dollars at the very least.

If Batman ultimately never showed up or only did so a few months down the road, Flegg and his boss would definitely have to step down.

His boss might have many ways to preserve her life, and could wait to make a comeback.

People like Flegg, on the other hand, would definitely be on the list of “casualties.”

At that time, his parents would get nothing but a death notice and a 50-cent bronze badge.

The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt. He scratched his head in despair. “My god, what on earth did I say?”

Luke left D.C. feeling both pleased and regretful.

The situation wasn’t as bad as Flegg thought; Luke wasn’t someone who utterly abhorred and would take down evil.

There were too many bad guys in this world. Amanda Waller, Flegg’s boss, wasn’t the first or the worst.

This person wasn’t even in the top ten of people he had to kill on this blacklist.

Amanda was very cautious.

Her whereabouts and appearance were classified, and so was any information on her. She rarely stopped by any particular base.

If he hadn’t asked Flegg about this person, it was as if she didn’t exist.

According to Flegg, Amanda Waller was from the U.S. Department of Defense, but it was unknown which division she was from.

Luke didn’t find any information on her in the public information on the Department of Defense.

Bosses in real life weren’t stupid! Luke sighed inwardly.

Even William Stryker of Sentinel Services had been a very cautious and invisible person.

The only thing he hadn’t expected was that Luke would actually “steal” a brainwashed Alice from the base and track him down through her.

The key to Luke’s success wasn’t just his combat ability, but also the effects of Space 2 and Elementary Pheromone Control.

In short, William Stryker died because a certain person had used a cheat.

Compared with Sentinel Services, which was a small force, the Joint Advanced Research Unit’s power was much more terrifying.

This was a long-term project that involved the military and multiple organizations.

Flegg had been from the army, and had then transferred to the Marines. He also accepted an overseas defense contract from the CIA, and worked nominally as a mercenary for a few years.

After many years of trials and training, he was recalled to the Joint Advanced Research Unit and became a deputy leader in the operations division. He had more than a hundred combat soldiers under him.

There were also three other deputy leaders who controlled three other operations teams similar to his.

The leader of the operations division had double the amount of direct subordinates under him.

Luke couldn’t touch these people, at least not in America.

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