Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 297 - Since He Was Rich, He Would Always Be Right

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Chapter 297: Since He Was Rich, He Would Always Be Right

“Miss Shen, the phone in your bag keeps ringing. Do you have something important?”

Sensing Shen Fanxing’s awkwardness, Lairong changed the topic.

Upon hearing her, Shen Fanxing’s bashful expression softened.

“Oh, let me check my phone.”

She knew who the caller was, but Lai Rong had given her a way out.

She hadn’t gone back home and she had no idea how angry the Shen family would be.

But if she was going back later…

She looked up at Bo Jinchuan, as melancholy flashed past her face.

After dinner, Shen Fanxing left with Bo Jinchuan after rejecting Grandma’s invitation to stay the night.

“You have something to tell me?”

Just as they walked out, Bo Jinchuan’s low voice rang.

Shen Fanxing paused and said, “Bo Jinchuan, lend me your car.”

Bo Jinchuan frowned and said, “I can give you my car. But you have to tell me what you want to do first.”

Pressing her lips, Shen Fanxing exhaled a sigh of relief and muttered, “I’ll need to go back to my family…”

“I’ll go with you.”

Before Shen Fanxing finished speaking, Bo Jinchuan interrupted her coldly.

Actually, he had already guessed what Shen Fanxing wanted to say.

Shen Fanxing felt her chest constricting and she said, “You don’t have to go with me. I can do this myself.”

“They’re obviously up to no good. Do you think I’ll let you go alone when I know what is going to happen.”

This was the first time Bo Jinchuan had been so cold to Shen Fanxing. She hurried to hold his hand and added gently, “They won’t do anything to me. I won’t let anything happen to me.”

Bo Jinchuan stared at her grimly.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

After contemplating for a while, Shen Fanxing compromised. “Okay, you can come with me, but I’ll go in alone. Wait for me in the car… I’ll call you if anything happens. I don’t want them to have any reason to pester you.”

Bo Jinchuan’s face remained somber and grim, but in the end, his face softened.

“As you wish,” he replied coldly. It was clear that this was the biggest compromise he would give.

“Which car do you want to borrow?”

“A three or four million yuan car…”

“I don’t have that,” he replied stiffly.

Bo Jinchuan took out his car key and pressed a button.

“The cheapest car I have is the one I drove here today. It cost eight million yuan, is that okay?”

Shen Fanxing failed to stifle her chuckle. All right, since he was rich he would always be right.


“Get in.”

In the Shen residence, the air seemed gloomy and suppressed in the living room.

Jiang Rongrong had left everything to Shen Defan. After waiting for Shen Fanxing the entire afternoon, she stormed back to her room with a darkened face.

Shen Defan was so incensed that his chest heaved up and down. Yang Liwei sat beside him, her expression ugly.

They had been calling since the morning and the call only went through once in the afternoon. In the end, she said that she would be coming soon and they had waited for the whole day.

Bo Jinchuan pulled the car over outside the mansion. Upon hearing the engine, Shen Defan leaped to his feet and rushed out.

Shen Fanxing had just opened the door and got out of the passenger’s seat.

Shen Defan’s gaze swept across Shen Fanxing’s car and his brows furrowed.

“Wretch, do you know how long we’ve waited for you?!”

Shen Fanxing stepped on the steps along with her cold and arrogant aura.

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